Favorite Restaurants

Current Top 5 Restaurants by Cuisine
(Updated February 3, 2018)
Just to be clear, these are my personal favorites. I’m not promising that you’ll feel the same way, or that you’ll have a great or even good experience at any one of these. I’m not claiming that objectively they’re the best restaurants in town. It’s a combination of food, ambiance, service, price, and most importantly, my own experience. There are more than 4000 restaurants in this city, I haven’t been to all of them, nor do I plan to get to all of them. You can get a feel for what they’re like in my experience by reading the linked reviews. If you want to share your own experience with me, I’m happy to hear about it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to instantly agree with you, nor change my mind, nor even run right out and try some place anew. You want another opinion out there online, go write your own blog. I’m happy to take recommendations, but it just means they go on my list to check out at some point

Argentine – Upscale

  1. puratierra (Belgrano)
  2. Aramburu (Constitución)
  3. Sucre (Belgrano)
  4. Chila (Puerto Madero)

Argentine – Casual

  1. Las Pizarras (Palermo)
  2. Urondo Bar (Parque Chacabuco)
  3. El Federal (Retiro)
  4. Aldo’s Vinoteca y Restorán (Monserrat)
  5. El Sanjuanino (Recoleta)

Parrilla (Steakhouse) – Upscale

  1. La Carnicería (Palermo)
  2. Don Julio (Palermo)
  3. Rio Alba (Palermo)
  4. Juana M (Retiro)
  5. El Obrero (La Boca)

Parrilla (Steakhouse) – Cheap & Cheerful

  1. Las Cabras (Palermo)
  2. El Correntino (Boedo)
  3. Parrilla Peña (San Nicolas)
  4. Pichi Huasi (Recoleta)
  5. Quintino (Boedo)


  1. Damblee (Once)
  2. Fervor (Recoleta)
  3. La Mar Cebicheria (Palermo)
  4. José Luis (Recoleta)
  5. La Parolaccia del Mare (Puerto Madero)

Seafood Parrillada (mixed grill)

  1. La Pescadorita (Palermo)
  2. La Parolaccia del Mare (Puerto Madero)
  3. Chipper (Palermo)
  4. Fervor (Recoleta)
  5. José Luis (Recoleta)

Italian – Upscale

  1. Bella Italia (Palermo)
  2. Bruni (Belgrano)
  3. Sottovoce (Recoleta)
  4. A Mi Manera (Villa del Parque)
  5. Primafila (Recoleta)

Italian – Casual

  1. Trattoria Olivetti (Palermo)
  2. Cantina La Mamma Rosa (Villa Crespo)
  3. Il Matterello (La Boca)
  4. Salgado (Villa Crespo)
  5. Cucina Paradiso (Palermo)


  1. El Burladero (Recoleta)
  2. Casal de Catalunya (San Telmo)
  3. Damblee (Once)
  4. Iñaki (Monserrat)
  5. Betanzos (Monserrat)


  1. La Bourgogne (Recoleta)
  2. Roux (Recoleta)
  3. La Olla de Felix (Recoleta)
  4. Brasserie Petanque (Monserrat)
  5. Tomo I (San Nicolas)

Peruvian – Traditional

  1. Puro Peru (Once)
  2. Rawa (San Nicolas)
  3. Casa Andina (Congreso)
  4. Las Totoras (Once)
  5. Chimu (Once)

Peruvian – Fusion

  1. La Mar Cebicheria (Palermo)
  2. Osaka Puerto Madero (Palermo/Puerto Madero)
  3. Cocos Resto-Bar Peruano (Palermo)
  4. Paru Inkas Grill (Belgrano)
  5. Nikkei 2020 (Once)

Other Latin American

  1. iLatina (Colombian Fusion) (Villa Crespo)
  2. Los Recuerdos (Colombian) (Retiro)
  3. Rinconcito Mexicano (Mexican) (San Telmo)
  4. Che Taco (Mexican) (San Telmo)
  5. Los Chilenos (Chilean) (Retiro)

Middle Eastern

  1. Mishiguene (Modern Israeli) (Palermo)
  2. Eretz (Israeli) (Palermo)
  3. Cheff Iusef (Lebanese) (Palermo)
  4. Sarkis (Armenian) (Villa Crespo)
  5. Club Oriente (Sephardic Jewish) (Once)



  1. Sunae Asian Cantina (pan-Asian) (Palermo)
  2. Captain Cook (pan-Asian) (Martinez)
  3. Sintesis (pan-Asian) (Recoleta)
  4. Buddha BA (pan-Asian) (Belgrano)
  5. Sudestada (pan-Asian) (Palermo)


  1. Green Bamboo (Vietnamese) (Palermo)


  1. Nihonbashi (Japanese) (Once)
  2. Niji (Japanese) (Nuñez)
  3. Ichisou (Japanese) (Once)
  4. Kitayama (Japanese) (Belgrano)
  5. Matsuoka (Japanese) (Almagro)


  1. Club M Omakase (Sushi) Palermo)
  2. Kitayama (Sushi) Belgrano)
  3. Matsuoka (Sushi) Almagro)
  4. Nihonbashi (Sushi) Once)
  5. Ichisou (Sushi) Once)

Upscale Chinese

  1. Xiao Long Bao (Upscale Chinese) (Once)
  2. Central (Upscale Chinese) (Monserrat)
  3. Beijing (Upscale Chinese) (Palermo)
  4. Los Chinos (Upscale Chinese) (Palermo)

Casual Chinese

  1. Cinco Corderos (Casual Chinese) (Villa Urquiza)
  2. Ma Yuan (Casual Chinese) (Caballito)
  3. Jing Yue (Casual Chinese) (Retiro)
  4. Xin Le Yuan Mei Shi (Casual Chinese) (Belgrano)
  5. Shan Dong (Casual Chinese) (Villa Crespo)


  1. KU:L (Korean) (Flores)
  2. Singul Bongul (Floresta)
  3. Una Canción Coreana (Korean) (Flores)
  4. Castellum (Korean) (Floresta)
  5. Casa Feliz (Korean) (Flores)

Korean Barbecue

  1. Kyung Mi Jong (Korean BBQ) (Parque Chacabuco)
  2. Boseong (Korean BBQ) (Flores)
  3. Baik Kul Samgyupsal (Korean BBQ) (Flores)
  4. Yugane (Korean BBQ) (Floresta)
  5. BBQ Town (Korean BBQ) (Belgrano)


  1. Taj Mahal (Indian) (Palermo)
  2. Tandoor (Indian) (Recoleta)
  3. Delhi Masala (San Telmo)


  1. Irifune (Microcentro)
  2. Sintesis (Recoleta)
  3. Fukuro Noodle Bar (Palermo)
  4. Ichisou (Once)
  5. FuraiBo (Monserrat)


  1. Arevalito (Palermo)
  2. Thali (Palermo)
  3. Oshawa (Palermo)
  4. Bio (Palermo)

Pizza – Italian style

  1. Cosi Mi Piace (Palermo)
  2. Parténope (La Lucila)
  3. Siamo nel Forno (Palermo)
  4. La Guitarrita (Nuñez)
  5. Central de Pizza (Las Cañitas)

Pizza – Argentine style

  1. Lamarca (Floresta)
  2. Güerrin (San Nicolas)
  3. El Cedrón (Mataderos)
  4. Pin Pun (Almagro)
  5. Telmita (Flores)

Pizza – a la parrilla (grilled, super thin crust pizza)

  1. Morelia (Palermo)
  2. Grappa (Palermo)
  3. La Mas Querida (Belgrano)
  4. Pachi (Palermo)
  5. 1893 Pizza & Pasta (Palermo)


  1. Kyopo BA (Floresta)
  2. La Birra (Boedo)
  3. The Pony Line (Recoleta) (specifically their 45-day dry-aged burger)
  4. Tierra de Nadie (Caballito)
  5. San Gennaro (Belgrano)


  1. Rinconcito Mexicano (San Telmo)
  2. Che Taco (San Telmo)
  3. La Fabrica de Tacos (Palermo)

Hot Wings

  1. Chicken Bros. (Palermo)
  2. Hard Rock Cafe (Recoleta)


  1. Falafel One Villa Crespo
  2. Kon Kon (Villa Crespo)
  3. Medio Oriente (Palermo)
  4. Eretz (Palermo)
  5. Kaükaz (Palermo)

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