All the Wriggly Tentacles

2011.Apr.29 Friday · 5 comments

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“I was supposed to eat something new, so I tried the roasted soft squid. I ate just a bite of it. It was fascinating and completely gross.”

– Jason Kotecki, cartoonist, author, public speaker

Bah, what does he know?! We love our tentacled creatures be they boiled, roasted, or braised, or… well, as in the case of yesterday’s Tentaculo Espectaculo class, umm, oh yeah, boiled, roasted, or braised. This was the third time we offered up the class, each time with a slightly different mix of recipes. And, the second time that only one person attended (the middle of the three I had four people and a waiting list – go figure – actually this time there were three people registered, but a local couple had to cancel at last minute). In the end it worked out, the one student who came got extra attention, and a reporter for a local newspaper was able to fit in and cover the class for her paper.

Tentaculo Espectaculo - Calamarete Ceviche
We led off with a calamarete (baby squid) ceviche, momentarily dipped into boiling water and then cured in a mix of orange and lime juices, salt, chilies and cilantro. Served over a light, delicate, fresh pea mousselline.

Tentaculo Espectaculo - Baby Octopus Causa
Certainly the most wriggly looking of the dishes – a baby octopus causa – you’ve seen a different version of this served up as individual portions and prettied up a bit at one of our Peruvian dinners. Layered spiced potato puree and avocado, topped with a spicy salad of olives, tomato, onion and chilies, and then in this case, the baby octopuses braised in red wine and spices instead of confited in olive oil.

Tentaculo Espectaculo - Roasted Garlic Calamari
A classic dish from Istria, roasted garlic calamari. Very simple and delicious in its syrup of reduced fish stock, garlic, parsley and olive oil. And that’s what you missed, yesterday on the Casa S channel.

Tuna Succotash
For lack of anything better to call it, I’m calling this a Tuna Succotash, even though there aren’t any lima beans in it – it’s one of those thrown together kind of dishes using whatever happens to be around – but remember I had those tuna steaks left from the pizza the day before. Into a pot with fresh corn kernels, the chopped stems of the swiss chard we used in the Fall Vegetables class, some squash, leeks, tomatoes, red chilies, chipotle chili powder and salt, then cooked over high heat with the lid on and just a splash of corn oil. When the vegetables were getting soft I added in the tuna, cut into large dice, covered the pot back up and cooked it until the fish was just cooked through. This is Henry’s kind of dish, and he promptly declared me the best chef in the world and finished off most of the pot.

Oh, and hey, made it to the gym and discovered that despite all that packing in the food over the last two weeks, I actually lost 3 pounds, not gained… very strange.


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Sharyn Evron April 29, 2011 at 12:43

I am working on putting a group together. The roasted garlic calamari and the causa. . .OH MY GOD! They sounds and LOOK amazing!! Will be in touch!

lisa jensen May 2, 2011 at 18:43

Hola, lo pase bien la clase de tentaculos! Gracias. Aprende mucho y fue muy rico. Voy a tomar otras clases! beso. lisa

Miles May 22, 2011 at 17:18

Can you get in touch the next time you do an octopus / squid cooking class. I love the big grilled tentacles they do at Marcelo for instance. Haven’t got round to trying to cook it myself yet. Warm octopus salad another favorite and galician style as well.

dan May 23, 2011 at 19:05

Happy to. Can’t guarantee we’ll cover those particular recipes as they’re not something I normally make, but I’m sure we can come up with something similar enough to keep you interested!

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