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2018 Menu #8

2018.Feb.18 Sunday

February 13 – 2018 – 13 de Febrero Private dinner / Cena particulár   Prawn Causa – potato puree flavored with lemon, yellow chili, and olive oil; prawn salad with red onion, mint, basil, celery leaf, garlic mayonnaise; garnish of cherry tomatoes, black olives, green limo chilies, grated hard boiled egg, and guacamole pure. Causa […]

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2018 Menu #7

2018.Feb.12 Monday
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February 7-9 – 2018 – 7-9 de Febrero   Sandperch / Citrus / Mango – sashimi slices of sandperch cured in a white miso and gochugaru vinaigrette; mango, shallots, lemon and lime supremes, mint, cilantro, rocotos. Salmón Blanco / Cítricos / Mango – tiras de salmón blanco curado en vinagreta de miso blanco y gochugaru; […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #20 – Benin

2018.Feb.11 Sunday
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It’s been awhile, but I have some solo time at home for a couple of weeks, so I’m going to do some delving into the different recipe projects here. I’m sure I’ll still do some eating out, but it’s a good chance to just play around in the kitchen without a lot of distractions. Next […]

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2018 Menu #6

2018.Feb.06 Tuesday
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February 1-3 – 2018 – 1-3 de Febrero   Grouper / Citrus / Rocoto – diced grouper cured in lemon and lime juices, ginger, garlic, celery, rocoto chili, salt, pepper, cilantro, red onion; toasted corn, limo chilies. Mero / Cítricos / Rocoto – dados de mero curado en jugos de limón y lima, jengibre, ajo, […]

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2018 Menu #5

2018.Feb.02 Friday
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January 26 – 2018 – 26 de Enero Private dinner – gluten and dairy free Cena particulár – libre de glutena y lacteos   Squid / Potato / Celery – salad of potatoes, blanched and shocked squid, celery and its leaves, mint, basil, red onion, tomato, garlic, and a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette. Our […]

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2018 Menu #4

2018.Jan.31 Wednesday
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January 25 & 27 – 2018 – 25 y 27 de Enero   Roosterfish Tiradito – sashimi cuts of roosterfish; sliced mushrooms; cured in lime juice, olive oil, white miso, garlic, rocoto, salt, white pepper; threads of limo chilies, shallots, green onions, shiso leaves; toasted corn. Tiradito de Pez Gallo – pez gallo en tiras […]

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2018 Menu #3

2018.Jan.24 Wednesday
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January 16-20 – 2018 – 16-20 de Enero   Squid / Potato / Lemon – chilled salad of blanched squid, celery, potato, red onion, tomato, mint, basil, garlic, lemon, olive oil; salsa negra (charred rocoto, onion, and garlic blended with lime juice and olive oil). Calamár / Papa / Limón – ensalada enfriada de calamár […]

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2018 Menu #2

2018.Jan.18 Thursday
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January 10-13 – 2018 – 10-13 de Enero   Ratatouille Gallette – disc of polenta, reggianito cheese, and butter; broiled vegetables – zucchini with coriander seed, eggplant with smoked paprika, and tomatoes with black pepper and basil; salsa verde of parsley, anchovy, capers, piri-piri chili, olive oil; roasted piquillo pepper puree. Galette de Ratatouille – […]

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Plate-by-Plate: Spicy Potatoes

2018.Jan.15 Monday
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Some of you may remember my search for the best “Chili Rabbit” in town. It’s a Peruvian dish, on menus generally just referred to as Ajiacco con conejo, although that’s really shorthand for Ajiacco de papas con conejo, because the ajiacco dish is really the way of preparing the potatoes, and the rabbit, or sometimes chicken, or really […]

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