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“Right now I am having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.”

– Stephen Wright, comedian

When last we left off on our sushi delivery trials, a referral to Heiwa left me less than enthused, though a step up from some of the earlier misadventures. I’ve been sticking with my longtime neighborhood favorite, Maki, which, while lacking in the variety department at times (though the selection of creative stuff has gotten better, and they almost always now have more than just salmon), is always fresh, tasty, and quick to the door. Like most people, when a flyer for a new restaurant or food delivery service is slipped under the door, I either trash it with barely a glance, or if something looks vaguely, faintly, remotely intriguing, it gets tossed on a pile with other such flyers, ofttimes never to be touched again other than in passing shuffle.

Somehow though, that shuffle brought the flyer for Sushi Now! to the top of the pile, I realized I hadn’t had sushi since Kanoyama in New York, so an order of fishy bits seemed to be, well, the order of the day. Why I was feeling charitable to a passing glance flyer, who knows, but let’s just say, I’m glad I was. The setup is much the same as Furusato, with a long online listing of various delights to eat, and though they’ve got a “rotating lines” setup so the call is immediately answered, it’s answered by a machine and you sit on hold until someone gets around to you, and, a near to the minute, 90-minute wait for delivery (it actually was 93 minutes, but who’s counting?).

Sushi Now

Like many of the other services competing for our custom here, the sushi arrives attractively packaged. A small “extra” is also included – turns out Sushi Now!, at least for now, gives giftage based on how much you order – somewhere between a 4-piece half roll as here, and a full 8-piece roll if you go over a certain amount.

Sushi Now

The menu offers up quite a range, including some promotions, I’d venture to say beware of the cheap promotion, which is a pre-packaged assortment of sushi for quick delivery – yeah, it’s a lot cheaper (16 pieces for 25 pesos) than their other offerings, but it’s pre-packaged, rather than made to order – I don’t trust how long stuff like that may have been sitting around. Instead I ordered a sushi nigiri combination that was to be “fish of the day” – turns out just salmon and white fish, unidentified, but fresh and good. A trio of rolls – which I later realized were all cooked ones, ah well, Henry prefers those – a salmon skin roll, excellent; a “toast roll” with cooked salmon and toasted almonds, likewise; and an akusai roll with shrimp in panko crumbs, smoked salmon, and the whole thing wrapped in chinese cabbage instead of nori, also excellent. The little gift of a vegetable sushi roll was good, not near as interesting, but hey, it was free, right?

Overall, the best sushi delivery I’ve had from a “delivery only” service, and pretty close to the top of any of the places that deliver at all. Drawback, the 90 minute wait from the time you order and the hold time to place that order (so much for the “Now!” in the name). Prices, about the same as the other good services – in the mid to high 20s for the regular rolls and low 30s for the creative stuff – Furusato’s 20-piece combo that I touted in my review of them is certainly no longer a mere 47 pesos, these days coming in at 84 – Sushi Now! has, for the same price, a 26 piece equivalent combo, so a slightly better deal.


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dan September 21, 2010 at 09:54

Received this from the owners of Sushi Now!

“Regarding the comments on the sushi you´ve ordered, what we want you to know is that the pre-packaged sushi trays (the $25 promotion for 16 pieces) are prepared at the time you make the order, that means that although the sushi pieces are pre-established and cannot be changed by any other rolls, the sushi pieces are prepared at the time you make the order and later they are packaged. That gives quickness for the order and delivery, moreover at midday people haven´t got enough time to eat. But this does not mean that the sushi has been prepared before you make the order. The sushi trays as well as any of our sushi pieces are prepared at the time you make the order. Thats why we ask the clients to make their order early, so that we have time to prepare the sushi rolls”

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