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2005.Sep.16 Friday · 0 comments

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Atlantic Ocean – Way… up high… Yes, winging my way back the the U.S. for a short visit. Since Henry is stuck in Peru for a couple of weeks, it seemed like a good time to visit with friends and family for a bit. There’s not a whole to say about the food on an Aerolineas Argentina flight. Nor, really, about the flight itself…

The only incidents – attempts on the part of the cabin crew to play two different movies… both DVDs failed after 20 minutes or so. The first film, some weird teen-girl angst film that I didn’t catch the name of, but involved a pair of magic blue jeans that the four girls shared via fedex in different parts of the globe. The second film I decided to sleep through and never saw what it was.

Dinner was a choice of beef stew, or pasta with beef stew topping, or beef (also stewed) and mashed potatoes. That’s Argentina for you. A bottle of Bodegas Pueyo Echeverria “Villa Actuel” Merlot, 2004 was drinkable. Tasted mostly of oak, cherries, and a touch of something slightly chemically. Not that I expected anything better.

Slept a solid six hours – it was fairly easy, the plane was, at best, 2/3 full, so had room to stretch out a bit. Breakfast consisted of coffee, juice, a croissant, a roll, a pastry, and four small slices of “dietetic wheat bread” which were more of crackers. Clearly they’ve never heard of the South Beach Diet…


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