Non-Essential November

2017.Dec.04 Monday
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The flotsam, jetsam, lagan, and derelict of last month… let’s start with the simple stuff we made for lunch or dinner for ourselves:   Pork fried rice…   Tomatoes stuff with “Korean” tuna salad – tuna, green onion, hard-boiled egg, tomato in sauce of gochujang, sesame oil, honey, miso, sesame seeds, chilies, chopped peanuts.   […]

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Bite Marks #49

2017.Oct.16 Monday
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La Guitarrita, Cuba 3300, Nuñez – This one has been on my map for awhile, just because it comes recommended by several sources, though none of them personal friends. Then there was an article about the owner, and how he took on resuscitating a failing pizzeria that his parents had started years before (I think […]

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September Supping

2017.Oct.04 Wednesday
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The things we eat…. I don’t know why, I was thinking about corn-rye bread, and started thinking it might make an interesting pasta flavor profile. I didn’t want to go 100% of those, because it would likely be crumbly in pasta form, so, 1/3 cup each of fine cornmeal, fine rye flour, and fine whole […]

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Old Hat

2017.Sep.30 Saturday
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“Old” used to be a word with overtones of “good value.” Thus, an old hat was something of a cherished possession; today it is a likely candidate for the Goodwill store, and the expression “old hat” has the sense of something that once was probably newsworthy and even worthwhile but is now passé. That is […]

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Musing on Museums

2017.Sep.22 Friday
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A few museums to entice you…. One of my favorite museums to take people to when they visit, is the quirky Museo Xul Solar, Laprida 1212, Recoleta. It’s a very modern styled home that was originally several apartments, including one which belonged to the eponymous artist, Xul Solar, and his studio space. It’s all been opened […]

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Such August Food!

2017.Sep.01 Friday
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Time for the monthly round-up of home eats in between the Casa S dinners and eating out….   Mushroom omelette – it’s been years since I cooked a classic French omelette, and no question, I’m out of practice. Still, it turned out not half bad in form, and perfect in taste, with mixed mushrooms on […]

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The July Home Eats and Fun Photos

2017.Aug.04 Friday
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A mashup of the last month’s kitchen and outdoor play. Steak au poivre – a simple thin cut lunch steak seasoned generously with crushed black, white, green, pink peppercorns and allspice, and salt. Pan seared in anchovy butter. Accompanied by baked potatoes topped with horseradish creme fraiche and scallions. So good, and pretty, that a […]

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Fine Arts

2017.Aug.03 Thursday
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Continuing on in my new return to some of the cultural stuff going on here in BA…. One of the things I really like about BA is the huge number of museums here, and more so, that most of them are free or close to it to enter. Just a few blocks from home is […]

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Dance & Music, Peruvian Style

2017.Jul.30 Sunday
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It occurred to me that I’ve sort of moved towards only writing about food, and occasionally drink, here on SaltShaker. For those who’ve been with me over the (can you believe it?) last twelve plus years, I used to write a lot more about cultural stuff, and exploring Buenos Aires and surrounds. I want to […]

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