Mixed Roots in Argentina

2013.Oct.19 Saturday · 2 comments

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If you’re not aware and you’re here in Buenos Aires, the last couple of days, plus today and tomorrow are the Raíz Festival Gastronómico. This is a new festival that was announced as an exploration of the roots of Argentine cuisine. It does go a bit beyond that – although the mercado of food and wine products is exclusively focused on Argentine ingredients and traditions, the vast array of food stands cover the globe. There’s plenty to see, sample, and eat, and, if you’ve never been out to Tecnopolis, where it’s being held, it’s a worthwhile trip – I’m looking forward to a return visit one day just to check out the science and technology exhibitions – many, if not most of them, interactive.

I leave you with my photos of the day, and a little appropriate music to accompany it.


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