Empanadas from the Sea

2006.Jan.26 Thursday · 1 comment

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Fish EmpanadasBuenos Aires – Thankfully, I will probably never get tired of sampling empanadas. I say thankfully, because, of course, I’m surrounded by them. It’s not quite a daily battle to avoid biting into these tasty pastries left and right, but sometimes it seems pretty close. You can buy them on the street, you can buy them in stores, you can buy them in cafes, you can buy them in restaurants that have no business offering empanadas as part of their cuisine. Yesterday afternoon, Fish Empanadasthese three fish based empanadas began their siren song, calling to me from a fish shop as I was passing by. While I’ve seen tuna, and salmon rosado versions before, two of these were new to me – salmón blanco and calamari (squid). I had to take them home with me, warm them gently, and greedily devour them. And that was just my afternoon snack. The strangely bluish filling is the salmón, it was actually more of a gleaming white, simple, tasty, lightly garlicky, with bits of potato, almost like a brandade filling. The tuna, in the middle, was different from other versions I’ve had, usually not much more than tuna substituted for beef. This one was juicy, filled with fresh tuna, and a rich tomato sauce. The squid was the best of all, with tender strips of squid in a peppery sauce reminding me quite a bit of conch chowder from Key West.


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Paz January 27, 2006 at 04:52

Oh, wow! I’ve never heard of or seen sea food empanadas. How I’d love to have a taste of all three empanadas you’ve just described.

I recently made my first empanadas — both meat and desserts. I need a lot of practice. Now, I want to make this seafood empanada. Yum!


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