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“Baby you can drive my car. Yes I’m gonna be a star.”

– The Beatles, Drive My Car

Picking up on my tour of the various museums of the Milla de los Museos, I dropped in on the Museo del Automovíl Club Argentino, Av. Libertador 1850, Palermo, in the ACA’s headquarters building (different, by the way, from the Museo del Automovíl, which is in another part of the city… one of these days. Pretty much the local equivalent of AAA back in the States. If you’re an old car buff, it’s definitely worth a visit.

ACA Museum
On entering the lobby, one side has a little historic info about the auto club, and this lovely old car.

ACA Museum
While the other side has a line-up of a trio of posh vehicles.

ACA Museum
Quite posh, no?

ACA Museum
The main floor of the museum is upstairs on the next level – there’s no sign, but the guard at the desk will point you on your way. The center of the floor is dominated by a display of old Formula 1 race cars.

ACA Museum
And the rest is just an enjoyable wander looking at style and details.

ACA Museum
Lots of old photos and newspaper clippings as well.

ACA Museum
Over there on the right, facing into the parking garage, there are also several cool displays of little miniatures, more or less like matchbox cars, from throughout the history of the auto.

ACA Museum
While most of the vehicles are more recognizable old international brands like Daimler or Peugeot, there are some Argentine ones, like this 1927 Yruam Sport Coupe – the only historically mass-produced Argentine car – the factory for which used to be located right near Estación Once/Plaza Misere, at Av. Jujuy 300 – have to go check out what’s there these days….

There’s also, for those who are really into it, an automobile library up on the fourth floor of the building that’s open to the public.


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