A Pepper By Any Other Name…

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“What will be the death of me are bouillabaisses, food spiced with pimiento, shellfish, and a load of exquisite rubbish which I eat in disproportionate quantities.”

– Emile Zola, 19th Century French Author

Buenos Aires – In Spanish, colorado refers to a color that’s sort of a deep, rust red. That color soil is how the state of Colorado got it’s name. It’s also, presumably, how the pimientón colorado that I mentioned in a post last week got it’s name. I got a couple of e-mails from regular readers asking me a little more information about it. It doesn’t look like what they, or I knew back in the U.S. as a colorado pepper, which is longer and thinner. A bit of internet investigation turns up photos for something called a red ruffled pimiento, or perhaps the super red pimiento that look like what is currently in the markets here. I can’t guarantee it’s the same pepper, but it seems to look the same and the description is the same – a sweet pepper with thick, meaty walls, great for eating fresh, ridges, pumpkin shaped… until someone who knows these things better than me says otherwise, this works for me. Here’s a bit of a closeup:

Pimiento Colorado


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