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2006.Jul.02 Sunday · 1 comment

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First AnniversaryBuenos Aires – I recently “celebrated” the one year anniversary of this blog, and given that I launched into it as I began my adventures outside of New York, it’s no surprise that another birthday pops up. My arrival in Buenos Aires to, potentially at that point, live, was July 2, 2005, a grey, drizzly day punctuated only by the food experience of my first provoletta, and a mediocre one at that. Wow! A year here already, amazing how time flies, it sometimes feels like I’ve barely arrived, and other times like I’ve been here for quite a long time. I’ve learned a new language, explored a new culture (with much left on both counts to accomplish), I’ve been in a happy, live-in relationship for the entire time, I bought an apartment in a “foreign” country, opened a business, experienced a cyclone, been threatened by border guards in Bolivia… Not things I would have predicted a mere twelve months ago.

Adventures indeed! Wonder what this year has in store for me?


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ksternberg July 3, 2006 at 11:45

I think this is indeed a worthy event to be proud of, Dan. It’s funny how things “suddenly” happen once people leave the big city. When I moved out of New York I landed in a spot where there was a wine event going on that Wine Spectator wanted to cover. As I was the only wine-related writer anywhere around, I got the job. Woult that have happened if I’d stayed in New York? Never.

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