Paint By Numbers 1.5

2006.Feb.10 Friday · 0 comments

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Buenos Aires – This is a short continuation of my first foray into my Paint By Numbers plan, as I’d left off partway through my tour of 3 de Febrero. I’m going to leave this one as mostly a photo essay, as, simply, the rest of the street was almost purely small homes, from the 2600s to the 4300s, where it is once again interrupted by the very same train tracks as they curve back across the street. After another detour, this one lasting only a few minutes rather than nearly two months, I found the last few blocks to be inhabited by a sudden display of wealth in larger homes (possibly not surprising as it borders on the slightly more upscale suburb of Vicente López) and a couple of corporate headquarter buildings, each taking up a full block – Novartis and EDS. The street ends at a blank concrete wall that lines one side of the elevated city-encircling highway, Av. General Paz.

Of most interest on the walk was the difference in older and more modern homes, intermingled, plus some intriguing architectural touches here and there. On to the photos:

3 de Febrero 2825 - above window detail

3 de Febrero 2827 - window detail

3 de Febrero 2891 - door

3 de Febrero 2891 - wall

3 de Febrero - modern home, 3000 block

3 de Febrero - modern home, 3000 block

3 de Febrero - door, 3000 block

3 de Febrero - garden in front of Novartis headquarters

3 de Febrero - EDS headquarters

3 de Febrero - 4559 interesting house

3 de Febrero - interesting house in 4600 block


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