When Life Gives You a Palometa…

2012.Dec.27 Thursday · 2 comments

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As always at this time of year we’re, as “they” say, “busting our hump” with dinners left and right – both public and private events. So I may give a few of these over the next week or two some short shrift, but at least I wanted to share some food porn with you…

Radish Tarte Tatin

Radishes are in abundance in the markets right now and earlier this year we had a hit with a spicy radish tarte tatin. I think it was a hit again! I’ve gotten two requests from among the 39 guests last week for this recipe.

Caldillo de Congrio

Our ever popular (and Henry’s “favorite soup”) chili-spiked Caldillo de Congrio – we had several folk with shellfish allergies, so made it without the shrimp this time around.

Crusted Palometa

In my last post I promised a recipe for palometa, one of my favorite fish here. The fish is crumbed with a mix of panko breadcrumbs, green olives, bacon, chilies, and more… and served over a little saute of Andean potatoes, red onions and baby portobello mushrooms finished simmering in some vegetable stock. The recipe is in my BA Herald column this week.

Poulard Portugaise reinterpreted

Many, many moons ago I was playing around with a classic French bistro recipe for Poulard Portugaise. Here, a complete reinterpretation, or perhaps simply a dish inspired by the flavors of that plate. Chicken breast seared and then slow cooked in a mix of onions, garlic, green peppers, yellow cherry tomatoes, green olive tapenade, white wine, parsley and cream. Underneath, a fresh pea puree, and to the side, a white wine and chicken stock risotto finished with chopped chicory.

Banana cake

And completed the evening with a banana-espresso cake topped with banana sorbet, a chocolate, reduced malbec port and habanero chili sauce, and toasted coconut atop, and underneath, thickened coconut milk with brown sugar and turmeric.


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