Free the Rice!

2007.Oct.27 Saturday

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 Without rice, even the cleverest housewife cannot cook.”

– Chinese proverb

Rice, Rice, Baby...

Buenos Aires – No, this isn’t going to be a rant about price increases or boycotts. I’m not out to start another tomato war like the one we just went through here. No, this is about an opportunity. For those of us who spend a whole lot of our time indoors, especially in front of the computer, it sometimes seems like being able to help, as in really help, folks out there who need assistance, borders on a fantasy. Sure, we can send a check, but do we know what’s really happening with it? After all, there are constant scandal reports about misappropriation of relief funds, etc.

So what can we do that doesn’t look like we’re just throwing our money away? How about a donation of a bowl of rice to someone in need? Via the internet. No cost… though it will provide you an opportunity to test your mental abilities… specifically, your vocabulary. Hey, it’s an online game… with real world consequences. It’s Free Rice.

All you have to do to play, and contribute, is start the “test” and pick from a four-choice multiple guess S.A.T. style word test. Each time you answer correctly (fair warning, it does get addictive… whether you’re correct or not), you drop 10 grains of rice in a bowl. Ten answers correct equals 100 grains, and a full bowl, which the sponsoring company (companies?) then donates through the United Nations World Food Program to those in need. This “game” started up a mere three weeks ago, on the first day generating a mere 8 bowls of rice, and is now averaging around 30,000 bowls of rice, per day!

So, test your knowledge, get smarter (the game adjusts to your level and then gradually increases in difficulty), build your vocabulary (right now, English only), and do something that makes a difference!


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