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2007.Mar.03 Saturday · 1 comment

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“Only for the phony is commercialism – the bending of creativity to common utility – a naughty word. To the truly creative, it is a bridge to the great audience, a means of sharing rather than debasing.”

– Ernest A. Jones, Advertising Executive, Address at Cranbrook Academy of Art, June 2, 1964

Buenos Aires –Somewhere around a year and half ago, when I started compiling my online Spanish to English food dictionary, I had a very nice publishing house lined up for it. They were eager, willing, and waiting. At some point, they decided that a theme specific dictionary was just not their cup of tea, and backed out of our agreement. I spent a bit of time shopping it around, but haven’t, as of now, found another nibble. So I decided to take the matter into my own hands, and for now, offer it as a PDF format eBook, and if there’s enough interest, contract with an on-demand publisher for print editions – or perhaps a different publishing house will be interested. We shall see… I certainly know that I’ve gotten dozens of requests for a PDF version… and it’s finally ready, much expanded from the online listing that was here on the blog.

Hopefully, of course, each and every one of you is interested and I can simply retire and enjoy my garden… for those who are, it’s available for purchase on my regular website – click here. [No longer available as a pdf file, but available in print here or as a Kindle version here.]


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