Unfair Enticement

2006.Jan.31 Tuesday · 0 comments

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Instant Duck SoupBuenos Aires – This is a bit of a tangent off my usual food posts. But, like many folk, these lovely little packets provide for quick and easy afternoon or late night snacks. I think I’ve been eating them here and there for a couple of decades now! And since introducing him to them, Henry has become addicted to these. I’m especially fond of the duck flavor as it comes with three seasoning packets – one of duck flavor, one of chile flakes, and one of simulated duck fat (i.e., duck flavored vegetable oil).

Instant Duck SoupBut note the picture on the cover of the packet – all those lovely slices of duck and vegetables. I keep opening the packets and hoping… yes, yes, I know there’s a statement in the lower right corner that is meant to indicate that the picture is a “recommended way of serving.” Just once, I’d love to open it up and find a couple of freeze-dried slices of duck breast. It seems unfair to keep ending up with a mere bowl of broth and a bunch of curly noodles. Not that that’s going to stop me from eating them in the middle of the night…


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