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Just the monthly wrap-up of “unused” photos – a mixed bag, I didn’t carry my camera around much in New York, just the phone – not really sure why, though certainly the fact that other than about a day and a half it was drizzling the entire time had an influence. Boston I have tons of photos, but mostly of landmark buildings and monuments and general scenery, I’ve picked out a few that I think were interesting, but mostly, they’re stuff you could see on any vacation post about the city. And, given that I was away from BA for half the month, there’s just not a lot from here – a couple of interesting graffiti shots….

BA - japanese mural

Maybe graffiti is the wrong word, more of a Japanese mural of sorts.

Chef Wongs

Now hmm, is that graffiti or a mural?


I don’t know, the cherubs just caught my eye. All together now, “awwwww…”

Boston - holocaust memorial

The Holocaust Memorial in Boston.

Boston - canal

A little canal that was near to the hotel I was staying at in Cambridge.

Boston - art museum

The art museum – I like the heads.

Boston - Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is quite easy to follow – just follow the red brick road….

Boston - tram on the salt and pepper bridge

The red line crossing the “salt and pepper bridge”.

A little Beacon Hill

A little Beacon Hill shot.

Boston - Kennedy building

Errr, umm, I forget, something named after one of the Kennedys, a court or municipal building of some sort. Ed, help me out here.

New York Cookie Jar

New Yorkers will understand.

40 Bond Street

Just a weird building facade at 40 Bond Street, an apartment building designed by Ian Schrager.

Sign outside Freemans

A sign outside Freemans.

Persimmon slice

And a gratuitous nude… a candid shot if you will… a slice of life. Inside the world of the persimmon.

Welcome to June, 2012.


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