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2012.Jan.17 Tuesday · 3 comments

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Winding down – my last full day in Montevideo. You remember that whole thing about not going to Asunción because of the heat and Montevideo having lower temps? Well, Tuesday wasn’t so cooperative, with temperatures spiking at 42°C (108°F). The morning didn’t start out that way as I headed south and east…

Montevideo map

…into the pink oval. First passing through (the red oval) an open air food market in Barrio Sur and then having decided that I’d walk the rambla, the boardwalk, from there all the way to points east where I was (I hoped, as my internet access was spotty and I wasn’t sure…) meeting a friend for lunch.

Barrio Sur market

Barrio Sur market

Barrio Sur market

Barrio Sur market

Barrio Sur market

Lots of pretty things to see in the market….

Barrio Sur market

Barrio Sur market

On through Palermo heading towards the rambla.


Cool door, no?

Federal court

Federal court

The federal court building.

Federal penitentiary

Caught in the act. Even suits at the federal penitentiary have to catch up on their texting… maybe he was checking his Grindr profile….


Just a building I liked.

German church

Some sort of German church, at least based on the various signs and such on it.


A little passageway back to someone’s home.


Montevideo’s equivalent of cartoneros, picking up recyclables and resellables.

And that’s where I’m going to stop on this post. I think, last Montevideo post coming up next, the walk along the beach and my last two real meals in town. Depending on how many rambla walk photos look interesting that could get split into two. Then, back to local BA programming with my step-by-step preparation of pollo al chilindrón, last weekend’s dinners, and maybe a restaurant review or two.


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Ken Sternberg January 17, 2012 at 09:59

Nice photos, Dan. And you’re right about many pretty things in the market. That is one of the best looking trucks I’ve ever seen.

annette baesel January 17, 2012 at 10:53

okay, okay…you’ve convinced me. I need to add Montevideo into our itinerary next September. I’ve really enjoyed the series of posts and photographs.

dan January 17, 2012 at 12:46

I was talking about the red peppers in front of the truck, but if you’re into trucks, so be it.

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