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2009.Dec.26 Saturday · 2 comments

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No quotes, just quick posts as I have time on my visit to Santiago de Chile, originally named, Santiago del Nuevo Extremo, by founder Pedro di Valdivia. First off, just a series of photos of the mountains as we flew in over them (the city is located in a deep valley, inside a mountain range, which makes landing an interesting experience).

Flying over the mountains to Santiago

Flying over the mountains to Santiago

Flying over the mountains to Santiago
This caught my eye – just the single, bright blue house out in the middle of nowhere. Interesting spot to live, no?

Flying over the mountains to Santiago
And this one because of the semi-frozen pond – it stood out like a beacon it was such a vivid blue-green – almost like a giant swimming pool.

Flying over the mountains to Santiago
Loved the zigzag trail that heads up the mountain.

Flying over the mountains to Santiago
Strip mine?

Flying over the mountains to Santiago
Coming in for a landing at the airport.

Hostal Rio Amazonas

And the last photo, the hostel where I’m staying. Not quite what I’d envisioned, and on a sort of semi-industrial block on the edge of Barrio Brasil, but only a couple of block walk to a major plaza and lots of dining spots, and a relatively short walk to the center of town.


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Frances December 27, 2009 at 08:47

I wish you had asked and I could have found you somewhere nice. Anyway, email if you need anything.

dan December 27, 2009 at 16:48

Frances – The place is actually fine, just a bed in a clean spot, with wi-fi access – really don’t need any more than that. Turns out, also, that they have a second location right in the center of town, which, had I known, I might have gone for instead. Ah well.

Paz – no, just Santiago for 3 days, then off to Trujillo and the north coast of Peru.

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