A Push from the Devil

2009.Nov.04 Wednesday · 0 comments

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Me anda faltando plata chicha, coraje y un empujón del diablo pa’ enamorarte.”

from the lyrics to Canción Zamba Del Carnaval de Duo Coplanacu

Henry and I spent a lovely evening out at a small club in Palermo, El Empujón del Diablo, that features tango and other folklore music acts. The impetus, the performance of a university friend of his, Andrea Lias. We were also treated to the singing voice of Roque Catalano, a well-established tango singer. Apologies for quality of photos and videos – I thought I had my camera in my bag and didn’t, so ended up using my phone…. Click on the video links and they’ll take a minute or so to start playing – it seems to cache it first rather than just streaming it – I’ll work on that….

Roque Catalano at El Empujon del Diablo

Andrea Lias at El Empujon del Diablo


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