Fashion, always fashion

2005.Jul.26 Tuesday · 0 comments

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Our ability to accessorize is what sets us apart from others.

Buenos Aires – If I ever needed verification that I’m living in another culture it was making it to the gym this morning. Porteños, well no, porteñas in particular, are known for their fashion sense. So there I was in my running pants and muscle-t, ready for a little treadmill time and weightlifting. How was I to know that my lack of color coordination, silk scarf and gold bangles would be not only the subject of stares from the properly attired, but the topic of conversation amongst the ladies. (I was wearing a tasteful silver ring…)

I think it was the sleeveless shirt that really set them off. It might also have been that here we are in temperatures around 60° and I was the only one not in sweater and/or jacket. Indoors.


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