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11-13 de octubre 2017 October 11-13


Grouper “Chili Water” – cubes of grouper cured in lime juice, cucumber, onion, cilantro, mint, serrano chili; strips of salted cucumber; fine dice of avocado, red onion, piri-piri chili.

Aguachile de Mero – dados de mero curado en jugo de lima, pepino, cebolla, cilantro, menta, ají serrano; tiras de pepino salado; daditos de palta, cebolla morada, ají piri-piri.

Bodega El Esteco “Don David” Extra Brut, Cafayate


Creamy Cheddar Cheese Soup – pureed soup of leeks, carrots, celery, mirasol chili, milk, beef stock, stout, pommery mustard, cheddar and gouda cheese; bacon lardons and green onions.

Sopa Cremosa de Queso Cheddar – sopa en puré de puerros, zanahorías, apio, ají mirasól, leche, caldo de rés, stout, mostaza pommery, quesos cheddar y gouda; daditos crocantes de panceta, y verdeos.

Bodega Uxmal “Tilia Vineyards” Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Mendoza


Portobello “Harvest” – portobello mushrooms roasted with huacatay and hierbabuena; palm hearts roasted and brushed with merquén chili oil; potato cubes cooked fondant in mushroom stock; broad beans, rocoto chili; huacatay cream sauce; sous vide egg drizzled with soy-balsamic reduction.

Capchi de Portobelos – hongos portobelos asados con huacatay y hierbabuena; palmitos asados y cepillados con aceite de merquén; dados de papa cocido fondant en caldo de hongos; habas, rocotos; salsa crema de huacatay; huevo sous vide rociado con reducción de soja-balsámico.

Finca Sophenia “Altosur” Malbec Rosé 2016, Tupungato


Pork Loin in Garlic-Chili Sauce, Chinese Cabbage Saute – pan seared pork loin coated in salt and togaroshi; saute of chinese cabbage, padron peppers, and white beans in butter, miso, and togaroshi; poached garlic-rocoto pureed sauce; warm salad of cherry tomatoes, red onions, chives.

Carré de Cerdo al Ajillo, Saltado de Akusay – carré de cerdo dorado frotado con sal y togaroshi; saltado de akusay, pimientas padrones, y alubías en manteca, miso, y togaroshi; salsa en puré de ajo y rocoto pochado; ensaladita tibia de cherys, cebolla morada, y ciboulette.

Bodegas San Huberto “Nina” Petit Verdot 2014, La Rioja


Dulce de Leche, Cashew, & Blueberry Crepe – crepe filled with dulce de leche and dried blueberries rehydrated in sweet vermouth; bourbon butter sauce; blueberries and toasted cashews.

Panqueque de Dulce de Leche, Cajues, y Arandanos – panqueque relleno con dulce de leche y arandanos secos rehidratados en vermút dulce; salsa de manteca y bourbón; arandanos y cajues tostados.

Ruca Malen “Aimé” Moscatel de Alejandria 2016, Mendoza


Oscar October 31, 2017 at 01:15

I’m lost with the word “Capichi”.
Where does it come from?

dan October 31, 2017 at 09:18

Oscar – Capchi, or Japchi, or Q’apchi, or even Kapchi – it seems to have various spellings, not surprising for a non-Spanish word rendered into Spanish – as far as I can tell it probably has its origins in Quechua, and I’ve seen it translated, bizarrely, as both “harvest” and as “cheese”, although the latter seems to refer to a brand name that has historical origins in the Ayacucho region of Peru, rather than the product itself – so it may have been a brand name of a cheese “Harvest” which apparently was popular there. In the end though, translated or not, it basically seems to refer to a style of a dish of either fresh mushrooms or fresh broad beans (at least those are the only capchis I’ve seen recipes for) in a creamy sauce with huacatay and hierbabuena, potatoes, and eggs. If you search on either capchi de setas or capchi de habas you can find images and recipes of various versions of this dish that inspired ours.

Oscar October 31, 2017 at 12:41

Thanks a lot for the nice explanation.
I googled for it before asking … but as I read capichi for capchi, I found nothing except some restaurant named capichi instead of the italian capisci!


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