Thirty Days – Favorite Plates

2016.Jan.24 Sunday · 4 comments

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Just a look back at the last thirty days of dinners and some favorites out of the various dinners.

Parihuela-ChupeA raved about favorite over the last year since we introduced it and brought it back numerous times, our combination Parihuela-Chupe, a tomato based seafood soup with a touch of dairy, miso, herbs, and plenty of chili heat.

160108semolinagnocchiI’d call this a contentious dish, but the truth is, only one couple over four nights of serving it found it lacking. Along with the fact that we didn’t serve MEAT every course except dessert, led them to trash us on TripAdvisor – apparently not having bothered to read our website to find out what sort of food we actually serve. Our classic semolina gnocchi with jalapeño and red-onion chickpeas, but we’ve added in a trio of emulsions on the side to augment the flavors – black olive, sauce vierge (tomato, shallots, garlic, thyme), and basil.

160121cauliflowerlasagnaA new pasta dish, based on the cauliflower three-cheese pansôti that we’ve made before. Reinterpreted as a lasagna, three layers of semolina pasta, with melted leeks between the bottom two layers, the cauliflower three-cheese filling (with the addition of beaten egg to help it set) between the top two, the gremolata panko crumb on top with the addition of more grated cheese, and the lemon sauce underneath. It has all the same delicious flavors of the pansôti, but looking back, although this is easier to make, I think I like the presentation of them more.

160103ribeyeviennoiseIt occurred to me that the flavors of our cod “viennoise” reinterpretation could be further extended to beef. Here, medallions of ribeye that were vacuum packed and then sous vide cooked to medium rare, then topped with smoked mustard, portobello mushroom duxelles, matbucha, and fresh breadcrumbs with herbs. Served over a mixed herb and green chile mushroom stock veloute sauce, and accompanied by fresh peas cooked butter and our blend of potato puree and popcorn puree.

151202lemontartFor many years now I’ve been making the lemon tart I learned from the owner of Marion’s in New York. Over time I’ve changed it a bit – I’ve added a dose of saffron to it for color and a hint of a bitter edge. We top it with a white chocolate fluid gel, blueberries cooked in honey and limoncello, and a toasted pistachio brittle crumble.

160114pineapplecheesecakeAnd, finally, a fresh pineapple cheesecake made with our own homemade cream cheese, using brown sugar instead of white, and spiced with a little Chinese five-spice mix. Topped with white chocolate mousse, diced strawberries, and a caramel blended with a local liqueur called Hierro-Quina Peretti, which, by itself I’m not fond of, but in small doses in caramel sauce, works wonders.


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Ken Sternberg January 26, 2016 at 10:47

Dan! Please tell me about the soup inthe first photo, and the recipe. It’s just what I need for good winter eating.

dan January 26, 2016 at 11:15

Errr… the recipe and description is linked right there in the paragraph below the photo…. How have you been? It’s been forever since you’ve commented on something here, glad to see you’re still around and reading it!

CM January 14, 2017 at 20:39

I came across your (lovely!) blog while researching online about places to buy Hierro-Quina in Buenos Aires–it’s a favorite of my Argentine mother, and as I am going to be in the city soon, I was hoping that I might be able to unearth a bottle somewhere in the city. Where on earth did you find it? My attempts during my last visit to find a purveyor proved fruitless, sadly. I’d appreciate any intel!

dan January 15, 2017 at 14:52

I bought it at our local Disco supermarket. They seem to pretty much always have it.

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