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2007.May.02 Wednesday · 0 comments

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By sheer coincidence, it’s been a year since I made my long post on the spam I received over the preceding month. I’ve taken to ignoring 99.9999% of it, as is necessary these days. But now and again, one comes by that catches my eye for one reason or another. This morning, the following actually had me laughing out loud as I thought about the possibility of anyone responding to it… yet, the sad thing is, that there probably are people out there who will:

Canada hotels

I am Rose from Canada, The Manager Of Canada hotels
Our Hotel Need a Man And Woman Who Can Work And Iive
In Omni Hotel In Canada, A Division Of Canadian Hotel Canada,
Hotel Will Pay For His/Her Ticket to the Country,
If You Are Interested, Contact Me Back with this email O.k?

Rose C. Grand,
The Manager Of The HoteL

Now, hmmm… there’s a lovely Omni Hotel, the Mont-Royal, in Montreal… I wonder if I get to pick what job I want when I get there… oh, and to all those spam robots crawling this page out there, yes, feel free to send Rose your messages… Now, by the way, this is one of the spams that circulates regularly – it’s a phishing attempt, to gather e-mails, etc. (the IP address used to send the e-mail traces back, surprise, to the African Network Information Center – wanna bet that’s located in… hmmm… Nigeria perhaps – please, don’t respond to her e-mail at that address on your own, that’ll just get whatever e-mail address you use added to the spamming world.


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