Underground Dining Scene

I add places as I hear about them. I do try to keep the listings up to date – if you know about a place that’s opened, closed, moved, changed its website, let me know (at the email link above). I go through some of the listings now and again and try to contact those that appear to be defunct, but it’d be great to keep it more up to date. Please understand I have nothing directly to do with any of the other places besides my own – I can’t make reservations for you, I don’t know the details of the dinners, the prices, or anything else. You’ll have to contact the one(s) you want to reach all on your own. Nor am I endorsing them, I haven’t been to the vast majority of them.

Note: please don’t ask to be listed if you’re not really an underground supperclub – this isn’t a place for listing your hot, trendy nightclub, restaurant, your social club, meet-up group, members only event, or what-have-you. This is a resource for people who cook and offer dinners in their homes, galleries, offices, or other private spaces and the people who like to dine with them – the so called “guerilla” or “anti-” restaurants. And these are simply linked listings – I have enough work to do on my own dining club – if you have photos, testimonials, reviews, etc., to post, post them at the site you’ve had me link to.

A similar concept is the “pop-up restaurant” – often open just for a single or short-term event, perhaps held at an art space or warehouse or exhibition hall, though sometimes in a private home; or a visiting chef (or local chef without his or her own restaurant) taking over the kitchen and dining room of another existing restaurant on their closed night(s). What tends to be different about these is that they’re generally operating out of licensed facilities – either taking over the kitchen of a regular restaurant on an off-night, or at fairs and events that have things like single day licensing for food service. It ain’t underground, it ain’t guerilla, which isn’t “wrong” it’s just not what this list is about. Plenty of hits on internet searches for the term, and, although some of those may creep into the list, there’s just too many of them for me to keep track of and it’s not my intention to do so.

For those who aren’t quite sure what the “scene” is all about – here’s a link to our information page: Frequently Asked Questions/Preguntas Frecuentes and a link to an article I wrote on the topic for the Guardian UK.

Social Networking Sites

Bon Appetour
Dine With Locals
Eat in Common
Eat With a Local
Le Cesarine (Italy only)
Meal Sharing
Native Foodie
OneTable (shabbat dinners)
Plate Culture
Supper Club Fan Group – ning.com group for fans of hidden restaurants, and also often my source of listings in the UK in particular
Traveling Spoon
Voulez Vous Diner

Note: with the exception of the Find a Supper Club listing site, the sites above charge either the guest, host, or both for arranging bookings/reservations.


Individual Supper Club Listings

North & Central America

— Canada —

Montreal – Vegan Secret Supper

Ottawa – Cobra Ottawa – site has nothing but e-mail link

Singhampton, Ontario – Eigensinn Farm

Ste-Anne-des-Lacs, Quebec – Saveurs du Jour

Toronto – Charlies Burgers
Toronto – Chez Lisgar
Toronto – The Depanneur – private space that hosts for various supper clubs
Toronto – House of Commons
Toronto – L.U.S.T Supper Club
Toronto – Massimo Bruno’s Italian Supper Club

Vancouver – The Birds Nest
Vancouver – Green Tomato Club
Vancouver – No Fixed Address
Vancouver – Swallow Tail Supper Club
Vancouver – Vegan Secret Supper

— Caribbean —

Havana – Top 10 Paladares in Havana
Havana – Cuba Restaurants
Havana – Cuisine only tourists can afford
Havana – Havana Journal
Havana – La Guarida

Chalky Hill, Jamaica – Woolery Kitchen
Port Antonio, Jamaica – Dickie’s Best Kept Secret

— Costa Rica —

San José – CockFight

— Mexico —

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca – The Mexykan Supper Club

Rosarito, Baja California – Mi Casa Supper Club

— United States —

Ann Arbor, MI – Selma Cafe
Ann Arbor, MI – TT Supper Club – small, in-home fundraising dinners

Asheville, NC – Blind Pig

Athens, GA – Little & Saturday
Athens, GA – Shotgun Dinners

Atlanta – Curry Cravings (and Los Angeles)
Atlanta – Dogwood Table
Atlanta – Hi-Five Supper Club

Austin, TX – Dai Due
Austin TX – Supper Underground

Badin Lake, NC – Badin Lake Supper Club

Belfast, ME – The Lost Kitchen

Boston – Brasstacks
Boston – O.N.C.E.

Cambridge, MA – Cantina Serena

Cape Cod, MA – Frank’s Cucina

Charleston, SC – Guerrilla Cuisine

Chicago – Chicago Underground Eats
Chicago – Clandestino
Chicago – Culinary Speakeasy
Chicago – Goose & Fox
Chicago – Relish Underground Dining
Chicago – Sinhá
Chicago – Sobremesa
Chicago – Steve’s Underground
Chicago – Sunday Dinner
Chicago – Thurk
Chicago – Tuesday Night Dinner
Chicago – X-marx Chicago
Chicago – Yo Soy

Cincinnati – Please

Dallas – Noche Underground Dinner Club

Dayton, OH – La Embajada Underground

Denver – Cocina Campesina
Denver – Locality Supper Club
Denver – Noble Swine Supper Club
Denver – Queen City Supper Club
Denver – Rendevous Denver
Denver – TBD Foods

Detroit –The Sunday Underground
Detroit seems to have a thriving pop-up scene, more info here and here

Dundee, OR – Sub Rosa (virtually underground…i.e., as far as I know, this is a cyberspace eatery only)

Earlton, NY – Damon Baehrel

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – The Traveling Plate

Greensboro, NC – The Next Supper

Houston, TX – Heirloom

Jersey City, NJ – The Underground Supper Club

Las Vegas, NV – Dinner De Novo

Los Angeles – Chicks with Knives
Los Angeles – Curry Cravings (and Atlanta)
Los Angeles – de Porres Dinner Series
Los Angeles – The Hidden Agenda (caterer who offers bi-monthly underground dinners)
Los Angeles – Miguel Nelson – large scale events
Los Angeles – Secret Suppers
Los Angeles – Taste of Pace
Los Angeles – TRUFFL
Los Angeles – The Whaling Club
Los Angeles – Wolvesden

Madison, WI – School Woods Supper Club
Madison, WI – Underground Kitchen

McAllen, TX – Midnight Supper Club

Memphis, TN – Eatable

Minneapolis – Clandesdine
Minneapolis – Notes from an Underground Restaurant

Multi-City – Anti-Restaurants
Multi-City – Cuisine Secrete Supper Club
Multi-City – Culinary Mischief
Multi-City (NY/SF/DC/LA) – The Gastronauts
Multi-City – Outstanding in the Field
Multi-City – Psst … Alice Waters Sent Me
Multi-City – Supper Club
Multi-City – The Anti-Restaurants
Multi-City – Underground Restaurants
Multi-City – World’s Best Secret Dining Clubs

Nashville, TN – Esoteric Vegan

Nevada City, NV – In the Kitchen with Wendy Van Wagner
Nevada City, NV – Polly’s Paladar

NE Washington & N Idaho – The Wandering Table

New York City – Adventures in Secret Dining
New York City (Manhattan) – Bhagavat Life
New York City – Corsair Club (proving this isn’t a new phenomenon…)
New York City – Entree New
New York City (Brooklyn) – Highlands Dinner Club
New York City (Flatiron) – I Forgot It’s Wednesday
New York City (Astoria) – Lynn’s NYC Supper Club
New York City (Bedford-Stuyvesant) – Masala Loca
New York City – Mayanoki
New York City (Greenpoint) – Reel Tasty (Forking Tasty)
New York City (Astoria) – The Sunday Night Dinner
New York City (Tribeca) – Suite 306
New York City (Williamsburg) – Tchoup Shop – popup occasional BBQ in the backyard of DBA bar
New York City (“Outer Boroughs”) – Under Belly

Oakland, CA – Canvas Underground
Oakland, CA – Ghetto Gourmet (Although based from Oakland, CA, they put on events nationwide)
Oakland, CA – Paladar Temescal
Oakland, CA – Sound and Savor

Orange County, CA – Block & Wheel Underground Dinners
Orange County, CA – GetGourmade

Orlando, FL – A Taste of Happiness
Orlando, FL – The Table

Pittsburgh, PA – Sunday Night Dinner

Portland, OR – Back Room
Portland, OR – Plate and Pitchfork Farm Dinners
Portland, OR – Simpatica

Providence, RI – 3 Chefs’ Collective

Richmond, VA – Tablenosh (opening soon, formerly in Sydney)

Riverside, CA – La Ventana Abierta

Sacramento – Pajo’s Fine Dining
Sacramento – Shirley’s Diner Secret Supper Club
Sacramento – Tree House

Salt Lake City, UT – By Invitation Only SLC, UT

San Diego, CA – Cellar Door
San Diego, CA – Culinary Hedonism
San Diego, CA – Il Limone

San Francisco – Cook Here and Now
San Francisco – Cook with James
San Francisco area – Dish Culture Supper Club
San Francisco – Du Jour Dining
San Francisco – Guerilla Gourmet
San Francisco – Hearsay Supper Club
San Francisco – Introducing the Utterly Random Dinner Party
San Francisco – Our Gourmet Life
San Francisco – S+M Vegan Chefs
San Francisco – Secret Parties of the Hippest Hip
San Francisco – SPICE
San Francisco – Stag Dining Group
San Francisco – Sub-Culture Dining
San Francisco – Tip Top Supper Club
San Francisco – Wild Kitchen

San Jose, CA – Underground Dining at Naglee Park
San Jose, CA – Urban Food Secrets… Revealed!

Saratoga Springs, NY – Private Dining Experience

Seattle – Cloak-and-Dagger Dining
Seattle – Cooking Dolls
Seattle – Home
Seattle – One Pot
Seattle – Rebel, Disgraced, Tries to Pull Off Rebound
Seattle – Underground dining is poised to claim the spotlight

Sonoma – Bistro Incognito

St. Louis – Demitasse Underground
St. Louis – entre: Underground – talk about hidden, you can’t even view the website without an invitation!
St. Louis – Rogue Underground Dining Society
St. Louis – The Test Kitchen

Tampa Bay, FL – The Hidden Table

Trenton, NJ – The Wooden Horse Underground

Washington, DC – Chez le commis
Washington, DC – Hush

Westchester County, NY – Broomstick Sweetie’s

York, PA – 21 South
York, PA – Underground West

South America

— Argentina —

Acassuso – Comer en lo de Ana
Acassuso – 15 a Puertas Cerradas

Buenos Aires (Chacarita) – Agosto
Buenos Aires (Almagro) – Albamater Cocina con Historia
Buenos Aires – Arahouse
Buenos Aires (Congreso) – Bajollave
Buenos Aires (Villa Urquiza) – Besaha
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Boca a Boca
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Buri Sushi Fusión
Buenos Aires (Flores) – Casa de Cervezas y Picadas
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Casa Loyola
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Casa Oro
Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Casa Munet – El Club del Té
Buenos Aires (Villa Urquiza) – Casa Parador Todos Santos
Buenos Aires (Recoleta) – Casa SaltShaker – our own place
Buenos Aires (Villa del Parque) – Casí Esquina Biarritz
Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Catalino
Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Le Chantier
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Clandestino
Buenos Aires (Villa Crespo) – La Cocina Discreta
Buenos Aires (Villa Devoto) – Comer con Amigos
Buenos Aires (Villa DeVoto) – Dantón Cuisine
Buenos Aires (San Telmo) – Delicias de Alicia
Buenos Aires (Belgrano) – 12 Servilletas
Buenos Aires (Villa Pueyrredón) – Escape
Buenos Aires (Congreso) – Fuego
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Espacio Gasset
Buenos Aires (Almagro) – El Gorrion Negro
Buenos Aires (Chacarita) – Kalos Aeras Comida Griega
Buenos Aires (Once) – Kill the Duck
Buenos Aires (Villa del Parque – Lima
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – El Loco Basilio
Buenos Aires (Villa Crespo) – Lo de Fer y Javi
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Lombok Cocina Indonesia
Buenos Aires (Coghlan) – María Ignacia Puertas Adentro
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Ocho Once Maison du Chef
Buenos Aires (Recoleta) – Pagano Club Social
Buenos Aires (Almagro) – Paladar Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Pequeño Comedor
Buenos Aires (Palermo) – Le Petit Paris
Buenos Aires – Psst! Want a Discreet Dinner?
Buenos Aires (Villa Crespo) – QuintoDoce
Buenos Aires – La Siriana
Buenos Aires – Steaks by Luis
Buenos Aires (Villa del Parque) – Sukaldea
Buenos Aires (Caballito) – Tercero
Buenos Aires (Belgrano) – La Terraza de Rosa
Buenos Aires (Villa Crespo) – Toro 777
Buenos Aires (Colegiales) – Treintasillas Ghetto Gourmet
Buenos Aires (San Telmo) – Xóchitl Comida Mexicana

Calafate – Rancho aparte

Castelar – Casa Tomada

Córdoba – Hestia Córdoba
Córdoba – Nuevas Tentaciones
Córdoba – Octavo B

Escobar – Normando Bistró a Puertas Cerradas

Ing. Maschwitz – Paladar Secreto

Mar del Plata – Casa de Aromas

Martinez – Knock

Mendoza – Ituzaingo Restó

San Isidro (La Horqueta) – 22 en Casa
San Isidro – La Tía Julia Sabores
San Isidro – 326 Puertas Adentro

Santa Fé – Gabriela Restó a Puertas Cerradas

Venado Tuerto – 1909 Restaurante

Victoria – Donde Uriel

— Brazil —

Bahia – Prosa na Cozinha

Porto Alegre – Anteprima
Porto Alegre – Casa Cardozo
Porto Alegre – Mesa de San Miguel

São Paulo – Culinária Tosca
São Paulo – Patua de Baiana

— Chile —

Santiago – Motemei
Santiago – Oty’s Family Dinners

Viña del Mar – Chilean Cuisine

— Colombia —

Bogotá – Castro Cocina

Cartagena – La Casa del Escalón

— Peru —

Lima – Bon Vivant Savant
Lima – Huariques – Spanish language blog that covers both puertas cerradas (closed door) restaurants and “hole-in-the-wall” spots
Lima – Fusion dining in Lima – Machu Picchu can wait
Lima – A Puerta Cerrada
Lima – Inexpensive Restaurant Choices (Sankuay, Sonia, Tio Mario, El Encuentro de Otani)

Pucalipa-Ucayali – Angela Davila De Rengifo
Pucallpa-Ucayali – Mirla Soraya Sanchez Diaz

— Uruguay —

Montevideo – La Cuisine Secrete
Montevideo – El Expatriado
Montevideo – Mamacha
Montevideo – Martá Atelier de Cocina
Montevideo – Noches de Alexandria

— Venezuela —

Caracas (Los Chorros) – La Isabela +58 414-3106100


— Austria —

Vienna – The Dining Room
Vienna – Dining That’s Not Set To Strauss Waltzes

— Belgium —

Gent – Down the Rabbit Hole

— Czech Republic —

Prague – Forbidden Taste

— Denmark —

Copenhagen – First on the Right
Copenhagen – Silver.Spoon

— France —

Châteauneuf – Red Radish Supper Club

Courdemanche – The Secret Garden

Lamalou les Bains (Languedoc) – FAB Supper Club

Lyon – Le Salon Anglais
Lyon – Pop-Up Restaurant Lyon

Paris – Un artiste à la Table
Paris – Aux Chiens Lunatiques
Paris – Chez Fabrice
Paris – Chez Nous Chez Nous
Paris – Derrière
Paris – The Gentle Gourmet – vegan b&B that also offers dinners by reservation
Paris – Lunch in the Loft
Paris – In a secret Paris cavern…
Paris – My Private Dinner – organize your own!
Paris – New Friends Table (also at times in London)
Paris – Paris Soirees Dinners (mix of dinners and other types of events)
Paris – Rachel Khoo (also at times in London)
Paris – The Sunday Dinners (Jim Haynes) (for more than 30 years!)

— Germany —

Ammersee Ost, Bayern (East Ammersee, Bavaria) – Secret Supper Club

Berlin – Festin Supper Club
Berlin – Fisk & Gröönsaken
Berlin – Hand in Mouth
Berlin – Metti una sera a cena
Berlin – Palisaden Supper Club
Berlin – Parlour Dinners
Berlin – Phoebe in Berlin
Berlin – Sophiencafe
Berlin – Speisenklub Neukölin
Berlin – Supper Club Berlin
Berlin – The Shy Chef
Berlin – Thyme Supper Club
Berlin (Havel) – Travels With My Fork
Berlin – Zagreus Projekt
Berlin – Zuhause

Bonn – La Bonn(e) Table

Dortmund – Armeritta Supper Club

Duisburg – satt & glücklich

Düsseldorf – Magic Garden Supper club

Hamburg – Jules’ Kitchen

Köln (Cologne) – Katchina Supper Club
Köln (Cologne) – Kouzina Marina
Köln (Cologne) – S-Club

Krefeld – Zum röhrenden Hirsch

Multi-city (Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf) – Ceci nést pas un restaurant

Munich – Como en Casa

Runkel – The Blue Lobster Club

— Greece —
Athens – The Secret Supper

— Hungary —

Budapest – Lakásétterem (in Hungarian)

— Ireland —

Bride Valley – Ballinterry Supper Club

Dublin – The Arbutus Club
Dublin – Loaves & Fishes (temporarily closed)
Dublin – Seasons Supper Club

— Italy —

Como – Elle Cuisine

Milan – Homemade 54
Milan – Kitchen Victim
Milan – Ma’ Hidden Kitchen

Rome – A Casa di Gio (guest house w/supper club events)
Rome – Cenaromane – (network of private cooks who open their homes to guests)
Rome – Cook Here and Now
Rome – Rome’s Secret Supper Club

Vacone, Lazio – Solo Per Due

— Netherlands —

Nationwide – Huiskamer Menu – listing of places all over the country – I gather it’s more of a licensed in-home dining setup that’s popular (in Dutch)

Amsterdam – Dine with the Dutch
Amsterdam – Marits Huiskamer Restaurant
Amsterdam – Saskia’s Huiskamer

— Spain —

Barcelona – Clandestino
Barcelona – La Contrasenya
Barcelona – Jezebel’s Night
Barcelona – Kokun
Barcelona – Malbadas
Barcelona – Papa Serra
Barcelona – Santa Rita Club Gastronómico

Mallorca – Sa Llebre

Solano – La Rosilla – The Chef’s Table

Tarragona – La Reservada

— Switzerland —

Zurich – Spice Lounge Supper Club

— Turkey —

Ankara – The Rabbit Hole

— United Kingdom —

Basingstoke – Mr H Goes Gorilla

Bath – Syd’s Supper Club

Bethesda, Gwynedd, Wales – Moel Faban Secret Supper Club

Birmingham – Secret Dining Society

Bognor Regis, West Sussex – Hery’ Supper Club

Brighton – CanTina Brighton
Brighton – Love Poppy
Brighton – Ovingdean Supper Club

Bristol – Bishopston Supper Club
Bristol – The Matuta Kitchen
Bristol – Mi Casa
Bristol – The Montpelier Basement
Bristol – Pig & Swig
Bristol – The Secret Service Supper Club

Cambridge – The Clandestine Gourmet
Cambridge – Saucepan & Suitcase Secret Suppers
Cambridge – The Secluded Tea Party

Canterbury – Kaos Underground

Cardiff – Calon y Gegin

Colchester – Colchester Secret Supper Club
Dorset – Food Heaven

Crawley (West Sussex) – The Purple Door Supper Club

Edinburgh – Charlie and Evelyn’s Table
Edinburgh – Queen of Tarts

Hanover – Gourmet Girls Pop Up

Kent – Hari Covert

Leeds – The Secret Tea Room

Lindley (Huddersfield) – Cafe Nouveau at Home

London – 10 of London’s best secret supper clubs
London Pop-ups – blog about the London underground and popup scene

London (Brixton) – The Basement Galley
London (Shoreditch) – Bootleg Banquet
London (Tooting) – Broadway Lofts Supper Club
London (Camberwell) – Camberwell Kitchen
London – Can be Bribed with Food – very occasional and by invitation
London (Paddington) – Castello di Potentino
London (Osterley) – Chakula’s Secret Dining Club
London (Limehouse) – Chowpatty Supper Club
London (Newington Green) – Civet Cat Club
London (Islington) – Clandestinos
London (East London) – The Clove Club
London (E2) – Comida Divertida
London (Brixton) – The Crumbs and Dirty Dishes
London (Hackney) – The Curious Kitchen
London (West London) – Daniela and Chiara’s Dining Room
London – Dave Clasen’s First Weekend
London (Islington) – Eat Me Supper Club
London (Hackney) – Fernandez & Leluu
London (Putney) – The First Bite Is
London (Camden) – Francesca’s Secret Kitchen
London (Wimbledon) – Frangipani Supper Club
London (Tower Bridge) – Good Stock
London (Central) – Greekfoodlovers’ Supper Club
London (Hackney) – Green Onions
London (East/Brick Lane) – Humble Kitchen
London (“40 miles south of London”) – Hush Hush Dining Club
London (Tufnell Park) – Joginder’s Supperclub
London (East End) – Khana Commune London
London (Brixton) – The Last Supper Club/Kitchen Jezebel
London – Latitudinal Cuisine – more of a pop-up potluck/potlatch
London (Islington) – London Cooking Club
London (East End) – Midnight Steakout
London (Shoreditch) – Monograph
London (Kilburn) – Ms. Marmitelover’s The Underground Restaurant
London (Haringay) – The N15 Tea Party
London (Twickenham) – Ndudu
London (Shoreditch) – New Friends Table
London (Holland Park) – Nomad Chef
London (Hackney) – The Pale Blue Door
London (Dalston) – The Parkholme Road Supper Club
London (Barnet) – Pash and Friend
London (Crouch End) – PEA
London (East) – Pistachio & Pickle
London (Whitechapel) – Rajiv’s Kitchen
London (Camden) – Rambling Restaurant
London (Brixton) – Salad Club
London (Brixton) – The Saltoun Supper Club and a review
London (Marleybone) – Scratch Secret Suppers
London (Holloway) – The Secret Larder
London (Shepherds Bush) – Le Secret Supper Club
London (E18) – The Sharing Supper Club
London (East Sheen) – Sheen Suppers
London (Hackney Downs) – Snackney Downs
London (New Cross / Brockley / Telegraph Hill) – Sophie & Julie’s Eat Meet Supper Club
London (Lewisham) – Stocks and Hares Supper Club
London (Stoke Newington) – Stokey Secret Supper
London (Nottinghill) – Stolen – Monday’s Chow
London (Clapton) – Sugarloaf Supper Club
London (Nottinghill) – Sunday Lunch Club
London (Hendon) – Superb Suppers
London (Balham) – The Supper Club London
London (Croydon) – Taste Mauritius
London (East End) – Tete-a-Tea
London (Bethnal Green) – Tudor Road Supper Club
ondon (Croydon) – The Underground Tea Party
London (N1) – White Room Supper Club

Maidenhead – SL6 Supper Club

Manchester – The Spice Club

Margate – Annie’s Supper Club

Multi-city – Housebites (listing site for people who don’t have their own sites setup to advertise dinners)
Multi-City – Pale Blue Door

Newcastle – Brasserie Chez Hansi
Newcastle – An interesting extension of the idea for the Eat Newcastle Gateshead food festival.

North Oxfordshire – The Secret Supper Society

Norwich – Unthank Supper Club

Nottinghamshire – Clarkie’s Supper Club

Peterborough – The Outlawed Epicurean

Poole (Parkestone) – Tansy’s Kitchen

Reading – Friday Dinner Secrets

Scottish Borders, Scotland – Dine at my House

Sheffield – New Friends Table
Sheffield – Sheffield Supper Club

Warwickshire – Secret Squisito


— China —

Beijing – Gourmet Underground

Hong Kong – Cuore Private Kitchen
Hong Kong – Da Ping Huo – more of a small private kitchen that simply doesn’t have a sign, so you have to know it’s there – touted by many as the best Szechuan food in Hong Kong
Hong Kong – A new sort of speakeasy – in Hong Kong
Hong Kong – Mandy’s Private Kitchen
Hong Kong – Once Upon a Table…
Hong Kong – Private Kitchens add color to H.K. food culture

Shenzhen – Secret Restaurant

— Indonesia —

Jakarta – Azanaya

Yogyakarta – The Sawah

— Japan —

Tokyo – Aronia de Takazawa

— Malaysia —

Kuala Lumpur – Jen’s Underground Supper Club

Petaling Jaya – Cute Ball Kitchen

Selangor – Huck’s Cafe

— Singapore —

Singapore – Brunch & Co.
Singapore – Khana Commune
Singapore – The Mixtape Chef

Australia, New Zealand, S. Pacific

— Australia —

Brisbane – Hard to Find Supper Club

Gold Coast – Goldtoast Supper Club

Melbourne – Private Dining Room
Melbourne – Secret Foodies

Sydney – Secret Supper Society
Sydney – Transient Diner – to contact: transientdiner (at) gmail (dot) com


— New Zealand —

Auckland – Plum Kitchen Supperclub
Auckland – Tin Roof Dinners


— Zanzibar —

Stone Town – Sambusi’s Two Tables (no website) (+255 24) 2231979

I found this blog that’s a fascinating reversal on the experience that in-home restaurants provide, a young woman in the Netherlands who gets herself invited to people’s homes for a traditional dinner of their culture (she focuses on finding someone from a different ethnic background for each meal), along with conversation about the food culture, recipes, and backgrounds of those cuisines.

Another similar concept, thought more of a pop-up, is the Dinner en Blanc series that’s hosted around the world.

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