Shrimp on the Barbie

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“Somewhere out there, there must be people putting fish and shellfish on the grill, right? And I don’t mean that dried out fillet available at your typical parilla that comes as an afterthought. And so, a new project is born for the blog, the mixed grill, but, the mixed grill of seafood.”

Five Fins Clapping – A standing on tailfins ovation for these platters. Hook, line, and sinker, I’m sold.

Chipper, Humboldt 1893 in Palermo
La Parolaccia del Mare, Alicia Moreau de Justo 1170, Puerto Madero
La Pescadorita, Humboldt 1905 in Palermo

Four Fins Clapping – Respect. That’s how these sea creatures were treated. Respect.

Fervor, Posadas 1519 in Recoleta
José Luis, Quintana 456 in Recoleta
Rotisería Don José, Gallo 702, Once

Three Fins Clapping – You could do worse. They could do better.

Domingo, Virrey Aviles 3888, Villa Ortuzar
Don Restó, Arcos 1836 in Belgrano

Two Fins Clapping – Give me a jar of gefilte fish in jelly and a fork, I’d have had a better meal.

El Muelle, Paseo Victoria 278, Tigre

One Fin Clapping – What is the sound of one fin clapping? Dead silence, in memoriam for the fish who uselessly gave their lives, twice, for these atrocities.

La Bandurria, Nicaragua 6078, Palermo

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