The Winged Taco-Burger


A weird mashup, I know – but every now and again I get these urges to go on a spree of sampling one particular type of food and seeing who does it best – originally this page was “Expat Snacks that we miss”. I try to put together a small group of people, or at least go with one other person and rotate who that is at different places, to come up with some viewpoints besides my own. Some of these, when originally posted, have been met with quite a bit of contention – often by devotees of one spot or another. So be it – these are my/our assessments from best to worst, and, of course, subject to change if we re-sample somewhere and find that it’s improved or deteriorated. If you have a suggestion for a category, let me know – right now it’s hamburgers, tacos, and buffalo wings. The question is, how to rate these… stars, moons, hearts, clovers…?


Until recently, burgers in Argentina, or in BA, sucked. There were very few burgers that were much more than edible in town until the last couple of years. Mostly it was an issue of burgers being made from beef that was high quality, but really, really lean, because of all that pasture raised, free range, grass fed stuff. You need fat for a good burger. Now that instead of 0% feedlot, grain fed beef is the norm, some 65-70% is, burgers have taken off, while the quality of steaks has gone down at many places. I love a good burger, but I’m not sure that was a great trade-off, especially when all those ranch lands have been torn up to plant GMO soy. Alphabetical within each ranking. [And the map: Excellent – dark green; Good – light green; Okay – yellow; Bad – pink; Terrible – red]

“5 Buns Clapping” – you’ve climbed the burger zen mountain and found burger enlightenment
180 Burger, Suipacha 749, Microcentro – great burger, great fries, casual hangout atmosphere
Abocado Cantina, French 2316, Recoleta – great burger, great fries, slow service
Alo’s Café & Bistro, Blanca Encalada 2120, La Horqueta – great burger, great roasted potatoes, cute bistro spot
Bar de Cao, Av. Independencía 2400, San Cristobál – excellent burger and waffle chips, old school pub
Burger Mood, Viamonte 359, Centro – great burger, great fries, casual, fun atmosphere
Carne por Mauro Colagreco, Calle 50 #452, La Plata – excellent, nigh on perfect burger and fries, great atmosphere
Gaboto Bier Haus, Fitz Roy 1715, Palermo – very good burgers, okay fries, amazing onion rings, craft beer bar with great selection
Holy Burgirls, Bülnes 1248, Palermo – very good burger, good bun, creative toppings, great coleslaw, great fries, casual atmosphere
Home Burguer, Bonpland 1580, Palermo – excellent, beautifully seasoned and perfectly cooked burger, great toppings, good onion rings, mostly for takeout, with communal sidewalk seating at two picnic tables
Illegal Burger, Talcahuano 959, Tribunales – great burger, great onion rings, casual
Kyopo BA, Dr. J.A. Aranguren 3053, Floresta – amazingly good sous vide burgers with Asian fusion touches and fantastic fries – my current favorite
La Birra, Avenida San Juan 4359, Boedo – excellent burger, great fries and rings, coffee shop atmosphere
Monkey Burgers, Av. Luis M. Campos 92, Palermo – excellent burger, strange little out of the way spot
Panachef, Sanchez de Bustamante 1470, Recoleta – excellent burger with Caribbean flavors
Raval Warehouse, Tiscornia 935, San Isidro – excellent burger, great cole slaw, big bar/club spot
San Gennaro, Sucre 898, Belgrano – excellent burger, great roasted potatoes, cute bistro spot
Sexto Brasserie, Costa Rica 6038, Palermo – great burger, very good fries, casual elegant atmosphere
The Pony Line, Posadas 1086 (Four Seasons Hotel), Recoleta – great burger (especially the 45-day aged steakburger when they have it), great fries, sophisticated lounge atmosphere
Tierra de Nadie, Avellaneda 588, Caballito – great burger, amazing fries, fun atmosphere – and the nod for the only “smashed patty” style burger I think I’ve ever loved, which says a lot
UCO, Soler 5862, Palermo – great burger, interesting polenta fries, hotel restaurant atmosphere

“4 Buns Clapping” – In the zen of burgers, these are on the true path to burger enlightenment
Algodon Wine Bar, Montevideo 1647, Recoleta – very good burger, excellent fries, upscale hotel lounge
Big Sur, Cerviño 3596, Palermo – very good burger and fries, plenty of condiments, lunch counter atmosphere
Burger Joint, J.L. Borges 1766, Palermo – really good burger though overcooked, very good fries, casual, funky setting
Cabaña Las Lilas, Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, Puerto Madero – outrageously expensive wagyu burger, great fries, fancy schmancy
La Carbonera, El Salvador 4401, Palermo – very good burger though overcooked, great coleslaw, casual atmosphere
Club Social Deluxe, Av. Caseros 442, Barracas – very good burger though overcooked, good fries, hipster bar
La Cresta, Bülnes 829, Palermo – really good burger, great combos, pretty much takeout only
dBox, Av. Pedro Goyena 515 – very good burger, fries need a little work, craft beer bar
Dellepiane Bar, Pasaje Luis Dellepiane 685, San Nicolas – quite good burger, okay fries, laid back dive bar atmosphere
DelToro Burgers, Bernardo de Irigoyen 366, Monserrat – quite good burger if slightly overcooked, good fries, slick atmosphere
La Esquina, Gorriti 5608, Palermo – very good burger and fries, overcooked, pasty bun, dive bar atmosphere
Foodie SpecialBurger, Calle 4 #953, La Plata – very good burger, just avoid the fries, great beer selection
Francis Platz, Quesada 1892, Nuñez – very good burger, well seasoned, great fries, laid back atmosphere
Grand Cafe/BASA, Basavilbaso 1340/1328, Retiro – very good burger and fries, the former overcooked, choice of casual or elegant atmosphere
i Central Market, P. Dealessi and M. Güemes, in Puerto Madero – great lamb burger, good fries, casual modern atmosphere
Kon Kon, Ramirez de Velasco 942, Villa Crespo – very good burger and fries, a little overcooked on the former, casual sandwich shop atmosphere
Mi Barrio Hamburgeseria, Arenales 2609, Recoleta – very good burger, excellent fries, casual
Ninina Bakery, Gorriti 4738, Palermo – great lamb burgers, excellent sides (though skimpy portions), modern coffee shop atmosphere
Paris Burger, Suipacha 180, Centro – very good burger, great bun, great fries, takeout/lunch counter
Parva, Riobamba 909, Recoleta – very good burger, good bun, decent fries, mostly takeout but a few seats
Perez H., Defensa 435, Monserrat – really good burger though consistently overcooked, good fries (though over-salted), casual, almost take-out setting
El Puesto de Fabio, Roque Saenz Peña 1159, San Isidro – really good burger though overcooked, great fries, food truck, outdoor, fun atmosphere
Saint Burger, Avenida de Mayo 852, Monserrat – quite good burger, very good fries, nice modern space, best choice in the neighborhood
Sugar Bar, Costa Rica 4619, Palermo – very good burger (like the wings below, they used to be better), okay fries, good service, sports bar atmosphere
Sweet Pepper, Los Mimbres 1220, Tigre – really good burger, good fries though not my style, food truck, casual, outdoor cafe
The Market Burger, Mercado de San Telmo – quite good burger, good fries, friendly folk
Urban Burgess, Gurruchaga 1417, Palermo – really good burgers, good onion rings, craft beer, casual, nice place
Wherever, Fray Justo Santamaría de Oro 2476, Palermo – really good burger, decent steak fries, Scotch drinker’s paradise

“3 Buns Clapping” – For burger enlightenment one must start on the true path, but most just muddle along, never setting foot on it
Bar de Carnes, Peña 2275, Recoleta – a couple of good solid burgers, too much cheese, and they’re cooked in an insanely hot deck oven rather than on a grill
Bar El Federal, Carlos Calvo 599, San Telmo – good solid burger, though overcooked, oily waffle chips, old school pub
Bar MAD, Libertador 6002, Belgrano – really good burger, albeit rather small and quite expensive, variable quality onion rings, causal, diner style cum lounge style spot
Bar Seddon, Defensa 695, San Telmo – good solid burger, just nothing special, excellent fries, old school pub, slow service
BeFrika, Junín and French, Recoleta – good burger, lots of interesting combo choices, very good fries, casual coffee shop atmosphere
Brandon, Fitz Roy 1722, Palermo – good burger, though overcooked, below average bun and toppings, mediocre soggy fries, big, booming, gastropub
Bubba’s, Paseo del Sol, Arenales 3335 – good burger albeit a bit underseasoned, fresh toppings, outdoor burger/hotdog spot
Buller Pub & Brewery, Junin 1747, Village Recoleta – good burger, great toppings, good onion rings, casual pub atmosphere
Carlitos LNG, Guido 1962, Recoleta – good burger, okay onion rings, neighborhood casual spot
Charley’s Beer & Burger House, Uriarte 1610, Palermo – decent burger, just nothing special, overcooked, good garnishes and condiments, wretched fries
Delicious Cafe, Laprida 2015, Recoleta – good burger, no bun, good toppings, casual coffee shop atmosphere
Diggs, Serrano 1580, Palermo – decent burger, good toppings, good bun, generous helping of decent fries
El Banco Rojo, Bolivar 866, San Telmo – good chicken burger if a bit salty, odd fries, great condiments (regular burger tried and added into the review later on)
The Embers, Libertador 14638, Acassuso – good burger and excellent onion rings, the option for a chili burger is a big plus, old-fashioned soda fountain atmosphere
The Embers, Pres. Roberto M. Ortiz 1865, Village Recoleta – the same and as solid a diner type burger as above, and chili!
Happening, Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 310, Puerto Madero – overcooked but flavorful “gourmet” ribeye burger, overpriced
Hard Rock Cafe, Buenos Aires Design Center, Pueyrredon 2501, Recoleta – great burger (if that was the only factor, this would likely be near the top), mediocre fries and just okay onion rings, ear-splittingly noisy chain restaurant – weekday lunches tend to be less loud and softer rock music, and fewer people
Home, Honduras 5860, Palermo – good, “interesting” burger, great fries, nice casual ambiance
Janio, Malabia 1805, Palermo – good burger, great toppings, great fries, laid-back, neighborhood atmosphere
Kansas, Libertador 4625, Palermo – really good burger, okay fries, nice atmosphere for a large restaurant (Houston’s chain knockoff)
Magdalena’s Party, Thames 1795, Palermo – good burger, good accompaniments, okay fries
Muu lecheria, Armenia 1810, Palermo – good burger, really good onion rings, soda fountain atmosphere
On Tap, Costa Rica 5527, Palermo – decent burger but nothing special, overcooked, quite good fries, beer bar!
Pani, Village Recoleta Mall – good, solid, wagyu beef burger, overcooked, decent toppings, selection of sides, upscale cafe
Ruano Beer House, Azcuénaga 1775, Recoleta – good burger though unseasoned, same with the fries, biggest negative is the bun, weird service
Schwartz & Berg, Fitz Roy 1617, Palermo – good burger though a little dense, okay toppings, mediocre fries, stick with the great pastrami!
Shout Café & Espresso Bar, Maipú 979, Microcentro – good, but overcooked burger – cook it right and this could move up a rung, great “broken potatoes”, coffee shop.
Soul Cafe, Baez 246, Las Cañitas – good burger, decent fries, weird ambiance
Temple Bar, Las Heras 1822, Recoleta – good burger, great crushed potatoes, nice beer selection
Tucson, Salguero 2741, Palermo (and several other spots) – really good burger, great fries, nice, casual atmosphere (more or less an Outback Steakhouse knock-off; also tried the new Buenos Aires Design Center location and was less impressed – still good, but not as good as the Palermo spot)
Wayback Burgers, Armenia 1231, Palermo – good burger, awful onion rings, decent milkshakes, old-time soda fountain atmosphere
Williamsburg, Armenia 1532, Palermo – good burger though overcooked, lousy bun, great toppings, sucky sweet potato fries, hipster bar

“2 Buns Clapping” – When you are in darkness, it’s hard to even imagine there’s a path to burger zen
Barbacoa, Abasto Shopping Mall food court – okay burger, okay fries
Brand’s, Gurruchaga 1776, Palermo – okay burger, iffy fries, coffeeshop atmosphere
Brooklyn, Juramento 1705, Belgrano – mediocre, over-cooked frozen commercial patty burger, good sauces
Burger Club, Fitz Roy 1747, Palermo – overcooked, dry burger, mediocre toppings, good fries, casual atmosphere, only saving grace, one of the best buns around
The Burger Company, Honduras 4733, Palermo – okay burger, not so much the toppings, sickly sweet bun, undercooked fries, overcooked onion rings, both bland, pricey for fast food
La Cabrera Norte, Cabrera 5127, Palermo – okay burger, mediocre fries, over-cooked, over-priced
Crafters, Vicente Lopez 2205, Recoleta – unseasoned, dry, overcooked burger on a stale bun, fantastic fries and great craft beer were the only saving graces
Dean & Denny’s, Malabia 1591, Palermo – okay burger, soggy fries, weird, high tech atmosphere
Duarte, Araoz 1218, Palermo – mediocre lamb burger overwhelmed by onion, fries short of the mark, semi-trendy bar
Fring, Nicaragua 4533, Palermo – mediocre burger, all basically supermarket ingredients thrown together
Los Infernales, Carlos Calvo 492, San Telmo – overcooked and dry burgers, the toppings and bun more interesting than the meat
Jay’s, Antonio Beruti 2640, Recoleta – dense, strangely flavored burger, great fries, NY style diner
Johnny B. Good, Alicia Moreau de Justo 740, Puerto Madero – overcooked, underseasoned burger, meager, uninteresting toppings, okay fries, loud, chain atmosphere
Malé Bar, French 2923, Recoleta – overcooked, unseasoned burger, stale bun, mediocre service
Malvón, Lafinur 3275, Palermo – dry, overcooked burger, albeit huge, great fries, casual cafe atmosphere
Novecento, Baéz 199, Las Cañitas – overseasoned, dry burger, greasy fries, nice atmosphere
The Oldest, Av. Elcano 3410, Colegiales – okay burger (but issues), squishy fries, abrupt service, modern bar atmosphere
Pit Deli, Soldado de la Independencia, Las Cañitas – okay burger, decent oven fries, poor service
Sucre, Sucre 676, Belgrano – okay burger, iffy salad, nice atmosphere (disappointing given how much I like the place for its other food)
Trixie, Gorriti 5567, Palermo – okay, though unseasoned, skimpy burger, decent onions rings and fries, diner style atmosphere

“1 Bun Clapping” – If the burger falls in the forest, kick some dead leaves over it and continue on your way
Baum Cervecería, Honduras 5720, Palermo – burnt, overcooked burger, mushy fries, inattentive, ineffectual service, brewery pub
Federal Cerveceria Independente, República de Eslovenia 1831, Las Cañitas – way overcooked, tasteless burger, stale bun and toppings, good fries, microwbrewery pub
The Food Truck Store – Panini, Libertador 1001, Recoleta – broken up pieces of charred ground meat stuffed haphazardly on a sub roll, icky garnishes
La Biela, Quintana 596, Recoleta – skimpy, flavorless burger, good fries, coffeeshop atmosphere
Heisenburger burger lab, Baéz 252, Las Cañitas – overcooked, over-salted burger, burnt onion rings and fries, funky atmosphere
La Marguerite, 11 de Septiembre 1888 #2620, Belgrano – overcooked, grey, unseasoned blob of meat, sickly bun, mediocre fries, all served up in a lovely patio with cute waiters
Pepino, Libertador 14475, Acassuso – skimpy, uninteresting burger, cold, lousy fries, noisy, teeming, family hangout
Períca, corner of Libertador and Sanchez de Bustamante, Recoleta – skimpy, frozen burger, frozen fries, coffeeshop with a nice view
T.G.I. Friday’s, Alto Palermo mall, Arenales 3360, Palermo and Village Recoleta mall, Uriburu & Vicente Lopez, Recoleta – lousy burger, lousy fries, kitschy atmosphere
Waterloo Bar, Trés Sargentos 427, Microcentro – overcooked, dry burger with badly prepared accompaniments, fries that tasted of old oil, British pub-ish


It doesn’t matter if they’re corn or wheat tortillas, hard or soft shell, we love our tacos. But let’s face it, a taco isn’t the same thing as “a wrap” (which also isn’t, in turn, the same thing as a burrito). We want some flavor, some heat, some Mexican, Tex-Mex, or Cal-Mex flair.

“5 Tortillas” – “¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡Yeehaw!”
Che Taco, Balcarce 873, San Telmo – excellent tacos, great hot sauces, fun atmosphere

“4 Tortillas” – “Never underestimate how much assistance, how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be in a well-made taco and a cold bottle of beer.”
Elote, Av. Jorge Newbery 3791, Chacarita – quite good tacos (also arepas and patacones) with interesting, globally inspired fillings
La Fabrica del Taco, Gorriti 5062, Palermo – generally good tacos though inconsistent, good service, funky, fun atmosphere. best thing are their housemade hot sauces
El Azteca, Belgrano 4088, San Martín – pretty good tacos! Takeout only at lunchtime, dinner has table service and a more extensive Mexican menu
Taco Express, Recoleta – rather good tacos, delivery only service, arrive as a “kit” to put together yourself

“3 Tortillas” – “Do you have anything here besides Mexican food?”
Mercadito Latino, Carlos Calvo 488, San Telmo – decent enough tacos, bland hot sauce, overpriced
The Taco Box, Soler 5581 and Cerviño 3768, Palermo – good tacos though a bit oily, okay service, noisy bar (more locations have opened since the review – they’ve become a thriving chain)
Xalapa, El Salvador 4800, Palermo – decent tacos with good filling, though the tortillas could be improved, okay service, cute spot

“2 Tortillas” – “Tacos? We don’t need no stinkin’ tacos!”
Cielito Lindo, El Salvador 4999, Palermo – okay tacos, casual but fun service, fun atmosphere
Crispy, Mansilla 2787, Recoleta – mediocre tacos and burritos, primarily delivery service

“1 Tortilla” – “You want me to shoot the cook?” “No. I’ll shoot the cook. My car’s parked out back, anyway.”
California Burrito Co, Lavalle 441, Centro and other locations – used to be recommended but gone downhill since the original owners sold the stores to a fast food chain operator who has cut every corner he can in quality and service
Lupita, Baéz 227, Las Cañitas – dripping in oil, poor quality meat, borderline inedible, decent service and an interesting room are the only redeeming factors
Mole Tacos Fonda Mexicana, Cabildo 1372, Belgrano – bland, uninteresting tacos, poor service

snackswingsthumbHot/Buffalo Wings

There are rules. Well no, there aren’t. But, there are ideals – a buffalo or hot wing should be hot, as in spicy (also temperature, though cold, the next day, out of the fridge, is just fine, assuming there were leftovers). And they should have enough sauce on them that you need, and want, to lick your fingers.

“5 Finger Licks” – Seriously, five finger licks, you can’t do better
Since the closing of Casa Bar, I just haven’t found a “5”.

“4 Finger Licks” – Damn these are good
Chicken Bros., various locations – very good wings, several sauce choices, could use more “heat”
dBox, Av. Pedro Goyena 515 – very good wings, “latin american” style with lime, soy, rocoto chilies (order extra sauce); craft beer bar
Hard Rock Cafe, Buenos Aires Design Center – great classic Buffalo wings, you know the atmosphere

“3 Finger Licks” – Yawn. Meh. You wanted finger licking good, remember?
Sugar Bar, Costa Rica 4619, Palermo – decent wings (they used to be better, the new sauce is weird), good service, sports bar atmosphere

“2 Finger Licks” – Come on, are you starving or something?
The Steve, El Salvador 4968, Palermo – sweet, sticky, gloppy, heavily breaded and under-cooked wings, old tavern atmosphere

“1 Finger Lick” – The only reason to lick your finger here is before you raise it to hail a cab to elsewhere
King’s Town, Jufre 102, Villa Crespo – bland, poor quality wings, neighborhood hangout
NYC Bistrotheque, Nicaragua 6002, Palermo – bland, mediocre wings, hot sauce isn’t hot, yawn (but great sandwiches)
Portezuelo, Vicente López 2160, Village Recoleta – bland, uninteresting wings, but a great bar
T.G.I. Friday’s, Alto Palermo Mall and Puerto Madero – bland, overcooked, poor quality wings – but what would you expect here?