Searching for the Perfect Circle

2016.Nov.04 Friday
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As I’ve maintained many a time before, pizza is Nature’s Most Perfect Food. Maybe it’s just because my first real restaurant job was a an Italian restaurant and pizzeria. I’m leaving aside the season spent manning a hotdog cart at U of Michigan stadium with one of my best friends, it wasn’t a restaurant, it […]

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Musing on the Future of the Blog

2016.Oct.30 Sunday
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That’s not going to be too distracting, is it? (For those reading this outside the blog, I’m not sure if the animated display above will be animated, but on the blog, it is.) Those are our new dinner rolls at Casa SaltShaker. When I started SaltShaker in 2005, it was still relatively early days in […]

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Bite Marks #32

2016.Oct.27 Thursday
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The Onslaught of The Burgers Continues   Williamsburg, Armenia 1532, Palermo – Named, presumably, after the hipster haven of NYC, this spot has become the talk and buzz of the hipster burger movement here in BA. There’s a lot to like about this gleaming new spot, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be in […]

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The Capital of Chinese Cooking?

2016.Oct.21 Friday
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Long, long time readers, locals, and expats will likely remember the restaurant Shi Yuan, located right by the Biblioteca Nacional here in Recoleta. It was certainly the most elegant of Chinese restaurants in town, and for a long while, one of my top five in terms of food. We always enjoyed it, though among some of […]

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The Onward March of the Peruvians

2016.Oct.17 Monday
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It’s going to take some work to get to all of the 200+ Peruvian restaurants that are supposedly in town, let alone those nearby, but we’re still game! First, the map, which will continue to update as I add stuff to it (so at some point, in relativity to this post, it will reflect the […]

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The September Plates

2016.Oct.15 Saturday
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There are days when I consider that life would be far easier if we just cooked casually and opened the doors for people to drop in and eat whatever the plate of the day is – Casa de Comida style. Because while we don’t tend to eat the way that our guests eat at Casa SaltShaker […]

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The Book, Cooked!

2016.Oct.11 Tuesday
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Just a little preview! The galley copy of our first cookbook should be in my hands tomorrow for proofing.

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The Spanish ‘Tater Cake

2016.Oct.10 Monday
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Let’s start with the money shot… (remember, you can click on these to get large sized, fill your screen, pretty photos). Whether you call it weekend breakfast, lunch, brunch, or something else, it’s that meal where you just want something warm and comforting to fill your belly. For us, that usually means something involving eggs […]

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Remember the 92?

2016.Oct.07 Friday
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Amazing how time flies. It’s been almost four years since I launched the 92 Bus Pizza Trek, and while it went along “great guns” for awhile, it then sort of slipped into oblivion after a bit short of two years. But in that time, I managed to get about 2/3 of the way through the […]

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