Some Southern French Inspiration

2014.Apr.06 Sunday

Maybe it was eating at a couple of French restaurants during the whirlwind review series, but somewhere in there I found myself thinking a bit French. Not entirely, mind you but a bit, and so I went with it in the planning of this last week’s menu. I started leafing through the pages of one […]

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The Final 3

2014.Apr.03 Thursday

So, let’s wrap up the last of the mini-reviews for the guidebook and get back to all those fun things like the search for pizza along the route of the 92 bus, where one might find the best shawarma in town, grilled seafood platters, decent sandwiches, and whatever other nonsense it is I normally natter […]

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Down to the Last Spots

2014.Apr.01 Tuesday

I am breathing a sigh of relief, as is my bathroom scale. Eating shall return to normal, with some moments taken out for simply not eating or just having a salad or some such. The last five spots to be covered for the next edition of Fodor’s are under the belt, and the writing is […]

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Tangent: Casa SaltShaker

2014.Mar.31 Monday

Just a little side trip back here to home in the midst of all this eating out (30 restaurant visits in just over two weeks), to look at the limited Casa S dinners that we had. With Henry away and the friend who in the past has filled in for him unavailable, I kept it […]

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Food Coma – Another Three

2014.Mar.27 Thursday

I’m going to assault you with photos today, on one restaurant in particular. It may not be fair of me, but just remember, I sat there through all the food…. And, by the way, after this, there are only four restaurants left on the review list unless something changes and we need to add another […]

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And, Three More!

2014.Mar.25 Tuesday

While there are still more reviews for Fodor’s to come, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I should be able to finish them all up this week with maybe one or two left for next. Then it’s green salads for a week. You would think that with as long as […]

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Yet, Another Four…

2014.Mar.23 Sunday

The good thing is, as I’m doing this marathon of checking out restaurants for the guide, I’m finding some surprisingly interesting food here and there. The bad thing is, there’s also some pretty mediocre food out there. I was having a conversation with a friend about it and her response was, “How is it that […]

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Four More Bites! Four More Bites!

2014.Mar.21 Friday

Getting caught up, really. This will bring us to just two days ago and tomorrow’s post will bring us right up to date. And, as an added bonus, you get to have me more or less reverse my opinion on two places! And you can imagine how often that happens, right? For years we’ve been […]

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Shall We Bite Some More?

2014.Mar.20 Thursday

No, I’m not putting on weight – I’m getting in good exercise each day in the morning and again in the afternoon, and just because I’m putting up pictures of massive amounts of food doesn’t mean that I’m a) finishing each and every plate, and b) doing it by myself – there’s some splitting going […]

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