The Bread & Soup Project #14 – Bahrain

2016.Jul.01 Friday
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I couldn’t have found Bahrain on a map a week ago. I could have pointed vaguely towards the Middle East, but I couldn’t have told you that it was an archipelago consisting of 30 islands, though the vast majority of its land mass is one single island. I couldn’t have told you that it’s 25% the size […]

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On BA’s Inka Trail

2016.Jun.30 Thursday
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I read somewhere recently that there are now over 200 Peruvian restaurants in Buenos Aires when you take into account everything from the chifa, hole-in-the-wall style to the high end nikkei fusion spots. While we’ve certainly eaten at a good number of them, there are plenty we’ve never gotten to. Here’s a trio to add to the […]

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Rad-icchio… totally tubular man…

2016.Jun.28 Tuesday
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It’s been quite awhile since we had one of our online cooking challenges in the Reinventing the Whisk series. Episode #12 was back in December, and here we are, going on seven months later with Episode #13. This time around, four randomly selected ingredients (we put together a spreadsheet of about 120 ingredients that between the […]

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Three, Yes, Three Quests in One

2016.Jun.21 Tuesday
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It’s like political memes, once they start, they just multiply unchecked. I knew I was nearing the end of the Chronicles of Shawarma. Not that there wouldn’t be the occasional new spot to check out, but I’d searched, I’d received suggestions, and I was pretty sure I had as comprehensive of a list as I […]

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Finding Sadness in Bowls of Noodles

2016.Jun.20 Monday
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There didn’t seem to be many more places in town to continue RamenQuest (yes, that’s what I’m calling it now), so I’d figured they’d just make a now and then appearance. But then, a trio came onto my radar, so off and running, chopsticks and spoon in hand. Hey, they’re not scissors. I’d heard murmurings […]

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Awards Lists – Do They Matter?

2016.Jun.15 Wednesday
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As anyone who’s a foodie, or in the food and wine industry knows, this last weekend the latest round of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list was announced. As usual, it’s created as much, or more furor than, say, the latest Michelin Guide, or at least it’s generated far more press. And there’s pro press […]

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More New Plates

2016.Jun.13 Monday
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Another round of new plates. Interestingly, I think that over the last little stretch, these are some of the more experimental dishes that I came up with, and while they weren’t universally liked by everyone (nothing ever is), they were the ones that got some of the biggest thumbs-up responses in feedback from guests. Not […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #13 – Bahamas

2016.Jun.07 Tuesday
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The Bahamas, or, officially, Commonwealth of the Bahamas, has an intriguing cuisine, a blend of a wisp of the native taino traditions with a whopping dose of African influence – given that some 90% of the population are descendants of freed slaves and free Africans brought there by the third influence, the British, after the American […]

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Chronicles of Shawarma XI

2016.Jun.02 Thursday
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I’m going to go kind of simple and straightforward on this one, as there are a whole lot of shawarma to get through, and this post brings the current total of shawarma tried to 53. I decided to just sort of blow out the entire list of the pending ones over a few weeks (more than […]

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