Of Coffee, Falling Water, and the Volcano That Wasn’t

2015.Feb.09 Monday
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As best I can tell, Costa Rica’s only real industries are tourism, coffee and cocoa. The first is clearly the dominant one, and everywhere I turn here there’s something being offered that’s designed to involve some sort of tour or activity, preferably that I will part with dollars for. In fact, they make it as […]

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Markets, Monuments & Beer

2015.Feb.08 Sunday
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One, of course, must start out a new adventure fortified, and with local fare – so my first morning brought with it a traditional tico breakfast of gallo pinto (rice and black beans) with scrambled eggs, options to add – various sauces, ranging from a simple ranchero (not spicy, like the Mexican version, just a […]

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St. Joe’s at First Glance

2015.Feb.05 Thursday
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Arrival safe and sound in San Jose, Costa Rica, where I’ll be putting out these missives for the next couple of weeks. Almost no sleep, and arrival early afternoon, so I was dead tired – there’s not going to be a whole lot to report on for the first day – I pretty much got […]

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Bite Marks #11

2015.Feb.04 Wednesday
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The world of gourmet hamburgers is blazing off the grill these days in BA, as one after another new hotspots opens up and tries their manos at burger flipping. And, I tell you, I’m ruined. Why? Because one of the better ones is now open just a few blocks from home – Mi Barrio Hamurgeseria […]

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One Last Dinner

2015.Feb.02 Monday
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Not our last dinner forever, but for a couple of weeks, as I’m off to Costa Rica. For those who’ve missed the various announcements, I’m doing my first “pop-up” dinner, in Playa Jacó, Costa Rica, on Valentine’s Day. But, before heading out, a quick look at the new dishes of this last week – both […]

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Dinner at the Beach

2015.Feb.01 Sunday
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Playa Jacó, Costa Rica Menú Tentativo Ceviche de Pámpano con Trés Salsas Causa de Remolachas Asadas Parihuela de Mariscos Mahi-Mahi con Matbucha y Salsa Picante de Cilantro Adobo de Chancho, Puré de Berenjena Ahumada Cheesecake de Chocolate y Anís Estrellada

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Strength in Flavors

2015.Jan.26 Monday
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When you have lots of strong flavors, it can become quite a balancing act to combine them and make it all work. Two dishes over the last week or two stood out in that vein – both dishes that took a fair amount of practice to get the combination just the way I wanted it. […]

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Bite Marks #10

2015.Jan.22 Thursday
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There’s always somewhere, new, old, interesting to try out to eat, that’s one of the things I love about this city. time once again for another round of casual bites…. There’s nothing like finding a place that understands the roots of local cooking, and thinks that there’s nothing wrong with serving dishes that could have […]

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Random Acts of Training #5

2015.Jan.19 Monday
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I find myself this morning thinking that I should have a political blog in which I can comment on things that incense me about the way the world works, or doesn’t, around me. And I could use this one – I have now and again delved into local Argentine politics and the system here, and […]

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