Bite Marks #37

2017.Mar.04 Saturday
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A real hodge-podge of different cuisines and foodstuffs and all the rest this time around! And, a long one (though not so much in words as in photos). Quotidiano, Av. Callao 1299, Recoleta – A new spot, just opened up, serving pretty much all day long, lunch and dinner focused on Italian food – particularly […]

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Ingredients 101 – Somen-y Noodles!

2017.Mar.02 Thursday
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The subject of the wide variety of Asian noodles came up a short time ago when I was criticizing a restaurant for using spaghetti in place of udon noodles in a Japanese dish (and still calling it udon). Now, there are way too many types of noodles between all the various Asian cuisines to remotely do a […]

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Chop Suey #7

2017.Feb.27 Monday
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Since this time around the focus is on Japanese and Korean, I suppose I could have subbed in for “chop suey” one of the various similar terms or dishes – chapusui, chuuka-don, happousai, japchae – but then I did include one Chinese spot, so I’m sticking with the plan. Not a lot in the way of […]

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2017.Feb.25 Saturday
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Time for another focus on Nature’s Most Perfect Food, the pizza, and a trio of offerings. Los 36 Billares, Av. de Mayo 1271, Monserrat – It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to make a major change to a successful club after more than a century in existence. Opened in 1894, this bi-level space was designated years […]

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2017 Menu #7

2017.Feb.23 Thursday
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February 14-16 de Febrero 2017 Salad “a la Tahitienne” – Mixed salad of palm hearts, avocado, roasted red bell pepper, mushrooms, cucumbers, broad beans, and scallions dressed in a vinaigrette of lime juice, roasted garlic, coconut milk, olive oil, salt and pepper. Topped with slices of roasted tomatoes with basil and oregano. Ensalada “a la […]

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Chop Suey #6

2017.Feb.20 Monday
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For anyone who doesn’t in-depth read the occasional comments that pop up here on my posts (and why don’t you? and why don’t more of you comment here? (I actually get a fair number of comments on posts on my Facebook timeline – I think that’s drawn away some of the interchange here.)) – on […]

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Cooking the Books #4

2017.Feb.15 Wednesday
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Once again, it’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a group of food books. Let’s dive right in! These are in the order I read them. ăn: to eat by Helene & Jacqueline An Not surprisingly, given that this book tackles modern Vietnamese cooking, I loved it. I guess it could have been surprising if it […]

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Bite Marks #36

2017.Feb.14 Tuesday
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Mercadito Latino, Carlos Calvo 488, San Telmo – A relatively new spot, and yet another of those offering up “Latin American street food”. Here, however, although with a menu of tacos, burritos, arepas, salads, etc., much like some of the others I’ve checked out recently, the pricing is a bit more “restaurant”, though the space […]

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2017 Menu #6

2017.Feb.13 Monday
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February 9-11 Febrero 2017 Seasonal Table / Mesa de Esación Tomatoes & Plums / Tomates y Ciruelas Black Olive Mussels “Causa” – base of potato pureed with rocoto chili, orange and lemon juices, olive oil, salt; salad of mussels, fennel, red onion, greek black olives, corn, cherry tomatoes, parsley all in a mayonnaise of egg […]

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