Cartagena, City of Tourists

2015.Aug.12 Wednesday
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It may seem like I’m giving short shrift to Cartagena, where we spent roughly 3-1/2 days, especially in contrast to the number of posts that I did on Bogotá. A few reasons – we didn’t do nearly as much – we really only had three “activities” that we did, one each day; we put in […]

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Crystal Spout

2015.Aug.10 Monday
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There’s an area in the southern part of Colombia in the province of Meta, called La Macarena. It’s a small town, but it’s famous as the gateway to a several square kilometer area called Caño Cristales. Basically a series of streams that cascade down from the mountains, with mineral rich and crystal clear waters that […]

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A Glimpse of Bogotá

2015.Aug.09 Sunday
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Mostly I’m going to leave this to a little video of sights and eats and all that on our six days in Bogotá, Colombia. I don’t know that it will give a real feel for the place, but, as the title says, it’s a glimpse. I recommend clicking on the icon in the lower right […]

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Last Bogotá Eats

2015.Aug.08 Saturday
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Roundup of the last few meals in Bogotá, leaving out the breakfasts, which didn’t change significantly from my previous posts, a couple of dinners in the hotel when someone just refused to budge from it, and our one day trip to Caño Cristales, which I’ll cover in a post all its own. A solo lunch […]

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To Market, To Market…

2015.Aug.05 Wednesday
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A little different today – only one restaurant eaten at, and I’ll save that to blend in with tomorrow’s post. Instead… Trying an oblea on the street. I mentioned them the other day at one of the restaurants that we had lunch at, I didn’t mention how ubiquitous little stands are around the city for […]

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2015.Aug.04 Tuesday
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I realize that there’s an impetus to take advantage of an included breakfast in a hotel, and of course, breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal and all that, but I’m just not used to eating it. Normally, a cup of coffee, maybe a yogurt or fruit. Maybe. But, fruit, yogurt, juice, coffee, […]

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Bogotá Tradition and Fusion

2015.Aug.03 Monday
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For the moment, I’m only going to be doing food posts. My current plan in regard to sightseeing is to do up individual city videos for each place we visit the way I did last year in the US. We’ll see how that goes… at least you’ll know we’re eating well. My breakfast in the […]

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Checking Out #49

2015.Aug.02 Sunday
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Welcome along on the start of this year’s vacation! We began our journey yesterday morning with alarms (I hate alarm clocks) at 4 a.m., showers, a pickup at 5 a.m., to the airport, all the usual check-in stuff, and on a plane shortly before 8 a.m., heading first for Lima. Four plus hours later landing […]

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Plate by Plate: All Prawn All the Time

2015.Jul.27 Monday
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Pretty as a picture, no? Basically, prawns/shrimp, five ways. Risotto of shallots and dried baby shrimp, made with broth from some prawn shells. Finished with a little butter. Ají de langostinos – the same yellow chili sauce we use to make ají de gallina, with prawns sauteed at last moment and then tossed with the […]

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