Peculiar Pastas #2

2016.May.21 Saturday
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Stradette A historic part of Piemontese cuisine, stradette is a pasta made from a blend of cornmeal (coarse polenta) and pasta flour. It stems from a period of time when cornmeal was simply cheaper than wheat flour, and was a way to stretch the dough, so to speak. Most traditionally, it’s made into a simple […]

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Like Fine Wine

2016.May.19 Thursday
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The owners of a couple of wine shops here in town have very graciously invited me to a couple of recent consumer tastings. Both involved wines that are in a price range I don’t always get around to trying here at home, so it was a nice opportunity, and a couple of the wines will […]

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Mexican Invasion

2016.May.18 Wednesday
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At the dinner last night, a young woman was asking me how my cooking changes as time goes on, a sort of “what’s your process?” conversation. The subject comes up time and again, both with guests, and just chatting with friends and colleagues. For me, I often discover a new ingredient, or a technique, and […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #12 – Azerbaijan

2016.May.13 Friday
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I know, I know, this project is moving forward achingly slowly. But, so what? It’ll continue, as I find time to do the research and have fun with filled breads and soups, bit by bit, until it’s either complete or I decide to stop. And hey, here we are at the end of the “A”s, […]

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Gone South

2016.May.12 Thursday
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I debated. A lot. I mean, we’ve all read about and heard about the “New Nordic Cuisine”. And sometimes it sounds fascinating. Other times, not so much. It’s one thing to forage about when your restaurant is out in the wilderness and you have access to amazing natural products, it’s quite another in an urban […]

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Meat & The Street

2016.May.10 Tuesday
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I can’t help it, I love going to food festivals. Be they out on the street, in an exhibition hall, or, well, anywhere. Sometimes they’re just “more of the same”, and sometimes, there are little discoveries to be made. We’re going to start off a bit on the edge of the concept, not a festival, […]

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Bite Marks #26

2016.Apr.30 Saturday
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Let’s jump right in, there’s lots to cover and you all know how this goes…. The Pasta is Inn Jumping off with La Locanda, José León Pagano 2697, here in Recoleta. It’s an Italian restaurant that’s the darling of many aficionados. I’d only been there once before and had an odd experience, so I’d never […]

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Burnt Offerings #2

2016.Apr.24 Sunday
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You may or may not remember the group of sauces that I learned to make one day while in Guadalajara, one of which was a salsa negra. There are various versions of Salsa Negra, or Salsa Baja, in Mexican cuisine, most come from dark roast or deep frying chilies or tomatoes, or adding soy, or, […]

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On The Sunae Side of the Street

2016.Apr.15 Friday
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I almost just want to leave this review in the category of “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s been five years since I reviewed Cocina Sunae, a closed door restaurant offering up ridiculously good pan-Asian cooking off in Villa Ortuzar, just a bit outside the dining center of Palermo. At the end of […]

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