Looking for Work / Buscando Trabajo

2017.Jul.31 Monday

Things have changed economically here. Casa SaltShaker, while I expect it will continue for awhile longer, is not viable as my sole source of income. The long term goal is now to move towards a “real restaurant” here in B.A. And, just putting the word out, I’m looking for investors, or someone(s) for a loan […]

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Dance & Music, Peruvian Style

2017.Jul.30 Sunday
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It occurred to me that I’ve sort of moved towards only writing about food, and occasionally drink, here on SaltShaker. For those who’ve been with me over the (can you believe it?) last twelve plus years, I used to write a lot more about cultural stuff, and exploring Buenos Aires and surrounds. I want to […]

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2017 Menu #26

2017.Jul.28 Friday
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14-20 de Julio – 2017 – July 14-20   Polenta Galette with Confit Bayaldi – Crisp base of polenta and Romano cheese; trio of roasted vegetables: eggplant with smoked chili, zucchini with coriander, tomato with mixed herbs; piquillo pepper puree; parsley salsa verde. Oblea de Polenta con Confit Bayaldi – Masa crocante de polenta y […]

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Chop Suey #15

2017.Jul.25 Tuesday
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Heading in a different direction, both physically, and the type of Asian food, as now that Saigón, Bolivár 986, San Telmo, is open for lunch, it was time to check it out our lead restaurant for this edition! While not particularly busy when I arrived around 12:30 on a Wednesday, by the time I left, the […]

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Peculiar Pastas #4

2017.Jul.23 Sunday
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Continuing on in my series of looking at different pastas, this one, another from our “Thick Hand-Rolled Pastas” class. Yes, I know, I’m giving away all the secrets, but believe me, it’s more fun, and you’ll learn more, if you come and take the class with me! As “money shots” go, I’m not going to […]

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Bite Marks #43

2017.Jul.19 Wednesday
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A hodge-podge of cuisines! Till Bistro, Marcelo T. de Alvear 2321, Recoleta – Cute little place that I’ve walked by many a time, and heard reasonably good things about. A friend who’d been a couple of times invited me to lunch, so, why not? Friendly service, albeit not overly attentive, though much of that seemed to […]

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2017 Menu #25

2017.Jul.15 Saturday
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July 7-8 – 2017 – 7-8 de Julio   Warm Salad of Roasted Palm Hearts & Tomatoes – red quinua cooked with togaroshi; broiled palm hearts brushed with chili oil; herb roasted tomato slices; guacamole puree; black olive and sun dried tomato puree; cilantro-chive puree. Ensalada Tibia de Palmitos y Tomates Asados – quinua roja […]

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Burger Battle Bites

2017.Jul.11 Tuesday
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Monkey Burgers, Av. Luis M. Campos 92, Palermo – On a strange little stretch of this avenue, away from pretty much anything else, but this one came highly recommended. Interesting though short selection of burger combo choices, as well as a few other sandwiches and salads. I went with the Gorgo, an all beef patty (coarsely […]

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2017 Menu #24

2017.Jul.09 Sunday
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July 1-5 – 2017 – 1-5 de Julio   Smoked Salmon Causa – Trio of potato purees rolled together – flavored with lemon & yellow chili, lime & green onion, tangerine & roasted bell pepper; over horseradish sour cream; topped with smoked salmon, pickled cherry tomatoes, red onion, avocado, capers, chives. Causa de Salmón Ahumado […]

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