Plates of the Month

2016.Dec.18 Sunday
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What’s new at the OK Corral? (That’s Casa SaltShaker in case you weren’t sure.) We are, by the way, still cooking without gas, going on four months now. The trio of double hot plates that I borrowed from friends have been kept busy! New take on our rocoto chili based ceviche. Fresh sole cured in a […]

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Bite Marks #33

2016.Dec.13 Tuesday
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Sometimes I have to mix it up a bit rather than going all pizza, all burger, or all… whatever. And, I haven’t done a “Bite Marks” in awhile. So, a little of a bunch of things once again. El Cedrón, Av. Juan Bautista Alberdi 6101, Mataderos – There was a time, many moons ago, 1908 to […]

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Ingredients 101 – The Pod Cast

2016.Dec.09 Friday
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Let’s take a look at some peas and beans that are available this season, “in the pod”, and an idea or two about what to do with them.   Green Peas – These are what most of us think of as the common green pea, sweet pea, or the English pea. When I was growing […]

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Newsflash! Cookbook Update

2016.Dec.08 Thursday
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Mixed good and bad news on our new cookbook, Eat Salt. First the bad – it turns out that Amazon’s print-on-demand service, CreateSpace, doesn’t offer the kind of paper the book was specified to be printed on, 80# glossy stock, the best they can do is a 60# smooth, but not glossy stock, and what they’ve actually been […]

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Pizzas, Old-School

2016.Dec.06 Tuesday
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I told you there’d be an onslaught of pizzerias, at least for awhile…. El Cuartito, Talcahuano 937, Retiro – I first reviewed this place way back in 2005. I wasn’t impressed. I know it’s a porteño icon of the pizza world. I honestly couldn’t understand why, I found the quality of the pizza to be lacking. […]

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Ingredients 101 – The Chive Codicil

2016.Dec.01 Thursday
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Some people just don’t know their schoenoprasum from their tuberosum. We’ve all had days like that. Now, most of us are pretty familiar with the type of chive at the bottom of the picture (click on it to get a better view of the three types here), the common “French” chive, your Allium schoenoprasum to get all Latin […]

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It’s Just Fish & Rice

2016.Nov.28 Monday
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Sushi. We love it. Setting aside that the porteño version of the stuff tends to be limited in scope, mostly to either salmon or cooked shrimp and octopus, and that way too many makis have cream cheese on them, it’s just really freakin’ expensive. For the price of a single roll, or a 5-6 piece nigiri order at […]

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Pizzas by the Half Dozen

2016.Nov.24 Thursday
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Years back, Adam Kuban, food writer and the founder of the Serious Eats website in New York started a blog, or subsection of Serious Eats, called Slice dedicated to pizzeria reviewing and home pizza making. And there was a guy named Colin Hagendorf, who actually did eat at “all 362 pizzerias” in Manhattan – a number which […]

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A Round of New Plates

2016.Nov.22 Tuesday
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With all the various reviews, you’d think I wasn’t cooking anymore, but, it’s not true, I swear! There’s a traditional Peruvian salad from the area around Arequipa called a solterito. Classically, it’s a simple oil and vinegar dressed salad of cooked broad beans, potato, and corn, tossed with fresh tomato, onion, rocoto, olives, cheese, and parsley. […]

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