Dos Peruanos Decepcionantes

2017.Nov.16 Thursday
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“Two Disappointing Peruvians” for very different reasons.   El Cholo de San Telmo, México 718, San Telmo – A little hole in the wall spot that has been on my list of Peruvian spots to check out for awhile. Not because of any recommendations, but just as part of trying to be comprehensive in checking […]

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Cantabria Infinita

2017.Nov.14 Tuesday
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Henry needed to go out to Colegiales to pick something up and asked me to come along, since he doesn’t know the area. I agreed, conditional on picking the place to eat. I decided on the well reviewed Centro Montañes, Av. Jorge Newbery 2818, the cultural center for the Cantabrian (north central Spain) community here in […]

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2017 Menu #38

2017.Nov.13 Monday
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November 1-8 – 2017 – 1-8 de Noviembre   Grouper Ceviche – Grouper cured in lemon and lime juices, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic; puree of sun-dried tomato, cashews, guajillo chilies; salad of fresh corn, rocoto, red onion, cilantro; fried corn. [Vegetarian version with thin sliced mushrooms] Ceviche de Mero – Mero curado en jugos de […]

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Chop Suey #18

2017.Nov.10 Friday
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It’s becoming harder and harder to find places to try – I mean, there are plenty of takeout/delivery only Chinese places in town, and the same for sushi on the Japanese side of things, but there aren’t that many “real” restaurants we haven’t tried yet. More to come, but more slowly I imagine. These first […]

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Homestyle Korean

2017.Nov.05 Sunday
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Another Korean spot – I’m down to the last few between the two Koreatowns! I may need to publish a guide to Asian dining in BA….   It was the 11th outing of the Roving Ravenous Horde weekly lunch group (I’m actually impressed with both myself and the other folk who come, that we’ve managed a […]

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Over-Eating October

2017.Nov.02 Thursday
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Once again, we wind up the month looking back at what we had for dinner here at home, either just us, or with various friends over (more common)! Not as many things this month as both Casa SaltShaker is getting busier for the season, and we made a lot of stuff we’ve made many times […]

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2017 Menu #37

2017.Nov.01 Wednesday
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October 25-28 – 2017 – 25-28 de Octubre   Calamari “Causa” – Potato puree base flavored with green onion, green chili, lime juice, olive oil, salt; Sardinian style calamari salad with mint, basil, celery, red onions, tomatoes, garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper; cashew, guajillo chili, sun-dried tomato puree. First photo is better, but […]

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The Whine Bar

2017.Oct.29 Sunday
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There have, historically, been very few places in Buenos Aires that could be considered wine bars. Part of it seems to be the definition – this is the only city I’ve ever spent any length of time in where simply having a long wine list and offering to open a bottle at your table seems […]

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Meat & Bread, Once Again

2017.Oct.27 Friday
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Time for another round-up of a quartet of shawarma and a trio of burgers… a very mixed bag in terms of quality this time around.   Al Árabe, El Salvador 4999, Palermo – This one’s getting a lot of raves, and I wandered in to give the much touted shawarma a try…. Very, very good. […]

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