Burnt Offerings #2

2016.Apr.24 Sunday
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You may or may not remember the group of sauces that I learned to make one day while in Guadalajara, one of which was a salsa negra. There are various versions of Salsa Negra, or Salsa Baja, in Mexican cuisine, most come from dark roast or deep frying chilies or tomatoes, or adding soy, or, […]

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On The Sunae Side of the Street

2016.Apr.15 Friday
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I almost just want to leave this review in the category of “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s been five years since I reviewed Cocina Sunae, a closed door restaurant offering up ridiculously good pan-Asian cooking off in Villa Ortuzar, just a bit outside the dining center of Palermo. At the end of […]

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More Street Food!

2016.Apr.10 Sunday
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The street food festivals continue, seemingly year-round these days. The last two weekends they kept going despite inclement weather. When you gotta party, you gotta party. The regular BA Market turned itself over to a full-on Food Truck Festival at the Palermo hippodrome last weekend, with dozens of tricked out trailers offering up global cuisine, […]

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Burnt Offerings #1 / Peculiar Pastas #1

2016.Apr.08 Friday
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Smoked, toasted, caramelized, blistered, scorched, singed, seared, browned, blackened, charred, burnt – we are fascinated in the kitchen with the idea of putting ingredients to the flame, and often taking them not just right to the edge, but well on past it. The idea has come up a couple of times recently, first while in […]

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Bite Marks #25

2016.Mar.31 Thursday
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It’s been awhile since the last Bite Marks, let’s catch up! There are also a couple of full reviews coming up shortly…. Not Quite the Gate of Heaven Back in Chronicles of Shawarma – Book X, I reviewed the shawarma, unfavorably, at Al Rayan in Villa Urquiza – there was little to like about it, […]

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Tongue-Fu Pig

2016.Mar.29 Tuesday
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It wasn’t quite the quail of my last post, but when a local butcher, whom I’d requested to order me up some lambs’ tongues for a dish I was thinking about, told me he couldn’t get any, but, “hey, here, I have a couple of pig’s tongues that you can have”, I wasn’t going to […]

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The Quails (2016)

2016.Mar.25 Friday
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There have been, as best I know, three bands called The Quails. Since I can’t decide between them, I present you with a little music from each. You can pick which one gets you in the mood for a little quail cookery. 1957-1963, Originally called The Five Quails, later just The Quails, a Cleveland based […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #11 – Austria

2016.Mar.22 Tuesday
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You thought I’d either forgotten about or abandoned this project. But no, I’ve just been really busy with other stuff, and, probably more, the hotter summer months just didn’t feel like they lent themselves well to steaming bowls of hot soup and stuffed breads just out of the oven. But, let’s get back on track, […]

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Mexico City VI

2016.Mar.15 Tuesday
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Last post on Mexico City and then back to our regular programming. The last day, not surprisingly, a major food day. Started off early at the Mercado de Medellín, which turns out to be my favorite of the three markets I made it to. Cleaner, brighter, more variety, things from not only all over Mexico […]

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