Bite Marks #19

2015.Jul.04 Saturday
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First off, I haven’t abandoned you all, I’ve just been working on redesigning my personal website where I archive all my published articles and such, and it’s taking more time than I thought it would, around dinners and cooking classes and all that. On to the latest hotspots. Just an attitude comment. As things like […]

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Plate by Plate: Thistle Me a Tune

2015.Jun.22 Monday
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We’re calling this our “Textures of Artichoke” plate, a very modernist sort of name, no? But it goes along with past “textures” plates of tomatoes, beets, mushrooms, and corn. This could almost count for one of our lexographic vegetable cookery posts, given that it approaches the vegetable in four different ways – “A” is for […]

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Bite Marks #18

2015.Jun.21 Sunday
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Because I’ve been focused on my ramen quest, there have been fewer other sorts of restaurants that I’ve turned my attention to, but I’m not slacking off. At first, before my ramen binge started, I thought I might do another round of seafood parrilladas… …and Henry, myself, and a friend toddled off to La Bandurria, […]

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In the Japanese Zone

2015.Jun.20 Saturday
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While continuing my ramen quest, I decided that checking out the concentrated Japanese areas of town might be a good approach. There’s no defined “Japantown”, like there is for the Chinese and Korean communities, but there are basically two areas, one in Once, and one in Belgrano, where there are small enclaves of more traditional […]

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The Chicken Crab Conundrum

2015.Jun.18 Thursday
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It’s been awhile since we had a Reinventing the Whisk challenge – almost three months in fact. We’ve all been a bit busy, with our attentions turned to other things. Perhaps that’s part of what led to what faced off to be a challenge of a blank white canvas – I picked white button mushrooms, […]

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“N” is for Nabo (Japonés)

2015.Jun.13 Saturday
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We all know the daikon, or, as it’s generally called here, nabo japonés (japanese turnip), from the shredded stuff that comes with our sushi. Most of the time we just ignore it and it goes back to the sushi bar or kitchen, hopefully being discarded and not rinsed and reused. I’m just sayin’. On and […]

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Plate by Plate: Amazonia in the Soup Bowl

2015.Jun.12 Friday
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Although I’ve given this soup a bit of a write-up in the past, I’ve never really laid it out step-by-step. It’s one of our favorites, and it’s actually quite simple to make, and you can vary it quite easily. It’s our version of Timbuche, a traditional soup of the Peruvian Amazon basin. Variously, it’s described […]

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2015.Jun.10 Wednesday
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I’ve recently been on a bit of a ramen binge. The Japanese community here in BA isn’t a huge one, and so far, the obsession with ramen that has swept across the northern hemisphere hasn’t really popped up here. I imagine it’s partially related to the general Argentine disdain for soup, and for al dente […]

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Plate by Plate: Lemme Smoke a Clam

2015.Jun.09 Tuesday
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A private party this last week for a friend of mine celebrating his 80th birthday. Some spectacular wines from Spain that he provided for his guests. And a request that we, more or less, suspend our usual style of cooking and go more with inspirations from classic Spanish dishes. It was kind of fun to […]

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