2017 Menu #33

2017.Sep.28 Thursday
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September 20-23 – 2017 – 20-23 de Septiembre   Ling Ceviche – Ling (fish) cured in lemon and lime juices, garlic, pommery mustard, yellow limo chilies, salt and pepper; red onions; red limo chilies, fermented daikon, cilantro; crispy rice noodles dusted with togaroshi. Ceviche de Abadejo – Abadejo curado en jugos de limón y lima, […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #19 – Belize

2017.Sep.24 Sunday
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I have too many projects going on, that’s all there is to it. But, I’ll still circle back to the ones that seem to have disappeared, at least now and again. You’d think, as much as I love soup, that The Bread & Soup Project would stay front and center, no? So, what do we […]

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Musing on Museums

2017.Sep.22 Friday
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A few museums to entice you…. One of my favorite museums to take people to when they visit, is the quirky Museo Xul Solar, Laprida 1212, Recoleta. It’s a very modern styled home that was originally several apartments, including one which belonged to the eponymous artist, Xul Solar, and his studio space. It’s all been opened […]

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2017 Menu #32

2017.Sep.21 Thursday
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September 13-17 – 2017 – 13-17 de Septembre   Queenfish Ceviche with Passionfruit – queenfish cured in emulsification of lemon and lime juices, olive oil, ginger, passionfruit, yellow chili, salt; red onion, radish sprouts, salted cucumber, cilantro, limo chilies. Ceviche de Palometa con Maracuyá – palometa curado en emulsificación de jugos de limón y lima, […]

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Bite Marks #47

2017.Sep.19 Tuesday
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Rincón Hispano, Alvarez Jonte 2597, Villa General Mitre – Spotted this place while headed to try a nearby Peruvian restaurant. The latter turned out to be closed that particular day, as were the two other spots I had earmarked in the ‘hood. So I went back here. Old school. Really old school. Plenty of colorful […]

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Creative Roots & The Diary

2017.Sep.17 Sunday
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As I’ve started to put more thought into lunches for the Roving Ravenous Horde, I thought it would be interesting to add in an element of something else cultural to each lunch, as an optional extra. Lunch and a museum, lunch and a gallery, lunch and a park, lunch and…? A quint of us (all four […]

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Potatoes in Middle Earth

2017.Sep.13 Wednesday
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For purposes of this post, I’m referring to Ecuador when I titled this post with Middle Earth in it. But it interestingly led to a whole slew of websites on the subject of spuds in the world of JRR Tolkein. Given that he based the setting on ancient Europe, particularly starting off around ancient England, among […]

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2017 Menu #31

2017.Sep.12 Tuesday
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September 6-9 – 2017 – 6-9 de Septiembre   Seasonal Vegetables “a la Tahitienne” – Tian of fresh seasonal vegetables – broad beans, avocado, charred bell pepper (and then peeled), mushrooms, and scallions, tossed in a coconut cream, lime juice, and roasted garlic dressing; herb roasted tomato slices; pink peppercorn oil. Verduras de la Estación […]

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A Little Bit of This… A Little Bit of That

2017.Sep.11 Monday
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Too much eating out recently, going to be spending more time in the kitchen. That doesn’t mean reviews are stopping, just fewer. And, I’m going to share a few more recipes with you, particularly step by step classic dishes.   This is Cau Cau de Pollo, a chicken version of a dish that dates back centuries […]

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