The Bread & Soup Project #16 – Barbados

2016.Sep.23 Friday
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It’s been awhile, but time to go with another entry in the big Bread & Soup Project. We’re on to episode 16 (can it be an episode if it’s not a video?), and the Caribbean island nation of Barbados. Inhabited since at least the 4th century by a series of Indian tribes, first from other parts of […]

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Bite Marks #31

2016.Sep.22 Thursday
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Sorry I’m not posting much other than mini reviews in recent weeks – I’m focused on getting the Casa SaltShaker cookbook shepherded through it’s final stages so that it can be published “in time for the holidays”. Because I know you all plan to buy multiple copies as gifts for all your friends and family…. […]

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Mo’ Meat

2016.Sep.15 Thursday
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All meat, all the time. Well, at least for this post. La Birra, Avenida San Juan 4359, Boedo – Teeny little place (a tightly packed 20ish seats) on a busy commercial strip, bordering on Parque Chacabuco. Not the sort of place you look to find a fun little cafe where, well, you know how sometimes […]

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Mollette Manifesto #1

2016.Sep.08 Thursday
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There are, as best I can tell (with regional variations), quite a few kinds of molletes. The literal translation of the word is muffin, and various Spanish language sites suggest using it to ask for one with your morning coffee, though I’ve not encountered it used that way. In the various countries I’ve been in, what I think […]

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Bite Marks #30

2016.Sep.04 Sunday
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Let’s start off this round with more fixed price lunch menu deals in Peruvian restaurants! Lucas Restaurante Peruano, Sanchez de Bustamante 608 (corner of Humahuaca), Once – fairly big, open room, minimal decor. Slow, really slow service – we waited so long just for the one waitress to come to our table (and there were only […]

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Not Cooking With Gas

2016.Aug.31 Wednesday
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It’s been awhile since I just posted a whole dinner, to see what we’re up to. One thing you don’t know, unless you’re a close friend, or connected on Facebook to me personally, is that we’re not cooking with gas for the moment. We woke up a couple of mornings ago to find that the […]

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The SightSeeing….

2016.Aug.28 Sunday
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As promised, a little video of all the sightseeing around Spain! That is all. [Click on the icon in the lower right corner of the video to get full screen.]

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The Mid-2016 Gastro Tour #16 – Madrid, and, out…

2016.Aug.22 Monday
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This will be the last regular post on the gastro tour, winding up the last of Madrid, and picking out a couple of interesting meals. At some point soon I’ll sit down and put together a video of the whole trip, but that will have to wait at least a couple of days. Back home […]

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The Mid-2016 Gastro Tour #15 – Grazing Madrid

2016.Aug.20 Saturday
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As you may have noticed, I’ve gotten a bit behind. Madrid has been a bit of a challenge – nothing to do with the city itself. Henry has a sister who moved here about 15 years ago, and she has three kids – he hasn’t seen her since she moved, and two of the kids […]

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