Big Apple Bite Marks #2

2017.Jun.01 Thursday
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A little bit more of a refined dinner than a crabcake in a pub, dinner with friends Marc & Susan, both of whom work in the wine world, at Contra, 138 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side. Wow, when I was living here, there was nothing like this on the Lower East Side except for […]

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Big Apple Bite Marks #1

2017.May.31 Wednesday
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Hey, may as well – a mix of food and frolic. In NYC and Boston areas for the next 9 days. Say hello to Dan Perlman. Not me, on the left, but him, on the right. I have this quirky hobby of keeping in touch on and off with other Dan Perlmans around the world. […]

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My PG Rated Wander

2017.May.28 Sunday

P.G. – Pedro Goyena, was this guy. Way back in Argentine history. He was big in politics, academia, and especially, in the Catholic Church. He led the fight against the secularization of public education, demanding that all public schools be Catholic, and non-mandatory, so that they’d only be for those who could afford to attend. […]

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A Fainazzeta Line in the Sand

2017.May.27 Saturday
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A short-lived quest, I think this will likely be the only post (mostly because it’s just not something I particularly want to eat a lot of). I’d discovered the fainazzeta, a cheese and onion topped slab of fainá, or chickpea flatbread, at El Mazacote on a recent visit. I asked for suggestions of “the best place to” […]

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2017 Menu #19

2017.May.25 Thursday
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16-20 Mayo 2017 May 16-20 Sole Tiradito – Sole, coated in an emulsified “tiger’s milk” of lime juice, olive oil, ginger, rocoto chili, salt; grilled corn, fried corn, ginger threads cooked in soy sauce, fine dice of rocoto chili, toasted celery seeds, cilantro. Tiradito de Lenguado – Lenguado, cubierto en una emulsificación de “leche de […]

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Chop Suey #13

2017.May.23 Tuesday
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Chop Suey continues! And probably a last restaurant round-up prior to heading out on a mini-vacation to NYC and Boston this coming weekend. Boken, Julian Alvarez 1391, Palermo – A new one that popped up on everyone’s fave online delivery app, PedidosYa. Doesn’t mean it’s new, but just hadn’t seen it pop up with delivery to […]

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Bite Marks #41

2017.May.20 Saturday
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Okay, okay, I’m going to continue these, and the Chop Suey entries – just fewer of them, and more longer individual reviews like I’ve been doing the last week or two. Just too many spots that get a quick look and then a simple thumb up or down that don’t necessarily merit a full review. […]

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2017 Menu #18

2017.May.18 Thursday
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13 Mayo 2017 May 13 Cena Particular / Private Dinner Pescetariana, Libre de Glútena y Lacteos / Pescetarian, Gluten & Dairy Free Roasted Beet Causa – Two layers of potato puree, one flavored with olive oil, lime juice, green onion, the other with olive oil, lemon juice, yellow chili; beet salad – roasted beets, onion, […]

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Stuffed and Nonsense

2017.May.17 Wednesday
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So I know you’ve all enjoyed my various pizza adventures and for those of you not living here, you’re probably intrigued by the fugazzeta rellena that I’ve shown now and again – cheese stuffed dough topped with more cheese and caramelized onions. Well the challenge now, after having tried so many different versions, is to come […]

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