The Bread & Soup Project #9 – Aruba

2015.Dec.18 Friday
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Aruba is an island nation in the Caribbean, a good distance to the west of the Lesser Antilles (remember the Antilles?), and located just a mere 18 miles north of the Venezuelan coast. Over time, it’s been “handed off” (such a polite term for the way I imagine it happened) from the Spanish to the […]

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Open Sesame!

2015.Dec.16 Wednesday
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First, apologies for going “radio silent”. We’ve been, more or less, without power for just over three days now. Until yesterday evening, we had a sort of hint of it available. It was, interestingly enough, sufficient to keep both our cellphone chargers working, the modem and wi-fi router, and one LED based lamp. Intermittently there […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #8 – Armenia

2015.Dec.04 Friday
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One of the things not many people outside of Argentina know, is that there’s a huge Armenian population here. Roughly 100,000 Armenians live here, having arrived in two waves, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, following genocidal periods wrought by the Turks. It’s one of the largest Armenian disapora communities in the world. And, […]

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Wine-ing Away

2015.Dec.03 Thursday
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Bodega Chandon Cuvée Réserve Varietal Chardonnay – beautiful light yellow color, clear rim, fine bubbles; fruit forward nose with ripe apple and a hint of vanilla; on the palate, dry, medium high acidity, medium body, apple skin and ripe apple, lemon pith, vanilla; long finish, slightly bitter with lemon pith most prominent. [Recommended] Cruzat Rosado […]

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Bite Marks #22

2015.Dec.02 Wednesday
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New sushi spot just opened up here in Recoleta, Mir O’Hashi, Azcuénaga 1284 (branch of a Martinez based sushi bar), so, of course, had to go check it out. Take-out and delivery only. Basically a hole-in-the-wall with a teeny kitchen and a one person sushi bar. While enthusiastic, the three staff members seem a little […]

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It’s Jake With Me

2015.Nov.30 Monday
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I haven’t been keeping up with my Heluenis. A few months after my round-up of the various family members and their associated food outlets early last year, the granddaughter of the folk who run the take out spot at Córdoba and Larrea, Cythia, opened up her own spot, along with a partner, Andrea. The idea […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #7 – Argentina

2015.Nov.24 Tuesday
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You would think, living in Argentina, that this would have been one of the easiest stops in the project. But it’s not, because, you see, Argentines don’t eat soup. They really don’t. They eat stews, and my first impulse, and several people even suggested it, was to prepare locro, easily considered the national stew, if […]

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Plate by Plate: The Cavolfiore is Coming!

2015.Nov.23 Monday
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Over time, I’ve been playing with various versions of vegetable gnocchi that don’t involve potatoes. It’s not that I don’t like potatoes, I love them, but, just to do something different. It’s not some invention I came up with – various vegetable gnocchi are out there in the canon of recipes, and as I’ve been […]

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Scenes from An Italian Restaurant

2015.Nov.21 Saturday
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Specific to “Southern Cone” Spanish, i.e., basically the area encompassed by Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, a recova is a “covered arcade” in architectural terms. Tossing it out to friends in various places who speak Spanish far more fluently than I, the general suggestion seemed to be that it’s a local adaptation of recoveco, a nook, […]

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