Plate by Plate: Just Beet It

2015.May.05 Tuesday
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Textures of Beet Walnut crust: 65 gm ground walnuts, 140 gm cake flour, 1 Tb sugar, ¼ tsp salt, 85 gm butter, 2 Tb water – parbake at 180°C until just starting to brown and firm up. Cheesecake: 1 large roasted beet, 250 gm blue cheese, 250 gm cream cheese, 100 ml scalded milk, 2 […]

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Plate by Plate: Eggs & Legs

2015.May.04 Monday
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This one garnered a whole lot of interest, both from the twenty guests who got to sample it, and from the Instagram post of it that I put out there, Chili Crab Risotto. (By the way, if you don’t follow me/us on Instagram, why not? dan_casasaltshaker) Everyone loves chili crab, don’t they? Now, traditionally the […]

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Plate by Plate: For the Workers

2015.May.03 Sunday
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May 1st, International Workers’ Day. It’s a tradition here in BA to serve up a main course of locro, the, a-number-one, classic stew of Argentina. Now, we have our own, long standing recipe, though it’s not something we’ve ever served up at a Casa SaltShaker dinner – it’s pretty much a full meal in itself. […]

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Plate by Plate: A Moment in Red

2015.May.02 Saturday
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Roasted beet wedges. While still hot immersed in a vinaigrette of olive oil, lemon juice, ground coriander seed, grated garlic, chili flakes, salt and black pepper, and left to marinated for several hours. Then rewarmed and served over red quinua cooked in chicken stock. The sauces: Puree of ají amarillo (Peruvian yellow chili) and sour […]

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Bite Marks #15

2015.May.01 Friday
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Step right up, it’s time for another peep at the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly – this time, all really casual eats (though one rather expensive for casual), out and about. I’ve really got to “scribble” an updated list in my Google Keep or Evernote of Korean restaurants to try out in […]

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An Afternoon of This

2015.Apr.29 Wednesday
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Although I’m not particularly into the world of molecular gastronomy or modernist cooking, it’s still an interest on the level of intellectual curiosity. I’ve said before, I have no doubt that if I was a young chef coming up now, I’d be totally into it – I used to love science experiments and all that […]

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Buenos Aires Palate

2015.Apr.28 Tuesday
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It’s a rarity that I get to try out another puertas cerradas here, but on a recent Saturday, we awoke to find that six out of eight people had cancelled overnight, for differing reasons, leaving us with just two folk attending – luckily they were flexible with timing and could come another night. Henry decided […]

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Rolling Chickens

2015.Apr.27 Monday
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Just a quick glimpse at a couple of new dishes from the last couple of weeks. Chicken roulade – pounded out breast of chicken layered with fresh spinach and rolled around potato puree flavored with roasted garlic – wrapped in cling film and then poached for about 15 minutes to just set it. Then unwrapped, […]

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Case-O’Azúl #2

2015.Apr.20 Monday
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Continuing our exploration of Argentine blue cheeses… El Criollo Queso Azúl – elaborated using Penicillium roqueforti, produced in roughly 2.5kg wheels, in Buenos Aires province. Foil wrapped, no rind. Very white. Well mottled with medium blue-green mold. Aromas of butter and fresh herbs. Semi-soft, slightly creamy, with bits of crystallization. Fresh, buttery and herbal flavors, […]

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