Bite Marks #40

2017.May.05 Friday
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I’m feeling like “Bite Marks” may have hit its upper limit. I want to approach the mini-reviews in another manner. I’ll be giving it some thought, and am open to suggestions. A long one this time, and as usual, a range of types of eats – breakfast food, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. Bartola, Junín 1761, Recoleta […]

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2017 Menu #16

2017.May.03 Wednesday
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27-29 Abríl 2017 April 27-29 Smoked Tomato Cheesecake – cheesecake made with our homemade ricotta and flavored with smoked, sun-dried tomatoes and togaroshi spice blend; polenta and romano cheese crisp; roasted cherry tomatoes; grated tomato and olive oil vinaigrette; marjoram-parsley-mint puree; tomato powder. Cheesecake de Tomate Ahumado – cheesecake elaborado con nuestra ricotta casera y […]

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One Cool Korean

2017.May.01 Monday
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KU:L, Av. Carabobo 1107, Flores – Apparently open for quite some time, I’d not noticed it before. Turns out that’s probably because the only lunchtime they’re open is on Sundays (and then dinnertime every night except Tuesday), and second, that the front is basically a dark green plastic with no indication that it’s a restaurant, […]

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Dips in the Sushi Mikvah

2017.Apr.28 Friday
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I mentioned stopping in at a kosher pizzeria in my last Bite Marks, more or less on a whim, but no doubt fired a bit by a conversation about kosher restaurants I had with a rabbi friend of mine here. I don’t expect this to become a full fledged project, but I’m finding myself curious […]

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2017 Menu #15

2017.Apr.26 Wednesday
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20-22 Abril 2017 April 20-22 Eggplant Tonnato – grilled and chilled eggplant; spicy tuna sauce (tuna, mayonnaise, capers, anchovies, sambal); pickled cherry tomatoes (vinegar, salt, sugar, white pepper, coriander seed); fried corn; chives. Berenjena Thoné – berenjena a la parrilla, enfriada; salsa de atún picante (atún, mayonesa, alcaparras, anchoas, sambal); cherys encurtidos (vinagre, sal, azucar, […]

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Chop Suey #11

2017.Apr.22 Saturday
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Restaurante Chino Yong An – Av. Regimiento de Patricios 390, La Boca – It seems difficult to believe, but at least based on all the online searching I’ve done, this is the only Chinese restaurant in all of La Boca. I really don’t buy that, and if anyone has suggestions for more, let me know. […]

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2017 Menu #14

2017.Apr.21 Friday
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12-15 Abríl 2017 April 12-15 (con variaciones / with variations) Roasted Beet Causa – Layer of potato flavored with olive oil, lime, green onion; layer of potato flavored with olive oil, lemon, yellow chili; layer of roasted beet salad – beets, onions, cumin, chipotle, parsley, lemon juice and zest, olive oil, pomegranate molasses; guacamole puree; […]

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Meat. Some Sort of Bread.

2017.Apr.20 Thursday
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Snack Meat. Mostly shawarma. But tacos and a burger too. Tarabish, Charcas 4309, Palermo – Taking over the space that used to be La Alhambra. Small spot offering up an array of Lebanese food (although the day we visited they’d sold out of almost everything the night before and out of a fairly extensive menu all […]

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Bite Marks #39

2017.Apr.16 Sunday
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Let’s go a little different this time around. No burgers or tacos or shawarmas or pizzas (well, there will be a pizza involved, but, well, you’ll see). No real focus to my wanderings and nibblings. And, away we go! Bread + Butter – You may remember my equivocal review of Söder just shy of a […]

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