Bite Marks #13

2015.Mar.21 Saturday
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I’m late to the party in checking out Olaya, Humboldt 1550 in Palermo. Why, you might ask? After all, we tend to head out to Peruvian restaurants, fusion or classic, pretty much all the time. It’s because of expectations, no question. The chef was the leading light behind places like Osaka, the Sipan restaurants, and […]

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“B” is for Berenjena

2015.Mar.19 Thursday
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I had so much fun with the new vegetable cookery class last week, that I started thinking, maybe I should work my way through all the vegetables available here, and stay on the “A”s – but, I’d already put the progression through the alphabet out there, I can always go back later and play with […]

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The Gorriti Pasta Project

2015.Mar.18 Wednesday
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There are three famous Gorritis in Argentine history. The first, José Ignacio de Gorriti, was an Argentine statesman and military officer, probably most famous in those arenas, respectively, as both a signatory to the Congress of Tucumán and subsequent declaration of independence for Argentina and later as the governor of the province of Salta, and […]

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Plate o’Squidlets & Egg

2015.Mar.17 Tuesday
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Isn’t that purty? The new plate of the week, and a pretty much wow hit all around. Chipirones, baby squid, cleaned and quickly sauteed in smoked paprika oil and finished with just a touch of sea salt. Accompanied by a sous vide (66°) egg. The sauce underneath, slow cooked onions, garlic, chili, and the squidlet […]

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“A” is for Acelga

2015.Mar.11 Wednesday
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Acelga is the Spanish name for Chard. Chard, in turn, goes by a variety of names, Swiss chard, silverbeet, perpetual spinach, spinach beet, crab beet, bright lights, seakale beet, and mangold – and in South Africa it’s generally just called spinach, despite being a different vegetable entirely. Chard is a member of the beet family, […]

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2015.Mar.09 Monday
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A trio of main courses, the principales, from the last week or so of dinners, with public and private events crossing our threshold. Let’s begin at the fish. As you might have noticed over the last month or so, I’ve been on a little bit of a kimchi kick. Having tried a few different versions, […]

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Cookery from the Isle of the Seven Cities

2015.Mar.05 Thursday
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We managed to pull it off. It was the most uncoordinated and contentious effort so far in our online cooking challenge series. Days before the event Jenn fired off that she’d already picked her ingredient, the humble avocado. Rather than doing a more or less simultaneous reveal of food stuffs, Kevin and I now found […]

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Bite Marks #12

2015.Mar.04 Wednesday
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No preamble, let’s jump right in. The question before me is, does the Kibbe Cheeseburger at Garzon, Gorriti 4939 in Palermo, qualify as a burger? It may seem an odd question, after all, I’ve reviewed some oddball burgers before – different meats, things that seemed more like sausage patties, and even various types of veggie […]

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You Think You Deserve a Tip? Here’s a Tip…

2015.Feb.27 Friday
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I get asked, a lot, for “coaching” or whatever the current buzzword is on opening a closed door restaurant. While it’s hard to distill the nearly 10 years of Casa S and all the dinners I used to do in NYC, plus a couple of decades of restaurant experience, down to anything that resembles the […]

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