It’s Jake With Me

2015.Nov.30 Monday

I haven’t been keeping up with my Heluenis. A few months after my round-up of the various family members and their associated food outlets early last year, the granddaughter of the folk who run the take out spot at Córdoba and Larrea, Cythia, opened up her own spot, along with a partner, Andrea. The idea […]

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Scenes from An Italian Restaurant

2015.Nov.21 Saturday
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Specific to “Southern Cone” Spanish, i.e., basically the area encompassed by Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, a recova is a “covered arcade” in architectural terms. Tossing it out to friends in various places who speak Spanish far more fluently than I, the general suggestion seemed to be that it’s a local adaptation of recoveco, a nook, […]

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It Doesn’t Translate

2015.Oct.30 Friday
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Let’s start with He Who Cannot Be Named, or, rather, the restaurant that apparently cannot be. Those of us who spend any time in Barrio Chino know the place, it’s at Arribeños 2122, it’s got lacquered ducks hanging in the window and all sorts of buns and parts and such on display, and is basically […]

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…And More Smoke…

2015.Oct.29 Thursday
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With smokers being all the rage these days (okay, two other spots I know of, Kon Kon and La Carniceria), it’s good to reflect back to the start of it all. Just a few years ago the very concept of smoked meat, other than perhaps a small sliver that had been infused with a modicum […]

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Where There’s Smoke…

2015.Oct.12 Monday
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I was going to start this post with a disclaimer about how rarely I eat red meat and this and maybe one or two more might be the exception. And I don’t eat a whole lot of it, but I also don’t avoid it. Much of it tends to be in the form of my […]

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Sunchoke and Sundry

2015.Oct.01 Thursday
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I’ve written in the past about the annual BA Food Week event. It’s one that in general I’ve ignored, I sort of gave my reasons there. That was 2013. Last year, I decided to throw myself into it and give it a shot, rather than just whinging, and made it to six spots (here, here, […]

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The Burgers They Keep a’Comin’…

2015.Sep.25 Friday
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It’s starting to seem like every week I hear about another new gourmet burger spot that’s opened up. Where just a few years ago, it was an actual search to find a burger worth even considering, now my list of places to try is getting longer than I can keep up with. I suppose I […]

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Bite Marks #21

2015.Sep.16 Wednesday
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Time to get back into the swing of nibbling my way through casual joints around the city. Let’s dive right in, and I think, from least interesting to most will be the way I work my way through this round. Takeout and delivery only Mexican has been available for a bit from Chiwa’s, Gorriti 3579 […]

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More Burger Bites

2015.Sep.07 Monday
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Continuing on the ever expanding quest for burger nirvana in Buenos Aires… I’m not sure why, but I somehow or other pictured DelToro Burgers, Bernardo de Irigoyen 366 in Monserrat, as some sort of huge, bustling, family oriented spot. No idea where that image came from. Instead, it turns out that it’s a very slick, […]

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