Substance over Style

2018.Feb.23 Friday
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Somewhen (that should be a word, you know) along the way, I’d heard about this place that served traditional, high quality Italian food, family style, in an intimate setting. I had this image of the place being something like Casa SaltShaker, maybe a dozen people, gathered around a long table, being served by mama and […]

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Wine x 140+ Copas

2018.Feb.22 Thursday

One of the things that many of us here who are really into wine have bemoaned for years is the lack of a true wine bar. There have been attempts, and over the last year, along with the rise of craft beer bars, there have been new openings of spots that do offer a selection […]

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Sushi Special

2018.Feb.20 Tuesday
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Up today, a trio of sushi spots, fancy, casual, and in-between. New Japanese in Chinatown   Nippori, Mendoza 1599, Barrio Chino (Belgrano) – A recent opening, this beautiful building has been converted into a very tranquil feeling Japanese restaurant offering up a mix of classic dishes, sushi, and even a touch of Nikkei fusion cooking. I’d […]

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A Beery Special Bite Marks (#56)

2018.Feb.13 Tuesday

? As the craft beer movement grows in Argentina, there are going to be missteps and weirdness involved. Like the burger craze that ramped up over the last few years, and the sushi everywhere one that preceded it, not everyone is on the same page. Here in Recoleta, where until not much over a year […]

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Classic Felix

2018.Feb.08 Thursday
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I’m a child of the 60s. You say, “Félix Clásico”, and my mind goes here… …but, here, among the self-proclaimed food cognoscenti, the mind is apparently to go here… …to Félix Clásico, José María Freire 794, in Piñiero, a suburb just south of the city. I’ve been hearing about this place for more than a decade. At some […]

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Bite Marks #55

2018.Feb.04 Sunday
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? You would think, given that it’s two blocks from home, that I’d have checked out what is, as far as I know, the only kosher restaurant here in Recoleta by now. But, somehow, I hadn’t. I mean, it’s right there, Luba, Ayacucho 1412, just off the corner of Peña, I can literally walk there in […]

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Peru Triptych

2018.Feb.03 Saturday
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?   Time for more Peruvians! Let’s start with a revisit… …to Larco-Mar, Pasaje Carlos Gardel 3131, to the side of the Abasto. Originally I’d given it a thumb’s down, on a visit where we’d only tried the daily menú ejecutivo and found it expensive and mediocre. With prompting from friends who love the place, we’d revisited […]

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Bite Marks #54

2018.Jan.29 Monday
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A slightly different take on Bite Marks this time around, with a group of updates to past reviews of places that it’s been awhile since I’ve either been, or at least written about.   We’ll kick off at Tea Connection, Uriburu 1617, Recoleta – just down the street from us. It’s a place we drop into […]

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Meeting Peru

2018.Jan.27 Saturday
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The Gaston Acurio empire keeps expanding around the world. First there were the Astrid & Gaston restaurants, featuring revamped, modern versions of traditional Peruvian, and Nikkei cooking. Then there were the La Mar series, focusing on Peruvian seafood dishes. There was a café, there was a sandwich shop chain, and there was more. There was T’anta, a […]

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