Pizzas, Old-School

2016.Dec.06 Tuesday
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I told you there’d be an onslaught of pizzerias, at least for awhile…. El Cuartito, Talcahuano 937, Retiro – I first reviewed this place way back in 2005. I wasn’t impressed. I know it’s a porteño icon of the pizza world. I honestly couldn’t understand why, I found the quality of the pizza to be lacking. […]

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It’s Just Fish & Rice

2016.Nov.28 Monday
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Sushi. We love it. Setting aside that the porteño version of the stuff tends to be limited in scope, mostly to either salmon or cooked shrimp and octopus, and that way too many makis have cream cheese on them, it’s just really freakin’ expensive. For the price of a single roll, or a 5-6 piece nigiri order at […]

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Pizzas by the Half Dozen

2016.Nov.24 Thursday
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Years back, Adam Kuban, food writer and the founder of the Serious Eats website in New York started a blog, or subsection of Serious Eats, called Slice dedicated to pizzeria reviewing and home pizza making. And there was a guy named Colin Hagendorf, who actually did eat at “all 362 pizzerias” in Manhattan – a number which […]

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More Peruvians!

2016.Nov.19 Saturday
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Let’s take a look at some more Peruvian spots! First up, the new(er) location of Ceviche, Armenia 1880 on Plaza Armenia in Palermo. I’d reviewed their original location on Costa Rica, originally back in 2008, and then again in 2011, and then last year, they closed up. Then they popped back up nearby at this location, […]

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Burgers to the North of Me…

2016.Nov.13 Sunday
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…burgers to the South (in a future post), here I am… St. January’s Burger   I wend my way to that little haven of gastronomy in Bajo Belgrano – neighborhood between Barrio Chino and the river, where we have well known foodie attractions like Sucre and Bruni. But there’s far more to explore in this part […]

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Searching for the Perfect Circle

2016.Nov.04 Friday
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As I’ve maintained many a time before, pizza is Nature’s Most Perfect Food. Maybe it’s just because my first real restaurant job was a an Italian restaurant and pizzeria. I’m leaving aside the season spent manning a hotdog cart at U of Michigan stadium with one of my best friends, it wasn’t a restaurant, it […]

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Bite Marks #32

2016.Oct.27 Thursday
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The Onslaught of The Burgers Continues   Williamsburg, Armenia 1532, Palermo – Named, presumably, after the hipster haven of NYC, this spot has become the talk and buzz of the hipster burger movement here in BA. There’s a lot to like about this gleaming new spot, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be in […]

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The Capital of Chinese Cooking?

2016.Oct.21 Friday
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Long, long time readers, locals, and expats will likely remember the restaurant Shi Yuan, located right by the Biblioteca Nacional here in Recoleta. It was certainly the most elegant of Chinese restaurants in town, and for a long while, one of my top five in terms of food. We always enjoyed it, though among some of […]

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The Onward March of the Peruvians

2016.Oct.17 Monday
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It’s going to take some work to get to all of the 200+ Peruvian restaurants that are supposedly in town, let alone those nearby, but we’re still game! First, the map, which will continue to update as I add stuff to it (so at some point, in relativity to this post, it will reflect the […]

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