Salta, La Linda

2016.Feb.05 Friday
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Henry and I just spent a trio of days up in Salta and the area north of there, in the far northwest of the country. It’s the first time we’ve been there (other than passing nearby and along part of the same route when we went to Bolivia a decade ago). Our original intent was […]

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New Openings, A World Apart

2016.Jan.27 Wednesday
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A duo of new spots that have opened up in Palermo. Different cuisines, different experiences. Life in the fast lane. Not So Wild About the Lotus I’d like to say that we were all excited here in the Asian food fan club when word came of the opening of a new Vietnamese restaurant… in Palermo… […]

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Bite Marks #24

2016.Jan.19 Tuesday
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I return from a self-imposed two week blogging hiatus, I needed to put my attention on other writing and home projects, and just take a break, refresh, and come back to it. Lots of stuff fixed and/or replaced around the apartment that I’ve been letting slide! You know the drill – the good, the bad, […]

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The Annual Round-Up v.

2016.Jan.03 Sunday
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Time once again for that annual look back at whatever, in my mind, made last year interesting. Let’s hit the Casa SaltShaker stuff first. 120 dinners, 1041 people. That’s pretty much the same as the previous year, at 123 dinners and 1096 people. Those are both a drop from the previous couple of years which […]

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Bite Marks #23

2015.Dec.22 Tuesday
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Welcome to the 23rd installment of Bite Marks, my roughly every 3-4 week round-up of what we’ve been eating. Some of it is destined for further exploration, some of it is simply a reminder of the existence of some favorite spots, and some of it will be left by the wayside, never to be revisited. […]

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Bite Marks #22

2015.Dec.02 Wednesday
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New sushi spot just opened up here in Recoleta, Mir O’Hashi, Azcuénaga 1284 (branch of a Martinez based sushi bar), so, of course, had to go check it out. Take-out and delivery only. Basically a hole-in-the-wall with a teeny kitchen and a one person sushi bar. While enthusiastic, the three staff members seem a little […]

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It’s Jake With Me

2015.Nov.30 Monday
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I haven’t been keeping up with my Heluenis. A few months after my round-up of the various family members and their associated food outlets early last year, the granddaughter of the folk who run the take out spot at Córdoba and Larrea, Cythia, opened up her own spot, along with a partner, Andrea. The idea […]

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Scenes from An Italian Restaurant

2015.Nov.21 Saturday
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Specific to “Southern Cone” Spanish, i.e., basically the area encompassed by Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, a recova is a “covered arcade” in architectural terms. Tossing it out to friends in various places who speak Spanish far more fluently than I, the general suggestion seemed to be that it’s a local adaptation of recoveco, a nook, […]

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It Doesn’t Translate

2015.Oct.30 Friday
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Let’s start with He Who Cannot Be Named, or, rather, the restaurant that apparently cannot be. Those of us who spend any time in Barrio Chino know the place, it’s at Arribeños 2122, it’s got lacquered ducks hanging in the window and all sorts of buns and parts and such on display, and is basically […]

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