The Lima Wrap-Up

2015.Sep.01 Tuesday
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Given the last two exceeding long posts, albeit focused on tasting menus, let’s just wrap this up and return to our regular scheduled programming. It’s still going to be long, because I’m covering four restaurants, but no more tasting menus… promise. Wayback… Henry’s and my first visit to Lima together, in 2007, and back in […]

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Nikkei – Ground Zero

2015.Aug.30 Sunday
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Maybe ground zero is the wrong term – it isn’t as if Mitsuharu Tsumura, or Micha, the chef at Maido, invented nikkei cuisine. It was around long before he was born. But there’s no question that he’s one of the stars of the modern nikkei movement (nikkei is the term for Peruvian – Japanese fusion […]

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Try IK, You Might Like IK

2015.Aug.28 Friday
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So I think I have this straight. There was a well known chef in Lima, Ivan Kisic, and he was opening a restaurant here in Miraflores about three years ago. He died shortly before opening night in a car crash. His family decided that in tribute to him, they’d continue with his plans for the […]

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2015.Aug.28 Friday
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You may recall a couple of years ago I had lunch with some Lima friends at ámaZ here in Miraflores, where I’m back for a three day food binge before returning to BA. (Like I really need more food. I foresee a whole lot of salad eating over the upcoming weeks.) I liked the food, […]

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Dining In in Trujillo

2015.Aug.27 Thursday
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Colombia and Ecuador behind us, it was time for a visit to Henry’s family in Trujillo. Things have come a long way since my first time nine years ago. (Here, here, here and here.) Bit by bit, Henry has been helping his family out (technically, it’s his property to begin with, inherited from his grandparents) […]

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Quito. The Movie.

2015.Aug.22 Saturday
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I’ve basically said what I had to say about Quito, I’m sure we’ll be back at some point. So, on to the movie.

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More Plates of Quito

2015.Aug.21 Friday
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Definitely more interesting food in Quito than we’d had in Medellin, a mix of traditional and modern. Surprising to both of us, Ecuadorians seem to be even less enamored of the idea of picante than then Colombians. We both expected the food to be more similar to Peruvian, and many of the dishes even have […]

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First Quito Plates

2015.Aug.18 Tuesday
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So, Colombia is behind us, and we’re on to just a few days in Quito, Ecuador. It wasn’t part of our original plan, but we added in a stop here because Henry had met a folklore dance group a couple of years ago at a big conference and workshop in Cordoba, and wanted to meet […]

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2015.Aug.17 Monday
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Oh, let me just be upfront. We, I, didn’t particularly like or enjoy Medellin. It’s a big, bustling, noisy, dirty city, with way too much traffic crowded into way too little space. There’s a small section of the city in the south, El Poblado and immediately surrounding it that’s got lots of greenery, fancy apartment […]

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