Chop Suey #13

2017.May.23 Tuesday
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Chop Suey continues! And probably a last restaurant round-up prior to heading out on a mini-vacation to NYC and Boston this coming weekend. Boken, Julian Alvarez 1391, Palermo – A new one that popped up on everyone’s fave online delivery app, PedidosYa. Doesn’t mean it’s new, but just hadn’t seen it pop up with delivery to […]

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Bite Marks #41

2017.May.20 Saturday
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Okay, okay, I’m going to continue these, and the Chop Suey entries – just fewer of them, and more longer individual reviews like I’ve been doing the last week or two. Just too many spots that get a quick look and then a simple thumb up or down that don’t necessarily merit a full review. […]

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A Jumble of Dough and Cheese

2017.May.16 Tuesday
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A jumble, a hodgepodge, a mishmash, a patchwork, a medley, and more. There’s no really direct, exact translation for El Mazacote, though all of those basically come close. Then again, within certain circles, it’s the word used for concrete, which is certainly a type of one of those, being a mass of pebbles, sand, and cement. It’s […]

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The Language of Peruvian Cooking

2017.May.15 Monday
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Quechua, also known as runa simi (“people’s language”), is an indigenous language family, with variations spoken by the Quechua peoples, primarily living in the Andes and highlands of South America. Derived from a common ancestral language, it is the most widely spoken language family of indigenous peoples of the Americas, with a total of probably […]

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Ho No

2017.May.08 Monday
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“Kimchi? We don’t serve no stinkin’ kimchi.” Okay, it’s not what she said, but it’s pretty much what I heard. The ban chan had been placed on our table and beyond being a paltry selection by comparison to most Korean restaurants around, it included not just no fermented spicy cabbage, but no fermented spicy anything. A […]

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Chop Suey #12

2017.May.06 Saturday
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I know, I know. I just gave you my potentially last Bite Marks yesterday, and here I am already serving up a Chop Suey. Which, too, while by no means am I stopping checking out Asian restaurants and a lot of dumpling diving, I’m thinking about new formats for short reviews, so this might be […]

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Bite Marks #40

2017.May.05 Friday
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I’m feeling like “Bite Marks” may have hit its upper limit. I want to approach the mini-reviews in another manner. I’ll be giving it some thought, and am open to suggestions. A long one this time, and as usual, a range of types of eats – breakfast food, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. Bartola, Junín 1761, Recoleta […]

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One Cool Korean

2017.May.01 Monday
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KU:L, Av. Carabobo 1107, Flores – Apparently open for quite some time, I’d not noticed it before. Turns out that’s probably because the only lunchtime they’re open is on Sundays (and then dinnertime every night except Tuesday), and second, that the front is basically a dark green plastic with no indication that it’s a restaurant, […]

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Dips in the Sushi Mikvah

2017.Apr.28 Friday
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I mentioned stopping in at a kosher pizzeria in my last Bite Marks, more or less on a whim, but no doubt fired a bit by a conversation about kosher restaurants I had with a rabbi friend of mine here. I don’t expect this to become a full fledged project, but I’m finding myself curious […]

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