Passing for Chinese

2017.Aug.20 Sunday
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A mere couple of years ago, these places didn’t exist. Along with the rise of quick and easy snacks, and a fascination for street food, the Chinese brochette stand has become a rapidly expanding fixture in Barrio Chino. It’s a lot of fried food, supplemented by other stuff. It’s quick. It ought to be cheap, […]

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Bite Marks #44

2017.Aug.16 Wednesday
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Celta Bar, Sarmiento 1702, San Nicolas  – another of the bar/restaurants that falls both within the city’s official Bares Notables listing, but is also a member of the Los Notables restaurant group (that includes Bar de Cao and Bar El Federal, Cafe Margot, and a couple of others). As part of the latter, it has much the […]

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Square Box, Round Food, Triangular Pieces

2017.Aug.09 Wednesday
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Heavy on the pizza posting, I know. Helps to have friends who love pizza as much as I do and have the time to get out and share in the adventure!   Pizza alla Pala, Av. Pueyrredón 1293, Recoleta – Mostly a takeout space, with a few counter seats for those who want to have a […]

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Pizza in The Mouth

2017.Aug.05 Saturday
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I thought it might be interesting to set out and find some decent pizza in La Boca. Really, other than the Caminito, the famed tourist attraction of brightly colored buildings, and a couple of well known restaurants like El Obrero, Il Mattarello, and Don Carlos, and, of course, the Boca Juniors stadium, no one ever talks about […]

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Chop Suey #15

2017.Jul.25 Tuesday
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Heading in a different direction, both physically, and the type of Asian food, as now that Saigón, Bolivár 986, San Telmo, is open for lunch, it was time to check it out our lead restaurant for this edition! While not particularly busy when I arrived around 12:30 on a Wednesday, by the time I left, the […]

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Bite Marks #43

2017.Jul.19 Wednesday
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A hodge-podge of cuisines! Till Bistro, Marcelo T. de Alvear 2321, Recoleta – Cute little place that I’ve walked by many a time, and heard reasonably good things about. A friend who’d been a couple of times invited me to lunch, so, why not? Friendly service, albeit not overly attentive, though much of that seemed to […]

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Burger Battle Bites

2017.Jul.11 Tuesday
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Monkey Burgers, Av. Luis M. Campos 92, Palermo – On a strange little stretch of this avenue, away from pretty much anything else, but this one came highly recommended. Interesting though short selection of burger combo choices, as well as a few other sandwiches and salads. I went with the Gorgo, an all beef patty (coarsely […]

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Chop Suey #14

2017.Jul.04 Tuesday
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We’ll start off this round of Chop Suey in the Floresta Koreatown. Bit by bit, I think I’m putting together the most comprehensive guide to the two Koreatowns… in town (and probably true of Chinatown too). The map of Asian spots and where and what to eat continues to expand!   Silvy, Morón 2974, Floresta […]

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Bite Marks #42

2017.Jun.19 Monday
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Let’s start with a sort of “lead restaurant” for this edition…. Kyung Mi Jong, Pumacahua 730, Parque Chacabuco – A bit off the beaten path from the two Koreatowns. I’m not sure if it used to be called “Galbi”, as it shows up on some maps that way, or it’s changed names/owners – my guess […]

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