Chop Suey #6

2017.Feb.20 Monday

For anyone who doesn’t in-depth read the occasional comments that pop up here on my posts (and why don’t you? and why don’t more of you comment here? (I actually get a fair number of comments on posts on my Facebook timeline – I think that’s drawn away some of the interchange here.)) – on […]

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Bite Marks #36

2017.Feb.14 Tuesday
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Mercadito Latino, Carlos Calvo 488, San Telmo – A relatively new spot, and yet another of those offering up “Latin American street food”. Here, however, although with a menu of tacos, burritos, arepas, salads, etc., much like some of the others I’ve checked out recently, the pricing is a bit more “restaurant”, though the space […]

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Peruvians, Near & Far

2017.Feb.08 Wednesday
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I’m beginning to feel like we’re eating nothing but Chinese and Peruvian food. And I know you’ve barely had time to digest yesterday’s dumpling post. But then again, we like both, and both are probably, in general, healthier options than burgers and pizza. Still, I’m not giving those up – they’ll just be more sporadic. […]

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Chop Suey #5

2017.Feb.07 Tuesday
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More dumplings, and scattered across the city this time! I exhausted the Recoleta spots in the last post. I did try to go out one day on a dumpling diving adventure with a friend. We’d marked off a map that covered six Chinese spots in the San Nicolas barrio – the first one was gone, […]

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Chop Suey #4

2017.Jan.27 Friday
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“The Chinese food arrives. Delicious saliva fills his mouth. He really hasn’t had any since Texas. He loves this food that contains no disgusting proofs of slain animals, a bloody slab of cow haunch, a hen’s sinewy skeleton; these ghosts have been minced and destroyed and painlessly merged with the shapes of insensate vegetables, plump […]

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2016 in the Rear View Mirror

2017.Jan.23 Monday
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[I realized that this post was still sitting in my “Drafts” folder and I’d never published it. So, three weeks late, but what the heck, my look back at last year.] 2016 was a year that we spent a bit more time traveling than past years. Or, at the least, to new places, and/or traveling […]

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Bite Marks #35

2017.Jan.20 Friday
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What do we have for you so far this month? Bagel sandwiches, a burger, Venezuelan/Mexican street food, and a casual Peruvian lunch spot. Ess-a-Bagel   My Bagel, Azcuénaga 758, Once – The idea here is apparently a “New York style bagel shop”, with healthy food. While not an oxymoron, those aren’t synonymous. What it does […]

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Chop Suey #3

2017.Jan.15 Sunday
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“The finest food is found in China. Among all nations under the heaven, only France is nearly as good as China in terms of culinary development and cooking skills. The other countries lag far behind.” – Cui Tongyue, Hua Ying Chu Shu Da Quan (Chinese-English Comprehensive Cookbook), 1910 I’m really going to town on Chinese and […]

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Bite Marks #34

2017.Jan.10 Tuesday
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Downtown Fish   Haru Sushi, Carlos Pellegrini 953, Retiro – Part of a small chain of sushi shops with locations in various parts of the city. I ordered from them once way back in August 2012, but for whatever reason never wrote them up. My recollection is it was decent, but nothing special – I […]

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