Bite Marks #3

2014.Sep.15 Monday
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First up, a couple of additions to The Chronicles of Shawarma, both downtown. I’ve heard about El Pato, Florida 23, for awhile now. It was touted by several different people as “specializing in chicken shawarma, but only on Fridays”. Misunderstanding on my part, I assumed that meant that was the only day they served shawarma […]

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Weeks of Food #3

2014.Sep.11 Thursday
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Last post on BA Food Week(s), as, well, I’ve had enough. Not that it was a bad experience or anything, I’ve just had enough of eating out three course meals, fit in between everything else I’m doing these last two weeks. And six spots seems like a nice little sampling. Three standalone spots and three […]

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The Weeks of Food #2

2014.Sep.09 Tuesday
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Continuing on with my explorations for BA Food Week – I’m actually getting in a decent number of spots. Now, this week doubles up with the Semana de los Bodegones Porteños, or week of classic local pubs, sort of (bodegón loosely translates as taproom, let’s call it a step above a dive bar). I probably […]

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The Weeks of Food #1

2014.Sep.07 Sunday
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It’s BA Food Week(s) once again and this time around I’m determined to take advantage of it as much as I can. Last year I only made it to two spots, and both of them had better deals on offer, so I’d actually never taken advantage of the event. It seems like (though I could […]

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Bite Marks #2

2014.Aug.28 Thursday
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Hamburgers, hot dogs, sushi, and homestyle Peruvian cooking. A trio of mini-reviews and one with a bit more to it. Come along for the ride! I was at the Abasto and just felt like grabbing something quick to eat, without resorting to spending an hour or more at one of the neighborhood’s surrounding restaurants. So […]

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92 Bus, Stops 54 – 63

2014.Aug.18 Monday
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Having been gone for a month, it’s been awhile since I’ve headed out on the great pizza trek. We left off having just hit the edge of Caballito. The path from here, at least for a bit, will straddle two zones at once, as we move along Avenida Corrientes, a hotbed of pizzerias – first, […]

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Bite Marks #1

2014.Aug.14 Thursday
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I’ve decided to entitle my little mini-reviews, announcements, etc., as Bite Marks – I just like the sound of it, and it more or less indicates what it is – not full fledged reviews or writeups, just scribblings, marks, on the blog feed. I’m tempted to go back and re-title past posts of the same […]

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Grazing Lima

2014.Jul.28 Monday

Let’s wrap up the eats in Lima accompanied by some music…. I had some delicious food at a variety of places, some average food at a couple, nothing bad, thankfully. I did a bit of graze eating on my own – it’s much harder to do solo than with another person or two, so I […]

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73 Bus, Stops 1 and 2

2014.Jul.25 Friday

A couple of day stay in the southeast part of Lima, Peru, called Barranco. I’ve been here before – the first time as part of a tour and then dinner, with Henry and the second time, though I stayed here for a night, I ended up not eating here simply because of logistics. I’m back […]

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