Chop Suey #3

2017.Jan.15 Sunday
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“The finest food is found in China. Among all nations under the heaven, only France is nearly as good as China in terms of culinary development and cooking skills. The other countries lag far behind.” – Cui Tongyue, Hua Ying Chu Shu Da Quan (Chinese-English Comprehensive Cookbook), 1910 I’m really going to town on Chinese and […]

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Bite Marks #34

2017.Jan.10 Tuesday
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Downtown Fish   Haru Sushi, Carlos Pellegrini 953, Retiro – Part of a small chain of sushi shops with locations in various parts of the city. I ordered from them once way back in August 2012, but for whatever reason never wrote them up. My recollection is it was decent, but nothing special – I […]

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Another Round of Peruvians

2017.Jan.04 Wednesday
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Third Time’s the Charm?   Inka Si Señor! III, Av. Scalabrini Ortiz 1227, Palermo – The original spot, #I, I’ve reviewed briefly before, and as I mentioned then, it was primarily a spot where we’d meet up with friends for pollo a la brasa, which they do quite well (Google Maps now says it’s closed, so I’ll […]

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Chop Suey #2

2016.Dec.30 Friday
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After the previous post I realized that I may as well check out the rest of the Chinese takeout/delivery spots here in the ‘hood. Some of them we’ve tried once or twice. Until late last year we always ordered from Casa Roja – they’d been our spot for nearly 10 years and we just hadn’t bothered to […]

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Chop Suey #1

2016.Dec.20 Tuesday
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Chop Suey: Americanization of zá sui, literally, “assorted pieces”, and anecdotally, deriving from a Taiwanese tradition, tsap seui, “miscellaneous leftovers”. While not giving up on pizzas and burgers and all the stuff I’ve been posting way too much about (or, can you post way too much about such things?), it struck me recently that this isn’t the way I […]

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Bite Marks #33

2016.Dec.13 Tuesday
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Sometimes I have to mix it up a bit rather than going all pizza, all burger, or all… whatever. And, I haven’t done a “Bite Marks” in awhile. So, a little of a bunch of things once again. El Cedrón, Av. Juan Bautista Alberdi 6101, Mataderos – There was a time, many moons ago, 1908 to […]

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Pizzas, Old-School

2016.Dec.06 Tuesday
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I told you there’d be an onslaught of pizzerias, at least for awhile…. El Cuartito, Talcahuano 937, Retiro – I first reviewed this place way back in 2005. I wasn’t impressed. I know it’s a porteño icon of the pizza world. I honestly couldn’t understand why, I found the quality of the pizza to be lacking. […]

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It’s Just Fish & Rice

2016.Nov.28 Monday
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Sushi. We love it. Setting aside that the porteño version of the stuff tends to be limited in scope, mostly to either salmon or cooked shrimp and octopus, and that way too many makis have cream cheese on them, it’s just really freakin’ expensive. For the price of a single roll, or a 5-6 piece nigiri order at […]

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Pizzas by the Half Dozen

2016.Nov.24 Thursday
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Years back, Adam Kuban, food writer and the founder of the Serious Eats website in New York started a blog, or subsection of Serious Eats, called Slice dedicated to pizzeria reviewing and home pizza making. And there was a guy named Colin Hagendorf, who actually did eat at “all 362 pizzerias” in Manhattan – a number which […]

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