Random Acts of Training #1

2014.Oct.19 Sunday
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As regular readers know, I’ve been casting about for a new project of some sort, what with the 92 Bus Pizza Trek, The Chronicles of Shawarma, and all winding down. I happen to love trains. And, though the train system here is a shadow of its former self, it still heads off in various directions […]

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Bite Marks #5

2014.Oct.13 Monday
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This time around, what do we have for you? A quartet of spots from casual to fancy, all relatively new – opened in the last few months. A couple of months back, when I was munching away happily on some fried chicken at the new NOLA Gastro Pub (and I’ve been back once and checked […]

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There’s Something About Mary… land

2014.Oct.06 Monday
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Sometimes, there’s an oddball dish that catches my attention, and I find myself filled with the need to explore it further. The dish that has caught my attention, on and off since I moved here, is Pollo Maryland (Chicken Maryland) – the name changes at times – Suprema or Suprema de Pollo or Milanesa de […]

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Bite Marks #4

2014.Sep.30 Tuesday
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There was a rumor that local Recoleta casual spot Delicious Café, Laprida 2015, offers up a Wednesday only hamburger that a few people were touting as the best patty in the city. Given that I’m fond of their pastries, I thought I’d give it a shot one recent hump-day. Luckily, it turns out, it was […]

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If I only had a brain…

2014.Sep.29 Monday
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“Why, anybody can have a brain. That’s a very mediocre commodity. Every pusillanimous creature that crawls on the Earth or slinks through slimy seas has a brain.” – Wizard of Oz With the 92 bus pizza trek more or less winding down – given that it’s going to be just occasional visits when I can […]

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92 Bus, Stops 64 – 66

2014.Sep.22 Monday
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The great pizza trek continues, bit by bit at this point as I fill in the missed spots one at a time… these fall into one of three categories, for the most part: only open at night, only sell full pizzas, only sell for takeout or delivery. As such they may not all be in […]

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Bite Marks #3

2014.Sep.15 Monday
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First up, a couple of additions to The Chronicles of Shawarma, both downtown. I’ve heard about El Pato, Florida 23, for awhile now. It was touted by several different people as “specializing in chicken shawarma, but only on Fridays”. Misunderstanding on my part, I assumed that meant that was the only day they served shawarma […]

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Weeks of Food #3

2014.Sep.11 Thursday
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Last post on BA Food Week(s), as, well, I’ve had enough. Not that it was a bad experience or anything, I’ve just had enough of eating out three course meals, fit in between everything else I’m doing these last two weeks. And six spots seems like a nice little sampling. Three standalone spots and three […]

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The Weeks of Food #2

2014.Sep.09 Tuesday
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Continuing on with my explorations for BA Food Week – I’m actually getting in a decent number of spots. Now, this week doubles up with the Semana de los Bodegones Porteños, or week of classic local pubs, sort of (bodegón loosely translates as taproom, let’s call it a step above a dive bar). I probably […]

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