Random Acts of Training #5

2015.Jan.19 Monday
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I find myself this morning thinking that I should have a political blog in which I can comment on things that incense me about the way the world works, or doesn’t, around me. And I could use this one – I have now and again delved into local Argentine politics and the system here, and […]

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The Squid-Ness Monster

2015.Jan.16 Friday
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It’s time once again for the results of our online cooking challenge, Reinventing the Whisk! I bring to you, right here on this page, Episode #7, with behind the scenes tales and photos. There were three challengers this time around, as there have been most of the past few episodes, myself, Kevin Hopp coming to […]

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Random Acts of Training #4

2015.Jan.12 Monday
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It was another roll of the dice and this time, once again, the Mitre train line headed to Tigre, and the stop… Acassuso. Now, I’ve been to this little ‘burb a couple of times and even gave it a little writeup awhile back. I remember (and have a couple of photos on the blog to […]

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The Round-Up, v.

2015.Jan.05 Monday
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Each January, like so many other folk out there, I take a look back at the last year shortly after it ends. In past editions, I’ve focused mostly on what amounted to the statistics of Casa SaltShaker – how many people and dinners, strange requests, food allergies, etc. When it comes down to it, there […]

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Random Acts of Training #3

2014.Dec.19 Friday
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Yes indeed folks, it’s time for another adventure on a train. I’ve adjusted the randomizer and, away we go. First off, where to start from? There are basically seven lines to pick from, and which one gets drawn from the hat? The Uriarte Urquiza line, which means, marching myself (okay, subway) across the city to […]

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The Naysayers

2014.Nov.19 Wednesday
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Given that we’ve now been around for awhile – a bit over nine years since our first trial runs at offering dinners, though still a few months shy of our official nine year opening anniversary, and perhaps because I have a listing here on the blog of places around the world that offer underground dining […]

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Into the Falls

2014.Nov.16 Sunday
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I’ve kind of said what there is to say about the trip to Iguazu Falls in the last two posts. The Argentine side, given that we were staying in Puerto Iguazu, was a much quicker trip to get to, we didn’t have to start out quite as early – though there was still an hour […]

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Falling in Brazil

2014.Nov.15 Saturday
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So it was off the next morning bright and early to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls. The question for me was whether my DNI would get me across the border without a visa. According to the Brazilian embassy, Americans are required to have visas even if they have a Mercosur residency DNI. According […]

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The Iguazu Tease

2014.Nov.14 Friday
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We do a lot of shopping at Disco supermarket. It’s the closest to home, it’s better quality products, for the most part, than the other supermarket in the ‘hood, Coto, albeit slightly more expensive. And they give points. It’s like when I was a kid, my mom would collect S&H green stamps and we would […]

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