Salta, La Linda

2016.Feb.05 Friday
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Henry and I just spent a trio of days up in Salta and the area north of there, in the far northwest of the country. It’s the first time we’ve been there (other than passing nearby and along part of the same route when we went to Bolivia a decade ago). Our original intent was […]

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Getting Around – There’s An App For That

2016.Jan.21 Thursday
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The news hit here that Google Maps has added in public transit to its navigational strategies here in BA, and I thought it would be interesting to look at the options. They’re certainly not the first to do so, and right off the bat I can think of a trio of phone and desktop apps […]

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The Annual Round-Up v.

2016.Jan.03 Sunday
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Time once again for that annual look back at whatever, in my mind, made last year interesting. Let’s hit the Casa SaltShaker stuff first. 120 dinners, 1041 people. That’s pretty much the same as the previous year, at 123 dinners and 1096 people. Those are both a drop from the previous couple of years which […]

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A Little Dance Interlude

2015.Nov.19 Thursday
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Just a little break from food and wine with some videos from one of Henry’s recent dance performances. It was a concert by Antonio Escalante, an amazingly talented Peruvian singer, with an evening of classic Peruvian songs in homage to his well known, and now retired, professor, Augusto Polo Campos, who is considered one of […]

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Festivals of the Boot

2015.Oct.08 Thursday
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I was sure when I posted a week or so ago about the various gastronomy festivals sponsored by the city in the “BA Celebra…X” series, that the huge multi-ethnic Festival de las Colectividades was the culmination of them all. I was wrong. Another two this past weekend – Croatia & Italy. The first, a mere […]

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The Season of Food (Festivals)

2015.Sep.28 Monday
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I’ve never figured out why, but all of the 2-3 dozen ethnic food festivals here in BA seem to take place over the winter – which to me seems the worst time of the year to have outdoor events. Those are quickly followed on by the big gastronomy festivals, like Bocas Abiertas (this past weekend), […]

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Dining In in Trujillo

2015.Aug.27 Thursday
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Colombia and Ecuador behind us, it was time for a visit to Henry’s family in Trujillo. Things have come a long way since my first time nine years ago. (Here, here, here and here.) Bit by bit, Henry has been helping his family out (technically, it’s his property to begin with, inherited from his grandparents) […]

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Quito. The Movie.

2015.Aug.22 Saturday
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I’ve basically said what I had to say about Quito, I’m sure we’ll be back at some point. So, on to the movie.

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2015.Aug.17 Monday
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Oh, let me just be upfront. We, I, didn’t particularly like or enjoy Medellin. It’s a big, bustling, noisy, dirty city, with way too much traffic crowded into way too little space. There’s a small section of the city in the south, El Poblado and immediately surrounding it that’s got lots of greenery, fancy apartment […]

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