Country Roads

2014.Jul.12 Saturday

Enroute from Louisville to Washington DC – I was trying to both divide the long trip, about 9 hours, into two parts, and also give us a day of down time to just enjoy some of the natural beauty in the stretch of country between the two. It’s a part of the U.S. I’ve not […]

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And All That Jazz

2014.Jul.06 Sunday

We’ve been on to three days in Chicago – the botanic gardens, fireworks, and the architecture boat tour, and of course visiting with family were the highlights. Some of you probably have seen posts and tweets and such about Anthony Bourdain’s recent criticism of folk who take photos of their food and share them on […]

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Miami ‘eat

2014.Jul.04 Friday

It’s not all about food. We did a bit of wandering, a lot of shopping, and took one day on one of the hop-on hop-off buses to get an overview feel for Miami Beach and City. For those who don’t (which I didn’t), Miami Beach is pretty much a separate city, on an island to […]

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92 Bus, Stops 49 – 53

2014.Jun.14 Saturday

We’ll go in for a a group of pizza spots this time around, moving the great 92 bus pizza trek ever forward. We pick up again in Caballito on the return leg of the journey. (49) So the first spot (at least that’s open during the day, I still have to decide what I’m going […]

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And I would walk 500 miles 100 paces

2014.Jun.13 Friday

As part of playing around with my camera, one of the suggested projects that I got was to take a walk, and every 100 paces, stop, look around, and take a photo of something that catches your eye. I found that 100 paces worked out to just around a block or slightly more, which made […]

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TopMasterChoppedIronChef #2

2014.Jun.09 Monday

Ding, Ding, Ding! It’s on to Round Two of the great TMCIC challenge! (Somebody please come up with a better name for this thing.) For those who missed it all last time, the gist of it all is that a friend of mine, Kevin, and I, take on a sort of “invention test” with four […]

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TopMasterChoppedIronChef #1

2014.May.23 Friday

A friend of mine, Kevin, who used to live here in BA and now lives in the Florida Keys, proposed that we come up with a sort of online cooking competition. But not really a competition, because we’re more than a few kilometers apart, and no one can really do much more than judge how […]

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April. With Camera.

2014.May.10 Saturday

Early last month I got to thinking that it would be really nice if I knew more about how to use my camera on something other than its automatic settings. I mean, I’ve had it for two years now. Otherwise, I may as well have stuck with my old point and shoot camera that I […]

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2014.May.05 Monday

Fería de las Comunidades Latinoamericanas en La Plata, Argentina

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