Quito. The Movie.

2015.Aug.22 Saturday
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I’ve basically said what I had to say about Quito, I’m sure we’ll be back at some point. So, on to the movie.

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2015.Aug.17 Monday
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Oh, let me just be upfront. We, I, didn’t particularly like or enjoy Medellin. It’s a big, bustling, noisy, dirty city, with way too much traffic crowded into way too little space. There’s a small section of the city in the south, El Poblado and immediately surrounding it that’s got lots of greenery, fancy apartment […]

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Cartagena, City of Tourists

2015.Aug.12 Wednesday
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It may seem like I’m giving short shrift to Cartagena, where we spent roughly 3-1/2 days, especially in contrast to the number of posts that I did on Bogotá. A few reasons – we didn’t do nearly as much – we really only had three “activities” that we did, one each day; we put in […]

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Crystal Spout

2015.Aug.10 Monday
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There’s an area in the southern part of Colombia in the province of Meta, called La Macarena. It’s a small town, but it’s famous as the gateway to a several square kilometer area called Caño Cristales. Basically a series of streams that cascade down from the mountains, with mineral rich and crystal clear waters that […]

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A Glimpse of Bogotá

2015.Aug.09 Sunday
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Mostly I’m going to leave this to a little video of sights and eats and all that on our six days in Bogotá, Colombia. I don’t know that it will give a real feel for the place, but, as the title says, it’s a glimpse. I recommend clicking on the icon in the lower right […]

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Food from the Land of Big Water

2015.Jul.13 Monday
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Forget the stories of Venezuela being named some version of “Little Venice”, a popular, though pretty much disproved theory of the origin of its name. Local lingo called the area around Lake Maracaibo “Veneciuela”, meaning “big water”, and all actual evidence, including preserved correspondence from explorers at the time corroborates that. Yesterday was the 4th […]

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The Chicken Crab Conundrum

2015.Jun.18 Thursday
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It’s been awhile since we had a Reinventing the Whisk challenge – almost three months in fact. We’ve all been a bit busy, with our attentions turned to other things. Perhaps that’s part of what led to what faced off to be a challenge of a blank white canvas – I picked white button mushrooms, […]

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(Veinte) Cinco de Mayo!

2015.May.27 Wednesday
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Monday was May 25th, the anniversary of the revolution that, at least officially, began the fight for Argentine independence. And hey, while the country may have an Independence Day, July 9th, any excuse for another day off and festival, you know? The streets near to the central Plaza de Mayo were jammed with people and […]

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The Food and the Coast

2015.May.25 Monday
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I realize that there’s more to Mar del Plata than just the coast, after all, the whole reason the South Beer Cup was held there is that it’s kind of become the center of the microbrewery movement. (Albeit that, if I followed the seminar that covered the topic correctly, microbreweries across South America more or […]

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