What Does it Take?

2014.Apr.07 Monday

I was having a discussion the other night with some of the guests at dinner and one of the questions that came up from someone who’s been reading the blog was, more or less, “do you really eat at all those places?” It was specifically in reference to the various mini-reviews that made up the […]

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Gastronomy Festival Abounds

2014.Mar.10 Monday

Just a quick look at this past weekend’s Abunda (“abounds”) food festival up in Vicente Lopez, just north of the city limits. Set along the Paseo de la Costa it was a lovely place for an outdoor food fest and attracted a whole lotta folk. I stayed for awhile, wandered around, checked out some of […]

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Day Trip to the Tigre

2014.Mar.04 Tuesday

After yesterday’s post I needed a break all over again, but luckily, I had one planned for after the dinners. Being a holiday weekend and having had all the extra private parties, we’d decided to take a four-day break and have a Saturday through Tuesday off. Henry wanted to have a party for a group […]

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Spiraling around the Dinner Table

2014.Mar.03 Monday

A series of private parties and a week of dinners, and most of it went quite well. But there was that last night of last week. One of the questions I often get asked is something like, “what do you do when a night doesn’t go well?” or “do you ever have nights where the […]

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92 Bus, Stops 41-43

2014.Feb.18 Tuesday

Enough of a break from pizza eating, right? After all, it’s pizza! We pick up in Velez Sarsfield and continue on into Parque Avellaneda, and maybe even just edging into Mataderos, which will be our last barrio headed this direction on the 92 bus pizza trek. We begin just a block further on from our […]

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Chinese Photography

2014.Jan.27 Monday

When I have a day with no plans made, I’ll often start it by checking out the Cultural site of the city government here to see what’s happening around the city. It’s got a very searchable agenda base, you can specify day, type of activity, free or with cost. They even have an iphone and […]

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Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and Penguins

2014.Jan.17 Friday

Rather than post a zillion photos from our four day trip to Ushuaia, I’m going to do this in videos. This was my second trip and Henry’s first. My original trip I spent a bit more time writing about here (and following posts). This time I selected out about a hundred photos from nearly a […]

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A Year After the Mayan Apocalypse

2013.Dec.31 Tuesday

Oh let’s see, once again everyone out there is putting forth their end of year wrap-ups and I feel near obligated to participate. Actually, it’s kind of fun to look back and see what’s new, changed, etc. and look forward to a new year. Past editions of this were 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2007. In […]

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92 Bus, Stops 38 – 40

2013.Dec.19 Thursday

Sorry I’ve “gone dark” for a bit, but literally we’d gone dark – we just spent 91 hours straight without power, and the last dozen or so without water when the rooftop tank finally ran out (pump couldn’t run to refill it without power). At least we had the gym for showers. On the other […]

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