Awards Lists – Do They Matter?

2016.Jun.15 Wednesday
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As anyone who’s a foodie, or in the food and wine industry knows, this last weekend the latest round of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list was announced. As usual, it’s created as much, or more furor than, say, the latest Michelin Guide, or at least it’s generated far more press. And there’s pro press […]

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Meat & The Street

2016.May.10 Tuesday
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I can’t help it, I love going to food festivals. Be they out on the street, in an exhibition hall, or, well, anywhere. Sometimes they’re just “more of the same”, and sometimes, there are little discoveries to be made. We’re going to start off a bit on the edge of the concept, not a festival, […]

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More Street Food!

2016.Apr.10 Sunday
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The street food festivals continue, seemingly year-round these days. The last two weekends they kept going despite inclement weather. When you gotta party, you gotta party. The regular BA Market turned itself over to a full-on Food Truck Festival at the Palermo hippodrome last weekend, with dozens of tricked out trailers offering up global cuisine, […]

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Mexico City VI

2016.Mar.15 Tuesday
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Last post on Mexico City and then back to our regular programming. The last day, not surprisingly, a major food day. Started off early at the Mercado de Medellín, which turns out to be my favorite of the three markets I made it to. Cleaner, brighter, more variety, things from not only all over Mexico […]

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Mexico City V

2016.Mar.12 Saturday
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A short (relatively speaking) post today – needing a bit of a more relaxed day yesterday. Morning spent writing and then headed out closer to noon to meet up with friends Amy, of Nomadtopia, and Roberto who happen to be in Mexico City this week as well. I know, I know, not more market pictures. […]

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Mexico City IV

2016.Mar.11 Friday
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Finally, I got around to making something with the ingredients I bought at the market. Crispy tortillas topped with a fresh fava bean puree, fried egg, and sauteed morel mushrooms and pinenuts with garlic and just a hint of ancho chili. Breakfast of champions? Even larger shots of the Museo Soumaya don’t do it justice, […]

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Mexico City III

2016.Mar.10 Thursday
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It was off for a day trip to Toluca, without traffic an hour west of here, however, that wasn’t the case, and it took a bit over two hours to get there. As the bus trudged along the skies darkened, it began to rain, it was clearly windy, and on arrival, I found that the […]

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Mexico City II

2016.Mar.09 Wednesday
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Let’s get some of the obligatory touristy stuff out of the way with. I hopped a subway to the Zócalo, the central plaza. While the buildings are what I remember from 30 years ago, I have a recollection of the plaza being constantly full of people and activities. This time, not much of anything, other […]

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Mexico City I

2016.Mar.08 Tuesday
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Last morning in Guadalajara and have to fortify myself for the long, one hour or so flight ahead of me. Los Chilaquiles, Av. Lázaro Cárdenas #2729, came highly recommended for their, well, chilaquiles, the traditional dish of crisp tortillas sauteed in one of various sauces and accompanied by, more various things. It’s not, at all, […]

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