On the Air

2015.Apr.09 Thursday
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For those who missed Shari Bayer’s All in the Industry podcast yesterday, we got her nod for the Solo Dining segment. We’re almost at the end of the show (the 40 minute mark), but the whole thing is well worth listening to! You can also add her show to your lineup on Stitcher or iTunes […]

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On the Lamb

2015.Mar.26 Thursday
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In rapid succession eleven days ago, we fired off our ingredient choices – ginger from Jennifer, lamb from Kevin, blue cheese from me. Yes, Kevin picked lamb before, but that was a year ago, let’s see what we can do with it this time around. Jennifer doesn’t like blue cheese she informs us. Embrace the […]

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Cookery from the Isle of the Seven Cities

2015.Mar.05 Thursday
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We managed to pull it off. It was the most uncoordinated and contentious effort so far in our online cooking challenge series. Days before the event Jenn fired off that she’d already picked her ingredient, the humble avocado. Rather than doing a more or less simultaneous reveal of food stuffs, Kevin and I now found […]

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You Think You Deserve a Tip? Here’s a Tip…

2015.Feb.27 Friday
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I get asked, a lot, for “coaching” or whatever the current buzzword is on opening a closed door restaurant. While it’s hard to distill the nearly 10 years of Casa S and all the dinners I used to do in NYC, plus a couple of decades of restaurant experience, down to anything that resembles the […]

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Last Glimpses of San José

2015.Feb.19 Thursday
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I’ve had this slowly growing realization over the last few years that I really don’t like to go on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, I love to see and do new things, I love to meet new people. It’s the “vacating” part of vacation that I’m not enamored with – when […]

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The Jacó Pop-Up

2015.Feb.16 Monday
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Books tend to start or end with acknowledg-ments, dinners rarely do. This pop-up event that I’ve been teasing you with over the last week or so started off as the glimmer of an idea in the mind of a chef turned hospitality consultant, Jon Hochstat. Jon and I were active in the New York restaurant […]

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Where Life’s a Beach

2015.Feb.15 Sunday
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Look, Jacó, Costa Rica, is not going to win any awards for World’s Most Beautiful City, or Best Place in the World to Dine, or anything else of the sort. The town of 10,000 is pretty much a strip mall of bars, restaurants, surf and souvenir shops. There seem to be two kinds of tourists […]

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A Little Biology, A Little Chocolate

2015.Feb.14 Saturday
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Mostly just pictures today – a visit to the Tirimbina Biological Reserve and cocoa plantation. Seven of us in a mini-van from San Jose for an hour and a half to the north, and then a pretty beautiful day for hiking through the rainforest. My zoom lens came in handy this venture! Midway through the […]

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Four Meals, a Goodbye to San Jose

2015.Feb.13 Friday
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I had planned to take a couple of days to go “somewhere” in Costa Rica between San Jose and Jacó, where I am now. The idea of visiting a cocoa plantation had gotten stuck in my mind, and I’d sent off inquiries to various spots that offered tours and/or accomodations, mostly along the Caribbean coast […]

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