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2017 Menu #22

2017.Jun.21 Wednesday
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June 16-17 – 2017 – 16-17 de Junio   Griddled White Asparagus with Homemade XO Sauce – white asparagus brushed with charcoal infused olive oil, browned on the griddle; saute of toasted peanuts and green onions; homemade XO sauce; limo chliies. Esparragós Blancos a la Plancha con Salsa XO Casera – esparragós blancos cepillados con […]

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2017 Menu #21

2017.Jun.17 Saturday

June 13-15 – 2017 – 13-15 de Junio   Classic Sole Ceviche – Sole, cured in lemon and lime juice, salt, limo chilies, cilantro, red onion, ginger, garlic, black pepper; sweetcorn; sweet potato; toasted, salted corn kernels. Ceviche Clásico de Lenguado – Lenguado, curado en jugos de limón y lima, sal, ajíes limos, cilantro, cebolla […]

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2017 Menu #20

2017.Jun.12 Monday
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June 9-10 2017 9-10 de Junio   Salmon Tartare – crust of potato chips, flour, butter, romano cheese; diced salmon and red onion in mayonnaise made from egg yolk, sesame and prickly oils, lime juice, cilantro; fine dice of avocado, cucumber, radish in Torrontés wine vinegar and salt; cherry tomato slices and cilantro; tomato seeds […]

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2017 Menu #19

2017.May.25 Thursday
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16-20 Mayo 2017 May 16-20 Sole Tiradito – Sole, coated in an emulsified “tiger’s milk” of lime juice, olive oil, ginger, rocoto chili, salt; grilled corn, fried corn, ginger threads cooked in soy sauce, fine dice of rocoto chili, toasted celery seeds, cilantro. Tiradito de Lenguado – Lenguado, cubierto en una emulsificación de “leche de […]

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2017 Menu #18

2017.May.18 Thursday
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13 Mayo 2017 May 13 Cena Particular / Private Dinner Pescetariana, Libre de Glútena y Lacteos / Pescetarian, Gluten & Dairy Free Roasted Beet Causa – Two layers of potato puree, one flavored with olive oil, lime juice, green onion, the other with olive oil, lemon juice, yellow chili; beet salad – roasted beets, onion, […]

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Stuffed and Nonsense

2017.May.17 Wednesday
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So I know you’ve all enjoyed my various pizza adventures and for those of you not living here, you’re probably intrigued by the fugazzeta rellena that I’ve shown now and again – cheese stuffed dough topped with more cheese and caramelized onions. Well the challenge now, after having tried so many different versions, is to come […]

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2017 Menu #17

2017.May.13 Saturday
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9-12 Mayo 2017 May 9-12 “Amazon” Salad – Guacamole puree; roasted palm hearts topped with cooked amaranth in chili oil; herb roasted tomato slices; cilantro Ensalada “Amazónica” – Puré de guacamole; palmitos asados con amaranta en aceite de ají; rodajas de tomates asados con hierbas; cilantro. Bodega Chandon Rosé Brut, Luján de Cuyo Hummus Soup, […]

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2017 Menu #16

2017.May.03 Wednesday
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27-29 Abríl 2017 April 27-29 Smoked Tomato Cheesecake – cheesecake made with our homemade ricotta and flavored with smoked, sun-dried tomatoes and togaroshi spice blend; polenta and romano cheese crisp; roasted cherry tomatoes; grated tomato and olive oil vinaigrette; marjoram-parsley-mint puree; tomato powder. Cheesecake de Tomate Ahumado – cheesecake elaborado con nuestra ricotta casera y […]

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2017 Menu #15

2017.Apr.26 Wednesday
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20-22 Abril 2017 April 20-22 Eggplant Tonnato – grilled and chilled eggplant; spicy tuna sauce (tuna, mayonnaise, capers, anchovies, sambal); pickled cherry tomatoes (vinegar, salt, sugar, white pepper, coriander seed); fried corn; chives. Berenjena Thoné – berenjena a la parrilla, enfriada; salsa de atún picante (atún, mayonesa, alcaparras, anchoas, sambal); cherys encurtidos (vinagre, sal, azucar, […]

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