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Strength in Flavors

2015.Jan.26 Monday
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When you have lots of strong flavors, it can become quite a balancing act to combine them and make it all work. Two dishes over the last week or two stood out in that vein – both dishes that took a fair amount of practice to get the combination just the way I wanted it. […]

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The Squid-Ness Monster

2015.Jan.16 Friday
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It’s time once again for the results of our online cooking challenge, Reinventing the Whisk! I bring to you, right here on this page, Episode #7, with behind the scenes tales and photos. There were three challengers this time around, as there have been most of the past few episodes, myself, Kevin Hopp coming to […]

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Inner Secrets

2015.Jan.13 Tuesday
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Once again, two different menus during the last week, and a couple of dishes that for me stood out. A bit of an Italian, French and Peruvian mashup here for the pasta course. Fish mousse, a classic preparation – starting with a humble white fish, the merluza, or hake, and processing it with sauteed leeks, […]

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Wrapping Up the Holiday Weeks

2015.Jan.08 Thursday
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I’ve decided that instead of posting details on each and every menu, especially when we’re repeating a lot of dishes these days from our repertoire, I’m going to focus a bit more on the dishes that standout and/or are new. Now, here, I’m going to be wrapping up the whole period following the Christmas dinners […]

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The Round-Up, v.

2015.Jan.05 Monday
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Each January, like so many other folk out there, I take a look back at the last year shortly after it ends. In past editions, I’ve focused mostly on what amounted to the statistics of Casa SaltShaker – how many people and dinners, strange requests, food allergies, etc. When it comes down to it, there […]

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Fried Chicken Dreams

2014.Dec.23 Tuesday
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“…I said we should celebrate my new found feelings by eating a bucket of fried chicken, with 16 ounce drinks filled with sausage gravy to wash it all down with, and she readily agreed so we walked to the local chicken joint to affirm our commitment and love for one another…” – Jarod Kintz, A […]

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Fun with Chilies

2014.Dec.10 Wednesday
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It wasn’t until after we were serving our menu this last week that I realized that I’d ended up with four savory courses in a row that featured chili in one form or another. The good thing, it was a hit, and we got nothing but compliments for providing a good dose of spice for […]

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Ode to a Decent Sandwich

2014.Dec.05 Friday
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Actually, I’m not a poet, so no ode. But, I do love a good sandwich, and as many of you know, I’ve spent quite a bit of time out searching for the best of the best here in Buenos Aires. And I’ve found some delicious sandwiches. But. Even the best of them have been, let’s […]

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Pancreas, Peas, ‘Pricots

2014.Nov.24 Monday
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Let’s just dive right in to two week’s worth of menus here at the homestead…. New version of our roasted beet causa – going with the two-flavor potato base, green onion and yellow chili; the roasted beet salad, and two sauces, a black olive mayo and a spicy avocado puree. I’d love to come up […]

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