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2017 Menu #42

2017.Dec.09 Saturday
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28 Noviembre-2 Diciembre – 2017 – November 28-December 2   Seasonal Vegetable Salpicon – Salad of cucumbers, green onions, avocados, mushrooms, green beans, palm hearts, and roasted red pepper, in a dressing of coconut milk, lime juice, olive oil, roasted garlic; herb-roasted tomato slices; chives. Salpicón de Verduras de la Estación – Ensalada de pepinos, verdeos, […]

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Non-Essential November

2017.Dec.04 Monday
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The flotsam, jetsam, lagan, and derelict of last month… let’s start with the simple stuff we made for lunch or dinner for ourselves:   Pork fried rice…   Tomatoes stuff with “Korean” tuna salad – tuna, green onion, hard-boiled egg, tomato in sauce of gochujang, sesame oil, honey, miso, sesame seeds, chilies, chopped peanuts.   […]

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2017 Menu #41

2017.Dec.02 Saturday
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November 24-25 – 2017 – 24-25 de Noviembre   Grouper in “Chili Water” – Grouper cured in puree of lime juice, onion, cucumber, serrano chilies, cilantro, mint, salt; ribbons of cucumber, dice of avocado, red onion, limo chilies, mint and cilantro leaves. Aguachile de Mero – Mero curado en puré de jugo de lima, cebolla, […]

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2017 Menu #40

2017.Nov.26 Sunday
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November 21-23 – 2017 – 21-23 de Noviembre   Shellfish Ceviche, Pea & Mint Mousse – Calamari, shrimp, mussels, and cockles, quickly simmered in salted water, then cured in lime and orange juices, pickled serrano chilies, cilantro, olive oil, salt, white pepper; topped with a mousse of peas, mint, cream, salt, white pepper; red onion […]

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Case-O’Azúl #3

2017.Nov.24 Friday
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Having pretty much exhausted all the big name brands and any easier to find smaller producers, this (likely last) roundup of Argentine blues is spread out over the time it took to track down more options. In fact, after the first one, in early 2015, this got back-burnered and I didn’t even think about it […]

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2017 Menu #39

2017.Nov.21 Tuesday
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November 15-18 – 2017 – 15-18 de Noviembre   Chicken “Ceviche” – chicken breast poached in fennel and star anise stock, chilled, sliced; emulsion of lime juice, salt, szechuan peppercorn, olive oil; “Peruvian salad” of finely diced beets, potatoes, carrots in lemon juice, salt, pepper; chopped cilantro and limo chilies. “Ceviche” de Pollo – pechuga […]

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2017 Menu #38

2017.Nov.13 Monday
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November 1-8 – 2017 – 1-8 de Noviembre   Grouper Ceviche – Grouper cured in lemon and lime juices, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic; puree of sun-dried tomato, cashews, guajillo chilies; salad of fresh corn, rocoto, red onion, cilantro; fried corn. [Vegetarian version with thin sliced mushrooms] Ceviche de Mero – Mero curado en jugos de […]

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Over-Eating October

2017.Nov.02 Thursday
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Once again, we wind up the month looking back at what we had for dinner here at home, either just us, or with various friends over (more common)! Not as many things this month as both Casa SaltShaker is getting busier for the season, and we made a lot of stuff we’ve made many times […]

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2017 Menu #37

2017.Nov.01 Wednesday
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October 25-28 – 2017 – 25-28 de Octubre   Calamari “Causa” – Potato puree base flavored with green onion, green chili, lime juice, olive oil, salt; Sardinian style calamari salad with mint, basil, celery, red onions, tomatoes, garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper; cashew, guajillo chili, sun-dried tomato puree. First photo is better, but […]

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