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Dining In in Trujillo

2015.Aug.27 Thursday
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Colombia and Ecuador behind us, it was time for a visit to Henry’s family in Trujillo. Things have come a long way since my first time nine years ago. (Here, here, here and here.) Bit by bit, Henry has been helping his family out (technically, it’s his property to begin with, inherited from his grandparents) […]

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Cartagena, City of Tourists

2015.Aug.12 Wednesday
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It may seem like I’m giving short shrift to Cartagena, where we spent roughly 3-1/2 days, especially in contrast to the number of posts that I did on Bogotá. A few reasons – we didn’t do nearly as much – we really only had three “activities” that we did, one each day; we put in […]

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A Glimpse of Bogotá

2015.Aug.09 Sunday
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Mostly I’m going to leave this to a little video of sights and eats and all that on our six days in Bogotá, Colombia. I don’t know that it will give a real feel for the place, but, as the title says, it’s a glimpse. I recommend clicking on the icon in the lower right […]

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To Market, To Market…

2015.Aug.05 Wednesday
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A little different today – only one restaurant eaten at, and I’ll save that to blend in with tomorrow’s post. Instead… Trying an oblea on the street. I mentioned them the other day at one of the restaurants that we had lunch at, I didn’t mention how ubiquitous little stands are around the city for […]

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Plate by Plate: All Prawn All the Time

2015.Jul.27 Monday
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Pretty as a picture, no? Basically, prawns/shrimp, five ways. Risotto of shallots and dried baby shrimp, made with broth from some prawn shells. Finished with a little butter. Ají de langostinos – the same yellow chili sauce we use to make ají de gallina, with prawns sauteed at last moment and then tossed with the […]

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Ay Sea Phood

2015.Jul.21 Tuesday
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Several people have complained that I no longer do full write-ups of our Casa S dinners, having opted for a scattering of more detailed, individual recipes of dishes that have been particularly successful. On the other hand, when I was doing full write-ups, roughly the same number of people (possibly the same people, now that […]

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The Cooking Class: Empanaditas Chinas

2015.Jul.15 Wednesday
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I’m not going to get into the whole origin of these little dumplings. Some of the history is fairly well known – in China they’re called jiaozi, in Japan, gyoza, and in other countries, other things (here, pretty much regardless of which ethnic version, they’re called empanaditas chinas, then again, anyone looking remotely Asian is […]

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Food from the Land of Big Water

2015.Jul.13 Monday
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Forget the stories of Venezuela being named some version of “Little Venice”, a popular, though pretty much disproved theory of the origin of its name. Local lingo called the area around Lake Maracaibo “Veneciuela”, meaning “big water”, and all actual evidence, including preserved correspondence from explorers at the time corroborates that. Yesterday was the 4th […]

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Plate by Plate: Mushroom Ficelle “al Ajillo”

2015.Jul.06 Monday
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A ficelle, or really, a ficelle picarde, is a type of stuffed, rolled crepe, coated in grated cheese and broiled. Since a ficelle is also a type of bread loaf, similar to a baguette but much thinner, I assume the etymology of the name relates to the shape. Literally, I guess, the word means “string”, […]

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