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Ingredients 101 – The Chive Codicil

2016.Dec.01 Thursday

Some people just don’t know their schoenoprasum from their tuberosum. We’ve all had days like that. Now, most of us are pretty familiar with the type of chive at the bottom of the picture (click on it to get a better view of the three types here), the common “French” chive, your Allium schoenoprasum to get all Latin […]

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Ingredients 101 – Peruvian Chilies

2016.Nov.15 Tuesday
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One of my regular readers, Oscar, sent me an email yesterday with the idea of starting to cover some of the ingredients, fresh and packaged, that we have in “ethnic” markets in particular here that both locals and foreigners may not be familiar with, especially if they’re not part of their own culture. I’ve done […]

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Eat Salt

2016.Nov.05 Saturday
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It’s here…!   Eat Salt: archaic rural expression meaning to be someone’s guest, to share their table “The first cookbook from Dan Perlman, chef and co-owner of the famed Casa SaltShaker, Buenos Aires’ longest running “closed door restaurant”, offering Andean-Mediterranean fare in an intimate, shared table setting. Featuring 150 recipes from the chef’s archives, along with […]

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The September Plates

2016.Oct.15 Saturday
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There are days when I consider that life would be far easier if we just cooked casually and opened the doors for people to drop in and eat whatever the plate of the day is – Casa de Comida style. Because while we don’t tend to eat the way that our guests eat at Casa SaltShaker […]

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The Spanish ‘Tater Cake

2016.Oct.10 Monday
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Let’s start with the money shot… (remember, you can click on these to get large sized, fill your screen, pretty photos). Whether you call it weekend breakfast, lunch, brunch, or something else, it’s that meal where you just want something warm and comforting to fill your belly. For us, that usually means something involving eggs […]

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Inspiring Tentacles

2016.Sep.30 Friday
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One of the questions that comes up time and again for all chefs is some variation on “where do you get your inspirations from?” I’m sure the same question gets asked of anyone involved in any creative sort of endeavor. Some of it is simple curiosity, and some of it is, no doubt, a sort […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #16 – Barbados

2016.Sep.23 Friday
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It’s been awhile, but time to go with another entry in the big Bread & Soup Project. We’re on to episode 16 (can it be an episode if it’s not a video?), and the Caribbean island nation of Barbados. Inhabited since at least the 4th century by a series of Indian tribes, first from other parts of […]

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Mollette Manifesto #1

2016.Sep.08 Thursday
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There are, as best I can tell (with regional variations), quite a few kinds of molletes. The literal translation of the word is muffin, and various Spanish language sites suggest using it to ask for one with your morning coffee, though I’ve not encountered it used that way. In the various countries I’ve been in, what I think […]

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Not Cooking With Gas

2016.Aug.31 Wednesday
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It’s been awhile since I just posted a whole dinner, to see what we’re up to. One thing you don’t know, unless you’re a close friend, or connected on Facebook to me personally, is that we’re not cooking with gas for the moment. We woke up a couple of mornings ago to find that the […]

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