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Nights at Sea

2014.Apr.14 Monday

Oh the tales of the sea that we could tell, had we been out to the ocean. Instead we brought the waves to the shores of Recoleta and served up a series of pescetarian meals – wasn’t the original plan, but half a dozen requests that shoe-horned into the week made it the sensible approach. […]

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Of Potato Pies, Burritos and Panchos

2014.Apr.13 Sunday

I completely missed one dish in yesterday’s post. One of Henry’s favorite Argentine dishes is pastel de papas norteño, which is essentially an Argentine adaptation of a shepherd’s pie. Since we’ve been lightening things up on our days off I decided to go with a vegetarian version: The base, a saute of onions, carrots, celery […]

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What’s Cooking at Home?

2014.Apr.12 Saturday

Not everything is eating out, though recently it has obviously seemed that way. But we still have our nights in in front of the television or a movie or with friends or family over. Making our own house hot sauce. A spinach, red oak leaf lettuce, grapefruit and walnut salad. Mixed lettuces, tomatoes, poached eggs, […]

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The Great Sandwich Hunt 10

2014.Apr.08 Tuesday

The sandwiches they keep a’comin’…. Welcome to round 10 of The Great Sandwich Hunt, and another five bites of filled bread goodness, badness, and ugliness. Porota, Gorriti 5881 in Palermo has been recommended to me more than once as a cute little cafe with great pastries and sandwiches. In particular, the chicken and vegetarian sandwiches […]

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What Does it Take?

2014.Apr.07 Monday

I was having a discussion the other night with some of the guests at dinner and one of the questions that came up from someone who’s been reading the blog was, more or less, “do you really eat at all those places?” It was specifically in reference to the various mini-reviews that made up the […]

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Some Southern French Inspiration

2014.Apr.06 Sunday

Maybe it was eating at a couple of French restaurants during the whirlwind review series, but somewhere in there I found myself thinking a bit French. Not entirely, mind you but a bit, and so I went with it in the planning of this last week’s menu. I started leafing through the pages of one […]

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Tangent: Casa SaltShaker

2014.Mar.31 Monday

Just a little side trip back here to home in the midst of all this eating out (30 restaurant visits in just over two weeks), to look at the limited Casa S dinners that we had. With Henry away and the friend who in the past has filled in for him unavailable, I kept it […]

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Of Corn Cheesecake & Avocado Pie

2014.Mar.13 Thursday

I’m starting to think that as our Casa S cookbook is coming together, and it really is coming together (in fact, while Henry is away in Peru the coming two weeks I’m taking a few days to do a short trip and then spending about ten days working on finishing it up), that I’m going […]

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Gastronomy Festival Abounds

2014.Mar.10 Monday

Just a quick look at this past weekend’s Abunda (“abounds”) food festival up in Vicente Lopez, just north of the city limits. Set along the Paseo de la Costa it was a lovely place for an outdoor food fest and attracted a whole lotta folk. I stayed for awhile, wandered around, checked out some of […]

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