Casa SaltShaker

I’ll Take Flavor

2014.Apr.23 Wednesday

Having just read about the imminent opening of what’s intentionally intended to be the world’s most expensive restaurant (I’m sure that will bring out of the woodwork either a) someone claiming there’s someplace else more expensive or b) the imminent opening of someplace that seeks to top the expense), I am left wondering. What I’m […]

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Nights at Sea

2014.Apr.14 Monday

Oh the tales of the sea that we could tell, had we been out to the ocean. Instead we brought the waves to the shores of Recoleta and served up a series of pescetarian meals – wasn’t the original plan, but half a dozen requests that shoe-horned into the week made it the sensible approach. […]

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Some Southern French Inspiration

2014.Apr.06 Sunday

Maybe it was eating at a couple of French restaurants during the whirlwind review series, but somewhere in there I found myself thinking a bit French. Not entirely, mind you but a bit, and so I went with it in the planning of this last week’s menu. I started leafing through the pages of one […]

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Tangent: Casa SaltShaker

2014.Mar.31 Monday

Just a little side trip back here to home in the midst of all this eating out (30 restaurant visits in just over two weeks), to look at the limited Casa S dinners that we had. With Henry away and the friend who in the past has filled in for him unavailable, I kept it […]

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Of Corn Cheesecake & Avocado Pie

2014.Mar.13 Thursday

I’m starting to think that as our Casa S cookbook is coming together, and it really is coming together (in fact, while Henry is away in Peru the coming two weeks I’m taking a few days to do a short trip and then spending about ten days working on finishing it up), that I’m going […]

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Spiraling around the Dinner Table

2014.Mar.03 Monday

A series of private parties and a week of dinners, and most of it went quite well. But there was that last night of last week. One of the questions I often get asked is something like, “what do you do when a night doesn’t go well?” or “do you ever have nights where the […]

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New Sauces are a Hit

2014.Feb.21 Friday

Roundup of last week’s dinners, with two new sauces (and dishes) coming on strong, lots of compliments on both! Just a replating of our vegetables “a la tahitienne” (roasted garlic and coconut vinaigrette), spread out a bit on a plate rather than in a sundae cup. One night gave a shot at some savory coconut […]

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A Couple of Plates of Fish

2014.Feb.13 Thursday

Last week’s dinners were all about the fish – a couple of new dishes I’ve been working on. And, some tweaks to the other plates as well. Our ratatouille galette with polenta crust – changing up the garnishing a bit with some mixed sprouts and a goat cheese and roasted pepper puree, and a mixed […]

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How I Roasted a Watermelon, and Other Stories

2014.Feb.03 Monday

“When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat.” – Mark Twain, author It never occurred to me that it was such an odd thing to do, roasting a watermelon. Plenty of fruits have been roasted in many a dish. There’s even an eHow entry on how to do it (though I do […]

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