Casa SaltShaker

Another Round of Spicy

2014.Dec.17 Wednesday

We went for it again, another dinner with plenty of chili and other spices, and once again, nothing but raves. I’m not sure that two weeks can be considered “on a roll”, but it seems to be eliciting a lot of pleasure amongst our diners. A new version of a causa I’ve been playing around […]

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Fun with Chilies

2014.Dec.10 Wednesday
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It wasn’t until after we were serving our menu this last week that I realized that I’d ended up with four savory courses in a row that featured chili in one form or another. The good thing, it was a hit, and we got nothing but compliments for providing a good dose of spice for […]

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Peruvian Week in BA

2014.Dec.01 Monday
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It had to happen sooner or later, the one thing that we get asked about regularly – “Aren’t you afraid that someone will steal from you?” We never have been, not really. But, it happened. I had a little display of a few Chinese ritual jade pieces that I’ve collected over the years and, sometime […]

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Pancreas, Peas, ‘Pricots

2014.Nov.24 Monday
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Let’s just dive right in to two week’s worth of menus here at the homestead…. New version of our roasted beet causa – going with the two-flavor potato base, green onion and yellow chili; the roasted beet salad, and two sauces, a black olive mayo and a spicy avocado puree. I’d love to come up […]

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The Naysayers

2014.Nov.19 Wednesday
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Given that we’ve now been around for awhile – a bit over nine years since our first trial runs at offering dinners, though still a few months shy of our official nine year opening anniversary, and perhaps because I have a listing here on the blog of places around the world that offer underground dining […]

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A Siamese in Peru

2014.Nov.17 Monday
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Now that Peru is the new “it girl” in the gastronomic world, we can expect to see all sorts of trendy mashups. I may as well get ahead of the curve. I mean, we have – there aren’t many people out there doing a fusion of Andean and Mediterranean flavors and techniques, as is our […]

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Refinements to Plates Past

2014.Nov.06 Thursday
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While last week’s menu held no completely new dishes, it did provide me with an opportunity to refine, adjust, or perhaps just tweak some favorites from menus over the last year. Our “study of roots” goes slightly more savory, I took out the sweet ocas, or Andean yams, and put in a different small Andean […]

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Legend of the Priest Strangler

2014.Oct.28 Tuesday
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A look back at last week’s dinners and a story about pasta. Textures of Corn – Corn and grilled onion cheesecake over a polenta and manchego cheese crust; roasted corn, red onion, rocoto chili, lime salad; deep-fried corn kernels; nira oil. Timbuche – Our version of the traditional Amazonian freshwater fish soup – thickened cilantro […]

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Lime Jello Salad

2014.Oct.21 Tuesday
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When Kevin and I first started talking about the idea of our online cooking challenges, one of the things we spent a fair amount of time discussing was the re-creation of classic dishes. Now, we were thinking, for the most part, of things like the challenges we’ve already done, classics like Sole Veronique and Pad […]

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