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Secret Eats Interlude

2016.Aug.11 Thursday
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For those of you who keep up on what we’re up to, this last Monday saw the first airing of the new season of Secret Eats with Adam Richman, the renamed Man Finds Food of last year. Buenos Aires is featured in the second episode, which aired back to back with the first on the Travel Channel, and […]

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More New Plates

2016.Jun.13 Monday
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Another round of new plates. Interestingly, I think that over the last little stretch, these are some of the more experimental dishes that I came up with, and while they weren’t universally liked by everyone (nothing ever is), they were the ones that got some of the biggest thumbs-up responses in feedback from guests. Not […]

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Keeping the Dinner Plates Spinning

2016.May.26 Thursday
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I promised last week that I’d start posting a little about new dishes at the dinners. I think that’s a nice compromise between doing a writeup on every week’s menu, and what I’ve been doing for the last while, just posting the occasional recipe for one or another dish. So here are a trio of […]

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Peculiar Pastas #2

2016.May.21 Saturday
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Stradette A historic part of Piemontese cuisine, stradette is a pasta made from a blend of cornmeal (coarse polenta) and pasta flour. It stems from a period of time when cornmeal was simply cheaper than wheat flour, and was a way to stretch the dough, so to speak. Most traditionally, it’s made into a simple […]

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Mexican Invasion

2016.May.18 Wednesday
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At the dinner last night, a young woman was asking me how my cooking changes as time goes on, a sort of “what’s your process?” conversation. The subject comes up time and again, both with guests, and just chatting with friends and colleagues. For me, I often discover a new ingredient, or a technique, and […]

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Burnt Offerings #2

2016.Apr.24 Sunday
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You may or may not remember the group of sauces that I learned to make one day while in Guadalajara, one of which was a salsa negra. There are various versions of Salsa Negra, or Salsa Baja, in Mexican cuisine, most come from dark roast or deep frying chilies or tomatoes, or adding soy, or, […]

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Thirty Days – Favorite Plates

2016.Jan.24 Sunday
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Just a look back at the last thirty days of dinners and some favorites out of the various dinners. A raved about favorite over the last year since we introduced it and brought it back numerous times, our combination Parihuela-Chupe, a tomato based seafood soup with a touch of dairy, miso, herbs, and plenty of […]

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The Annual Round-Up v.

2016.Jan.03 Sunday
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Time once again for that annual look back at whatever, in my mind, made last year interesting. Let’s hit the Casa SaltShaker stuff first. 120 dinners, 1041 people. That’s pretty much the same as the previous year, at 123 dinners and 1096 people. Those are both a drop from the previous couple of years which […]

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Plate by Plate: The Cavolfiore is Coming!

2015.Nov.23 Monday
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Over time, I’ve been playing with various versions of vegetable gnocchi that don’t involve potatoes. It’s not that I don’t like potatoes, I love them, but, just to do something different. It’s not some invention I came up with – various vegetable gnocchi are out there in the canon of recipes, and as I’ve been […]

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