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Plate-by-Plate: Spicy Potatoes

2018.Jan.15 Monday
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Some of you may remember my search for the best “Chili Rabbit” in town. It’s a Peruvian dish, on menus generally just referred to as Ajiacco con conejo, although that’s really shorthand for Ajiacco de papas con conejo, because the ajiacco dish is really the way of preparing the potatoes, and the rabbit, or sometimes chicken, or really […]

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2018 Menu #1

2018.Jan.14 Sunday
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January 2-6 – 2018 – 2-6 de Enero   Sandperch Ceviche with Passionfruit – sandperch cured in lemon, lime, and passionfruit juices with rocoto chili, olive oil, ginger, salt, black pepper; fine dice of mixed color bell peppers; sweet potato cubes caramelized in sweet wine and smoked mustard; toasted corn, red onion, cilantro, limo chilies. […]

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2017 Menu #47

2018.Jan.06 Saturday
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December 28-30 – 2017 – 28-30 de Diciembre Last menu of the year! / Último menú del año!   Sole & Black Tomato Ceviche – sole cured in a puree of lemon and lime juice, rocoto chili, ginger, garlic, black tomato, cilantro, mint, and salt; salad of rocoto chili, avocado, red onion, black tomato; toasted […]

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2017 Menu #46

2018.Jan.03 Wednesday
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December 26-27 – 2017 – 26-27 de Diciembre   “Lonely” Shrimp – salad of potato, peas, corn, tomato, black olives, red onion, rocoto chili, parsley, oregano, gouda, and shrimp in a dressing of shrimp stock, black vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper; arugula oil. Solterito con Camarones – ensalada de papas, arvejas, maíz, tomate, […]

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Seco de… Meat

2017.Dec.30 Saturday
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I promised a couple of months ago a step-by-step recipe for preparing a Peruvian Seco. Here I’m using cabrito, or baby goat, but it’s the exact same process for cordero (lamb) or carne (beef), or, I suppose, for pollo (chicken), pato (duck), or whatever other meat you may care to make into this dish. This is going to look long and […]

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2017 Menu #45

2017.Dec.27 Wednesday
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December 22-23 – 2017 – 22-23 de Diciembre   Amazon Salad – tomatoes roasted with basil and olive oil; palm hearts lightly charred with chili oil; amaranth; spicy avocado puree; black garlic mayonnaise; tomato, lemon and shallot vinaigrette. Ensalada Amazónica – tomates asados con albahaca y aceite de oliva; palmitos ligeramente quemado con aceite de […]

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2017 Menu #44

2017.Dec.23 Saturday
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December 19-21 – 2017 – 19-21 de Diciembre   Sole Tiradito – sole cured in lemon and lime juices, ginger, garlic, rocoto chili, salt; use some of the curing liquid to make a black garlic mayonnaise; charred corn, limo chilies, soy preserved ginger, nira, cilantro, lumpfish roe. Tiradito de Lenguado – lenguado curado en jugos […]

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2017 Menu #43

2017.Dec.18 Monday
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December 12-16 – 2017 – 12-16 de Diciembre   Mixed Ceviche with Yellow Chili & Passionfruit – raw sea bass, poached prawns and calamari, cured in a mix of grapefruit and lime juices, ginger, yellow chili, passionfruit, salt, pepper; cucumber strips, radish threads, and red onions; limo chilies, cilantro. Ceviche Mixto con Ají Amarillo y […]

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2017 Menu #42

2017.Dec.09 Saturday
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28 Noviembre-2 Diciembre – 2017 – November 28-December 2   Seasonal Vegetable Salpicon – Salad of cucumbers, green onions, avocados, mushrooms, green beans, palm hearts, and roasted red pepper, in a dressing of coconut milk, lime juice, olive oil, roasted garlic; herb-roasted tomato slices; chives. Salpicón de Verduras de la Estación – Ensalada de pepinos, verdeos, […]

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