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2017 Menu #6

2017.Feb.13 Monday
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February 9-11 Febrero 2017 Seasonal Table / Mesa de Esación Tomatoes & Plums / Tomates y Ciruelas Black Olive Mussels “Causa” – base of potato pureed with rocoto chili, orange and lemon juices, olive oil, salt; salad of mussels, fennel, red onion, greek black olives, corn, cherry tomatoes, parsley all in a mayonnaise of egg […]

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2017 Menu #5

2017.Feb.05 Sunday
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January 31 Enero – February 3 Febrero 2017   Sea Bass in “Chili Water” – Sea bass cut in thin strips, marinated for 15-20 minutes in a puree of lime juice, cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, mint, onion, salt; cucumber ribbons; fine dice of avocado, red onion, piri-piri chilies; cilantro and mint leaves. Aguachile de Róbalo – Róbalo […]

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2017 Menu #4

2017.Jan.22 Sunday
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January 13-17 Enero Sandperch Ceviche with Passionfruit & Rocoto – Fresh Brazilian Sandperch (one night Sole when there was no Sandperch available) cured in a puree of lemon and lime juice, passionfruit pulp, rocoto chilies, olive oil, salt and white pepper; served on a radicchio leaf and topped with red onions, limo chilies and chives; […]

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2017 Menu #3

2017.Jan.17 Tuesday
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January 11-12 Enero Sole “Causa” – Potato puree flavored with yellow chili, lemon, olive oil; sole and finely diced red onion cured in a dressing of egg, lemon, lime, Szechuan peppercorn oil, sesame oil, corn oil, salt, white pepper; sauce “vierge” emulsion – tomato, shallot, garlic, thyme, Torrontés wine vinegar, salt, white pepper, sugar, xanthan […]

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2017 Menu #2

2017.Jan.12 Thursday
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January 5-6 Enero Chicken “Causa” – chilled mashed potato flavored with lime, green onion, jalapeño, and olive oil; poached chicken salad with bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, mayo of egg yolk, lime juice, sesame, szechuan peppercorn and corn oils, and mint; garnished with chopped green onions and mint. Causa de Pollo – puré frío de papas saborizado con […]

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2017 Menu #1

2017.Jan.05 Thursday
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I’ve decided to get back to posting writeups of our menus at Casa SaltShaker. In general, I’m going to keep them brief, just a photo and a description. Now and again, a more detailed recipe or discussion about how a dish came about. He decidido volver a publicar informes de nuestros menús de Casa SaltShaker. En […]

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Plates of the Month

2016.Dec.18 Sunday
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What’s new at the OK Corral? (That’s Casa SaltShaker in case you weren’t sure.) We are, by the way, still cooking without gas, going on four months now. The trio of double hot plates that I borrowed from friends have been kept busy! New take on our rocoto chili based ceviche. Fresh sole cured in a […]

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A Round of New Plates

2016.Nov.22 Tuesday
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With all the various reviews, you’d think I wasn’t cooking anymore, but, it’s not true, I swear! There’s a traditional Peruvian salad from the area around Arequipa called a solterito. Classically, it’s a simple oil and vinegar dressed salad of cooked broad beans, potato, and corn, tossed with fresh tomato, onion, rocoto, olives, cheese, and parsley. […]

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Eat Salt

2016.Nov.05 Saturday
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It’s here…!   Eat Salt: archaic rural expression meaning to be someone’s guest, to share their table “The first cookbook from Dan Perlman, chef and co-owner of the famed Casa SaltShaker, Buenos Aires’ longest running “closed door restaurant”, offering Andean-Mediterranean fare in an intimate, shared table setting. Featuring 150 recipes from the chef’s archives, along with […]

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