Casa SaltShaker

Meat and Milk

2014.Jun.29 Sunday

“Do not seethe (boil) a kid in its mother’s milk.” Oh, the conundrums that this passage from the Torah has created. I’m no scholar of the subject, though I certainly studied a fair amount of it growing up. At its heart, this is one of the three kosher laws (the other being the prohibitions against […]

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Coloring Outside the Lines

2014.Jun.24 Tuesday

Following last week’s little whinge on the artistry of plates, it seems that the internet responded with a little counter-slap. First, The Guardian presents the results of an Oxford study that shows that not only do people like their plates to look pretty, but subjectively, they’re perfectly willing to pay more for artistically arranged plates, […]

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The Ramen Bowl

2014.Jun.21 Saturday

Throw out everything you know about making pasta. That was pretty much the advice given to me when I started looking into making my own ramen noodles. And, it’s more or less true. In fact, as I was making these favorite slurpable noodles, all I kept thinking was, this is all wrong, it’s never going […]

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Trout Peanut Mushroom Garlic Passionfruit

2014.Jun.17 Tuesday

Although we’ve stopped posting just key flavors as a menu preview and gone back to actually listing the planned dishes (still subject to last minute alterations for any of a variety of reasons), there still is at least a key flavor behind each dish. Sometimes more than one, but usually something that is the star. […]

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In the Eye of the Beholder

2014.Jun.11 Wednesday

I’ve never taken an art class in my life. Okay, not totally true, I’m sure we had some sort of art classes in kindergarten and first grade, but I mean a real art class. I signed up once for a drawing class at the local Y when I was in college – I turned in […]

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Tweaking, not Twerking, the Dinners

2014.Jun.02 Monday

While twerking was the topic of conversation on two of the nights this last week (was there something in the news that I missed?), tweaking was the way we went. All of this last week’s menu consisted of plates that I’ve prepared before, and my focus was adjusting them, replating them, making shifts here and […]

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Hot Chix!

2014.May.28 Wednesday

Made ya look. That is one fine looking bird… and check out those gams! Just a reminder, ingredients don’t grow in styrofoam, plastic wrapped packages. Yet. On to last week’s dinners… Our shiitake, oyster mushroom and red onion cheesecake, button mushroom bergamot puree, fried portobellos, gran pampeano cheese crisp with rosemary, green onions, shiitake dust. […]

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The Weekly Dinner Roundup

2014.May.20 Tuesday

I’m just going to jump right into the dinners from this last weekend, without any long commentary. All went smoothly, a nice change of pace from recent weeks. Our heart of palm tart with manchego cheese and chipotle chili. Balsamic glaze underneath, arugula salad with mustard and smoked balsamic vinaigrette above. Minestrone d’Asti – potatoes, […]

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2014.May.18 Sunday

As some of you who follow me on various social media know, I’ve been playing around with “zucchini gnocchi”. Not zucchini flavored gnocchi where, as one friend suggested, I dehydrate and powder the zucchini and add it to regular ones, but those where the zucchini basically takes the place of the potato. In truth, despite […]

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