I get asked, a lot, for “coaching” or whatever the current buzzword is on opening a closed door restaurant. While it’s hard to distill the nearly 10 years of Casa S and all the dinners I used to do in NYC, plus a couple of decades of restaurant experience, down to anything that resembles the reality, I’ve come up with a few salient points for anyone venturing into this to think about before taking the plunge:

– First, anti-restaurants are restaurants, they’re just in a home or other space rather than a designated commercial building, and they’re not a new movement, they’ve been around for as long as other restaurants have, all the hype is just young people thinking they’ve made up something new.

– Loving to cook is wonderful, but cooking in a restaurant is not the same as cooking for your friends – people who are paying expect far more in quality, timing, presentation, and everything else, and they will be critical of what you do, even when you think you are doing everything right, and even when you really are doing everything right. People like to criticize.

– It’s a lot of work. think about when you prepare a dinner party or fiesta for a big group of people, and doing that every time you put on a dinner – you will probably want to think about getting some help – someone to clean up and help set up before a dinner, wash dishes during the dinner, and help clean up afterwards, you may even want help in the kitchen.

– It will be expensive to get started – less than a regular restaurant, but you still need to probably think about things like new plates, glasses, silverware, table settings, or at least making sure you really have enough of what you will need. Things will get broken, occasionally things will get stolen by your guests, so consider how your home is setup and what they will have access to. You will probably need more storage and refrigerator space than you think you do, not only for food items but for beverages.

– Depending on where you live, and in most places, it’s probably illegal to open an underground restaurant, do your research and find out what the laws are and what you penalties you might face if you get caught, and decide if it’s worth it to you. I do recommend taking whatever your community’s equivalent of a food handling safety course is, just so you understand the proper sanitation and storage procedures in organizing your kitchen. Also keep in mind local alcohol service laws (often those are “skirtable” by making things BYO).

– If it’s not fun, and most people who start one of these decide very quickly that it’s not fun, because it’s not like cooking for their friends or family, don’t do it. If you’re not enjoying yourself, it will show in the way you interact with your guests, and in your food. People will know.

– All that said, and despite that you can’t possibly prepare for what’s coming your way, if you’re still interested, go for it, it’s a grand adventure and at least for me, life has gotten immeasurably richer along the twisting path. I have met amazing people, had conversations and laughs and insights into life that likely never would have come my way not doing this.



Back to Work!

2015.Feb.24 Tuesday

Back last Wednesday and back to work on Thursday with a trio of dinners into the weekend. Just a quick round-up…. Fresh calamari and prawn salad, cherry tomatoes, celery, dressed with lemon, miso, celery leaf, rice vinegar, mirin, salt and white pepper; served over a pureed medium spicy rocoto sauce and garnished with cilantro. A […]

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Last Glimpses of San José

2015.Feb.19 Thursday
Thumbnail image for Last Glimpses of San José

I’ve had this slowly growing realization over the last few years that I really don’t like to go on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, I love to see and do new things, I love to meet new people. It’s the “vacating” part of vacation that I’m not enamored with – when […]

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The Jacó Pop-Up

2015.Feb.16 Monday
Thumbnail image for The Jacó Pop-Up

Books tend to start or end with acknowledg-ments, dinners rarely do. This pop-up event that I’ve been teasing you with over the last week or so started off as the glimmer of an idea in the mind of a chef turned hospitality consultant, Jon Hochstat. Jon and I were active in the New York restaurant […]

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Where Life’s a Beach

2015.Feb.15 Sunday
Thumbnail image for Where Life’s a Beach

Look, Jacó, Costa Rica, is not going to win any awards for World’s Most Beautiful City, or Best Place in the World to Dine, or anything else of the sort. The town of 10,000 is pretty much a strip mall of bars, restaurants, surf and souvenir shops. There seem to be two kinds of tourists […]

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A Little Biology, A Little Chocolate

2015.Feb.14 Saturday
Thumbnail image for A Little Biology, A Little Chocolate

Mostly just pictures today – a visit to the Tirimbina Biological Reserve and cocoa plantation. Seven of us in a mini-van from San Jose for an hour and a half to the north, and then a pretty beautiful day for hiking through the rainforest. My zoom lens came in handy this venture! Midway through the […]

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Four Meals, a Goodbye to San Jose

2015.Feb.13 Friday
Thumbnail image for Four Meals, a Goodbye to San Jose

I had planned to take a couple of days to go “somewhere” in Costa Rica between San Jose and Jacó, where I am now. The idea of visiting a cocoa plantation had gotten stuck in my mind, and I’d sent off inquiries to various spots that offered tours and/or accomodations, mostly along the Caribbean coast […]

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A Little Art, A Little Heart

2015.Feb.12 Thursday
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The days are starting to blur, and I’m falling a bit behind – here it is Thursday and I’m just posting about Sunday – however, some of that will get caught up – I can already see, Monday and Wednesday were pretty much do-nothing days, for different reasons, so they’ll end up a combined food-only […]

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Organics and the Red Moon Pizza

2015.Feb.11 Wednesday
Thumbnail image for Organics and the Red Moon Pizza

Vivi, my new local chef friend, suggested we meet up again on Saturday morning for a look at one of the city’s newer markets, the Feria Verde de Aranjuez, an organic food market that’s held every, well, Saturday morning. It’s held on the grounds of a local sports park in the zone of Aranjuez. Originally […]

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