So what have I been whipping up for home cooking while Henry’s been away. Gotta be “comfort food”, you know?


Spicy Tuna salad stuffed tomatoes – just what it says – hollowed out tomatoes filled with a tuna salad that’s been spiked up with garlic, mustard, and chilies.


Cold Kimchi Noodles – more somen noodles, tossed with chopped kimchi and the sauce used for making Korean fried chicken (gojuchang, rice vinegar, honey, sesame), julienne of pickled daikon, and halved soft boiled egg.


Bang Bang Chicken Salad – cold salad of poached chicken tossed in lots of szechuan pepper, chilies, garlic, scallions, and more! My version of this recipe.


Foratti with Blistered Shishitos – thick noodles tossed with blistered shishito peppers, lots of sliced garlic, a little onion, and finely chopped anchovy, all in a spicy olive oil.


Smoked salmon and wild rice soup – a milk and chicken stock based soup with wild rice, sweet potato, green onion, onion, garlic, and lots of smoked salmon – my version of a Minnesota classic.


Ramelette – an omelette, the eggs flavored with the seasoning packet from some instant ramen (shrimp), then folded over the cooked ramen noodles, and the whole thing topped with spicy sambal.


Instant Ramen Plus – or, just cooking up some instant ramen, light on the broth, and topping it with lots of garlic chives, togaroshi, and a soft boiled egg.


Tuna Noodle Casserole – I mean, what could be more comfort food to a Midwestern boy who grew up in the late 50s and 60s? It’s updated a bit – gluten free corn based noodles (just because, I’m not really that concerned about it, but I was experimenting), tossed with peas and canned tuna. A bechamel made with half milk and half a bacon and mushroom stock, spiced up with red onion, garlic, and aji limo chili. Mixed it all together, into the casserole dish, and topped with unsweetened cornflakes, a local soft, creamy cheese and some grated gran pampeano cheese (basically the Argentine version of grana padano). Baked. Consumed.



Chop Suey #9

2017.Mar.24 Friday
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Among other Asian dining, we continue here with a couple of entries from Sundays with Steven, the friend I’ve been exploring Flores with – we’ve made it a regular Sunday lunch for five weeks in a row now, checking a new spot each time.   Baik Kul Samgyupsal (White Dove Barbecue Shop), Av. Carabobo 1583 – […]

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Cooking the Books #5

2017.Mar.22 Wednesday
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Picking up from where we last left off…. De tapas con Quique Dacosta by Quique Dacosta, March 2016 (in Spanish) As a purely visual and recipe book, this one would deserve five stars. It’s beautifully presented, the recipes are tantalizing, the instructions are clear. Like many modernist cookbooks, there’s much in here that the average […]

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2017 Menu #9

2017.Mar.21 Tuesday
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March 15-17 2017 15-17 Marzo Salmon “Chili Water” – sliced salmon lightly cured in a mix of lime juice, cucumber, cilantro, onion, jalapeño, and salt; cucumber ribbons; fine dice of avocado, limo chili, and red onion; cilantro. Aguachile de Salmón Rosado – salmón rosado rebanado y curado ligeramente en una mezcla de jugo de lima, pepino, cilantro, […]

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Bite Marks #38

2017.Mar.19 Sunday
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Amore’s Pizza, Arenales 1721, Recoleta – This recently opened place here in the ‘hood smells delightful when you wander down the block. I’ve passed it by a couple of times since it opened and tucked it away in my mind to order up from them soon. And then, one day, passing by, I thought I’d […]

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2017 Menu #8

2017.Mar.13 Monday
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8-10 Marzo / March 8-10 2017 Roasted Palm Heart & Tomato Salad, Amaranth – broiled palm heart halves, broiled sliced tomatoes with basil, amaranth with chili oil and raspberry vinegar, guacamole puree, black olive and sun-dried tomato puree, cilantro. Ensalada de Palmitos y Tomates al Horno, Amaranta – medio palmitos asados, rodajas de tomate asadas […]

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Chop Suey #8

2017.Mar.12 Sunday
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You already know how this works…. Buena Suerte, Cuenca 1339, Villa Santa Rita – There are several Chinese “rotiserias”, primarily takeout spots, called Buena Suerte, or Good Luck, in various parts of town (in fact, I could probably do a whole post just running around comparing them). I don’t think there’s any relationship between them other […]

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Put a Bun On It

2017.Mar.09 Thursday
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Time for a few more burgers. I’ve been keeping them in reserve for just this moment…. Baum Cervecería, Honduras 5720, Palermo – Anyone who’s been in BA in the last year or so has seen the exponential rise of craft beer bars. Two years ago, you were lucky if you could find a craft beer […]

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Ingredients 101 – Melon Madness 1

2017.Mar.06 Monday
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Now that I’m back to visiting the bajo Flores Koreatown (sometimes it just takes facing your anxieties, and it helps to have friends willing to assist), there are all sorts of ingredients to look at. I thought I’d look at a trio of melons, or cucumbers (same family), that are in season right now.  Two of […]

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