Pretty as a picture, no?

Basically, prawns/shrimp, five ways.

Risotto of shallots and dried baby shrimp, made with broth from some prawn shells. Finished with a little butter.

Ají de langostinos – the same yellow chili sauce we use to make ají de gallina, with prawns sauteed at last moment and then tossed with the sauce, then arranged on top.

Sous vide 64° egg in the center.

Crispy prawn head crumble – fried the prawn heads in oil until crispy, then drained them and blitzed them with toasted almonds and lemon zest. [Credit for that idea to Sara Oteri, a contestant on this season of MasterChef Australia]

Took that same oil, added in the balance of the shells, and made an intense prawn oil.

Parsley puree and parsley leaves. I think the only change I’d make would be to stir a little chopped parsley through the risotto at the last minute as well.



The Sentinel of Villa Crespo

2015.Jul.23 Thursday
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Roughly three months ago I had dinner at Paladar Buenos Aires, one of the other well regarded closed door restaurants here in town. I had a delightful dinner and enjoyed all the food, loved the ambiance… all the good stuff. Pablo and Ivana were warm and welcoming, we were all taken care of well, it […]

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Ay Sea Phood

2015.Jul.21 Tuesday
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Several people have complained that I no longer do full write-ups of our Casa S dinners, having opted for a scattering of more detailed, individual recipes of dishes that have been particularly successful. On the other hand, when I was doing full write-ups, roughly the same number of people (possibly the same people, now that […]

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Bite Marks #20

2015.Jul.18 Saturday
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I originally set out to do a little change-up on my Bite Marks series of quick looks at spots, more or less precursors to searching out places worthy of more in-depth reviews. I had this idea in my mind about doing something with Numb3rs that almost immediately began to feel like it was more work […]

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The Cooking Class: Empanaditas Chinas

2015.Jul.15 Wednesday
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I’m not going to get into the whole origin of these little dumplings. Some of the history is fairly well known – in China they’re called jiaozi, in Japan, gyoza, and in other countries, other things (here, pretty much regardless of which ethnic version, they’re called empanaditas chinas, then again, anyone looking remotely Asian is […]

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Food from the Land of Big Water

2015.Jul.13 Monday
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Forget the stories of Venezuela being named some version of “Little Venice”, a popular, though pretty much disproved theory of the origin of its name. Local lingo called the area around Lake Maracaibo “Veneciuela”, meaning “big water”, and all actual evidence, including preserved correspondence from explorers at the time corroborates that. Yesterday was the 4th […]

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To The Sea

2015.Jul.11 Saturday
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I was mildly miffed. Not seriously or anything, but mildly. The folk behind the Astrid & Gastón juggernaut weren’t biting. Big, pre-opening lunch about six weeks ago with invitations out to pretty much all my colleagues here in town with food blogs, columns, etc. to showcase the opening of La Mar Cebicheria, Arévalo 2024, Palermo. […]

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Plate by Plate: Mushroom Ficelle “al Ajillo”

2015.Jul.06 Monday
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A ficelle, or really, a ficelle picarde, is a type of stuffed, rolled crepe, coated in grated cheese and broiled. Since a ficelle is also a type of bread loaf, similar to a baguette but much thinner, I assume the etymology of the name relates to the shape. Literally, I guess, the word means “string”, […]

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Bite Marks #19

2015.Jul.04 Saturday
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First off, I haven’t abandoned you all, I’ve just been working on redesigning my personal website where I archive all my published articles and such, and it’s taking more time than I thought it would, around dinners and cooking classes and all that. On to the latest hotspots. Just an attitude comment. As things like […]

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