Recently I’ve gotten a bunch of suggestions to create some videos around what we do at Casa SaltShaker. It’s a bit of a logistical nightmare – during the day, while prepping, I’m solo, which means I also need to do whatever camera or video work is going to happen. During the dinners themselves, we’re just a bit busy being hospitable and putting plates of food together to do much more. But I thought I’d give a try at a basic video – down the line there might be something else – we’ve been talking about capturing the online “competitions”. We shall see. For the moment, take this as a one-off short video of dinner preparations… it’s a mix of mostly photos and a few short clips, but it added both close to an hour to my preparation time, and another hour plus of figuring out how to put the video together. But it was an interesting exercise.

And, the menu:

Roasted Beet & Leek Salad
Roasted Beet & Leek Salad with toasted pistachios, blue cheese mousse, and watercress vinaigrette

Butternut Squash Soup
Butternut Squash Soup with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme; salted yogurt, togaroshi oil

Jibia & Salmon Blanco Causa
Causa of Braised Humboldt Squid (jibia) and Sand Perch (salmon blanco), spicy avocado and piquillo purees

Adobo de matambrito
Spicy Braised Pork Flank (basically, adobo de chancho) with charred eggplant puree, roasted cherry tomatoes, steamed papalisas and fresh peas

King Kong
King Kong – a reinterpretation of the classic Peruvian treat – here with banana and peanut butter base, pineapple cheesecake, quince paste, spiced peanut crumble, sea salt caramel



Bite Marks #2

2014.Aug.28 Thursday

Hamburgers, hot dogs, sushi, and homestyle Peruvian cooking. A trio of mini-reviews and one with a bit more to it. Come along for the ride! I was at the Abasto and just felt like grabbing something quick to eat, without resorting to spending an hour or more at one of the neighborhood’s surrounding restaurants. So […]

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It’s the shrooms, man.

2014.Aug.26 Tuesday

Seriously, it was all about the ‘shrooms. Except for the one person who wouldn’t try them because the smell of mushrooms makes her nauseous. Not to be cliche, but I think she’s just never tried them the way I make them. And we’ve had some hits on the mushroom front here at Casa S – […]

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New Friends on the Street

2014.Aug.24 Sunday

Started off last week on another walkabout with the intent to snap a photo every 100 paces or so. Almost immediately decided it would be more interesting to snap photos of people on the streets – it was a beautiful day, everyone was out. But, I’d not brought along my zoom lens, so at that […]

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Top-Master-Chopped-Iron-Chef #4

2014.Aug.22 Friday

Dan: Dark Meat Chicken and Celery Kevin: Potatoes and Cilantro Dan: It was time for round four of our online cooking competition, and we’d just simultaneously tossed off our picks for the challenge ingredients. This one was hard. It doesn’t look like it should be – no weird ingredients, nothing out of the ordinary. But, […]

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Classic Reinterpretation

2014.Aug.19 Tuesday

As the winter draws to a close here tourism is on the rise and business is picking up. Along with more folk from other lands, we’re also suddenly seeing a resurgence of locals coming for dinner. My first thought was that someone must have published an article in which we were included but asking folk […]

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92 Bus, Stops 54 – 63

2014.Aug.18 Monday

Having been gone for a month, it’s been awhile since I’ve headed out on the great pizza trek. We left off having just hit the edge of Caballito. The path from here, at least for a bit, will straddle two zones at once, as we move along Avenida Corrientes, a hotbed of pizzerias – first, […]

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Bite Marks #1

2014.Aug.14 Thursday

I’ve decided to entitle my little mini-reviews, announcements, etc., as Bite Marks – I just like the sound of it, and it more or less indicates what it is – not full fledged reviews or writeups, just scribblings, marks, on the blog feed. I’m tempted to go back and re-title past posts of the same […]

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Back to Uruguayan Wine

2014.Aug.11 Monday

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since my big tour of Uruguayan wineries. It resulted in a series of blog posts starting here and an article in Wine Business. While Uruguayan wines are more readily available in the States than they were at that time, they’re still pretty scarce – much of that […]

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