The Best of… Restaurant Maps

You can find the listings of things like my favorite restaurants, or my searches for the “best of” in the various subcategories below this page in the column. Here, I’ve gathered together the various maps from all those pages and more!

The best thing to do is click on the little “expansion” icon in the upper right corner of any given map which will give you a full sized version, with more detail!

Latin American Restaurants – Andean cuisine, particularly from Peru and Bolivia, are among our favorites, and we’ve set a background goal to try every place in town over time, along with scattered ones from other places. Over time I expanded this to include the rest of Latin America. Doesn’t include Argentine restaurants as we’ve got those in various other maps.

Iconic Argentine dishes – dishes that are particularly considered part of Argentina’s cultural heritage, most of which have been officially declared as such by the government, or other powers that be.

Sushi! – I love sushi. Henry doesn’t. So most of these are places I’ve checked out solo or with friends.

RamenQuest – Who doesn’t love a big steaming bowl of soup with noodles?

Asian Dumplings – Asian dumplings of all types, well, almost all, I had to pick and choose what constituted a dumpling, for me.

Pan-Asian ExtravaganzaA map of all the Asian spots I’ve reviewed in BA, by cuisine.

Nature’s Most Perfect Food – The pizza, because, pizza.

The Burger Scene – In the last couple of years the whole gourmet burger thing has hit BA hard. There are more out there than I even want to try, and they close up as fast as they open. The page also has listings, though not a map, for tacos and hot wings.

The Wrap – Shawarma, in all its various middle eastern guises, because who doesn’t love meat sliced off a rotisserie?

Fried Chicken Because, fried chicken.

In the Mood for Jew Food – Don’t get bent out of shape by the name, read the explanation – kosher and non-kosher spots…

Craft Beer Bars, Wine Bars, and Creative Cocktail Bars – no rankings, just notes from myself and a local friend about our experiences at each that we’ve tried.

Recoleta – Just because it’s our neighborhood and the one we know the best. A little of everything – pretty much everywhere we’ve tried in the ‘hood over the years.

Dining Around the World – As we’ve traveled since this blog started in 2005, I’ve documented most of what we’ve eaten. So if you find yourself somewhere we’ve been….

The To-Do List – There are so many places that have been recommended to me over the years, and I don’t remotely have time to get to them all. But, I keep this map so that as I travel about, I can find places near to wherever I may be! And, always happy to take more recommendations – they may just take some time until I get to them.

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