Grill Marks

While obviously, I hope, the ultimate parrillada (mixed grill) would be a great asado (barbecue) in the backyard off of your own parrilla (grill), with friends, beer, wine, etc.; a couple of us were sitting around and talking about eating out at parrillas. We realized that to have a truly fantastic parrilla meal, we’d need to restaurant hop from one place to the next to have different parts of the cow (&/or other animals). This is the list we came up with, along with some recommendations from other folks in the city that I haven’t checked out yet – and I’ll make changes if/as I find better choices! Most of the restaurants are listed in my restaurant reviews for further reading. Maybe one day we can get a group together and work our way through some portion of this list!

Sausages (+):

Chorizos (pork) – Miranda in Palermo Viejo
Chorizos (chicken) – La Porteña in Martinez
Morcillas (black/blood sausages) – La Carnicería in Palermo
Provoleta (grilled provolone) – La Cholita in Barrio Norte
Provoleta liquida (melted in dish style) – El Pobre Luis in Belgrano
Provoleta de cabra (grilled goat cheese) – La Brigada in San Telmo
Provoleta rellena – Le Celeste in Palermo Viejo


Chinchulines (intestines) – Pichi Huasi in Barrio Norte
Chotos (another version of intestines) – Le Celeste in Palermo Viejo
Higado (liver) – Las Cholas in Las Cañitas
Mollejas (sweetbreads) – Lalo in Congreso
Riñones (kidneys) – La Brigada in San Telmo

Cuts of Beef:

Bife de Chorizo (porterhouse) – Des Nivel in San Telmo
Bife de Lomo (sirloin) – Duhau Restaurante & Vinoteca in Recoleta
Lomito Sandwich – Rodi-Bar in Recoleta
Cuadril (rump steak) – Don Julio in Palermo Viejo
Entraña (hangar steak) – Lalo in Congreso
Filet (filet mignon) – La Olla de Felix in Barrio Norte
Ojo de Bife (boneless ribeye) – La Carnicería in Palermo
Peceto – El Nuevo Vencedor in Villa del Parque
Peceto completo (sandwich) – Café Paulin in Centro
Tira de Asado (crosscut ribs) – Parrilla Peña in Centro

Other animals/specialties:

Bondiola (pork tenderloin) – Sucre in Belgrano
Cochinillo (roast suckling pig) – Primero Corte in Congreso
Chivito (goat) – El Establo in Microcentro
Costilla de ternera (veal chop) – Bella Italia in Palermo
Matambre casero (stuffed, rolled veal flank) – Munich in Recoleta
Matambre al carbón/rescoldo – El Sanjuanino in Recoleta
Pamplonas (rolled grilled meat, cheese and filling) – Le Celeste in Palermo Viejo
Papas Fritas (french fries) – Rodi-Bar in Recoleta (especially the provencal ones)
Pollo (chicken) – La Cholita in Barrio Norte