Like White Fish on Rice

When the siren song of sushi calls, one must answer. Except for the five best, these are just listed alphabetically within their rankings.

The Five Best – Sushi you lie in bed wet-dreaming about

  1. Club M Omakase (Palermo)
  2. Kitayama (Belgrano)
  3. Matsuoka (Almagro)
  4. Nihonbashi (Once)
  5. Ichisou (Congreso)

Five Wasabi – Sushi you lie in bed dreaming about

Hikaru (Almagro)
La Mar (Palermo)
Maki (Recoleta)
Niji (Nuñez)
Osaka (Puerto Madero)
Paru Inkas Sushi & Grill (Belgrano)
Pi-Chi-Klin (Once) (kosher)

Sintesis (Recoleta)
Zanshin (Chacarita)

Four Wasabi – Sushi you daydream about

Boken (Palermo)
Dashi (Palermo)
El Quinto (Belgrano)
Gako (Recoleta)
Hoshi (Palermo)
Irifune (Retiro)
Marui (Recoleta)
Miyako (Floresta)
Nicky New York (Palermo)
Nikkei 2020 (Once)
Nobiru Izakaya (Belgrano)

Osaka (Palermo)
Sashimiya (Once)

Sushi Now (Belgrano)
Tanizaki (Palermo)
Tenkuu (Palermo)

Three Wasabi – Sushi you have fleeting thoughts about

Che (Palermo)
Comedor Nikkai (San Telmo)
Dashi (Palermo chico)
Dashi (Barrio Chino)
Dashi (Recoleta)
Fabric Sushi (Palermo)

Fujisan (Belgrano)
Furusato (Chacarita – delivery only)
Gran Bar Danzon (Recoleta)
Haru Sushi (Microcentro)

Jiro (Palermo)
Kokoro (Palermo)
Kono Temakeria (Las Cañitas)
Kotobuki (Palermo)
Kyodo (Recoleta)
Shokudo (San Telmo)
Sasori (Palermo)
Sensei (Recoleta)
Sipan (Palermo)
Sushi Club (Las Cañitas)
Sushi Ko (Floresta & Palermo) (kosher)

Sushi Mas III (Colegiales)
T’ppan (Recoleta)
Trés Dragones (Palermo)
Wasabi’s (Palermo)
Zensato (Recoleta)

Two Wasabi – Sushi that occurs to you in your lowest moments

Akira Nikkei (Barrio Norte)
Mir O’Hashi (Recoleta)
Okiren (San Cristobal)
Salemttino (Once) (kosher)

Sushi Club (Barrio Norte)
One Wasabi – Sushi that nightmares are made of

Futu (Villa Crespo)
Kanu (Palermo)
La Causa Nikkei (Recoleta)
Sushi Boom (San Cristobal)
Sushi Pop (Villa Crespo)


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