In the Mood for Jew Food

Before anyone gets all bent out of shape by the title, it came from a comment (that did get me bent out of shape) from a customer: ““My name is Charles and I’m white and from Boston. I see from your bio that you’re JEWISH. I’ve never eaten JEW food and don’t think I’d like it. Don’t serve any.”

It just seems apt to use it at this moment. Here, I’m mapping out restaurants serving what might fall into that category, be they kosher or not.

My usual color legend for the map (and below) – dark green is highly recommended, light green is recommended, yellow is okay, pink is meh, and red is not recommended.

To separate them out at a glance, I’ll use different icons for styles:

Square: Kosher, serving meat (fleishig)
Round: Kosher, not serving meat (milchig)
Teardrop: Not Kosher



“Cooking like Jewish grandmother you always wished you had.”

  • Eretz, Malabia 1583, Palermo – modern Israeli with a specialty in brochettes, kebabs, and shawarma, not kosher
  • Mishiguene, Lafinur 3368, Palermo – Israeli with a strong hit of modernist cooking, not kosher
  • Pi-Chi-Klin, Tucumán 2648, Once – Kosher sushi and nikkei cooking, quite good

“A tip of the yamulke for a delicious meal!”

  • Ajim, Tucumán 2620, Once – Kosher sandwich and snacks shop, great shawarma and pastrami
  • Cheff Iusef, Malabia 1378, Palermo – I’ll be honest, I’m not sure of my facts here, but I’m given to understand that this really good Lebanese, non-Kosher restaurant is owned by the family of the Grand Rebbe of Beirut.
  • hola Jacoba, Thames 1801, Palermo – modern recreations of traditional dishes from both Sephardic (Middle Eastern) and Ashkenazic (Eastern European) traditions, not kosher
  • Helueni – Delicias Arabes Orientales, Córdoba 2495, Recoleta – primarily a store, where you can buy spices and pickles and various preparations for your own cooking, or prepared baked goods, both savory and sweet, and, there’s a small counter along one side where you can sit and eat from the Syrian Jewish specialties, kosher fleishig/meat
  • Lalo Helueni, Tucumán 2755, Once – Syrian Jewish shop offering a selection of pastries and nibbles to eat there as well
  • My Bagel, Azcuénaga 758, Once – “New York style” bagel shop – kosher milchig/dairy
  • Vivace, Federico Lacroze 1786, Belgrano – Kosher bakery and casual eatery with a specialty in Italian-Argentine dishes
  • Yafo, Paso 747, Once – Kosher shawarma and falafel shop

“Just eat, it’ll put some meat on your bones.”

  • Al Galope, Tucumán 2633, Once – Kosher steakhouse, hit and miss food
  • McDonald’s Kosher, Abasto Shopping Mall, Av. Corrientes 3247, Once – To be upfront, haven’t tried the place, but just include it here for those who like McD’s and know what the food is – obviously, no cheeseburgers, bacon, or milkshakes. Noted as the only kosher McDonald’s outside of Israel.
  • Soultani, San Luis 2601, Once – Kosher (milchig/dairy) pizzeria – good, no wow, favorite is the pizzaiola – garlic and tomato pizza
  • Sushi Ko, Argerich 922, Floresta – Kosher sushi, mostly just takeout and delivery – average quality, nothing special
  • Sushi Ko, Juan Francisco Seguí 3809, Palermo – Kosher sushi, mostly just takeout and delivery – average quality, nothing special

“There are children starving in Europe” “Fine, send it to them, I don’t want to eat it.”

  • Liliana Helueni, Santiago del Estero 244, Monserrat – Mediocre Syrian Jewish, not kosher (I don’t think) restaurant
  • Salemttino, Paso 751, Once – Mediocre kosher sushi and sandwiches, mostly “grab and go” in refrigerator cases
  • Sucath David, Tucumán 2349, Once – Kosher steakhouse and middle easter fare

“Bottom of the pickle barrel”

  • Benaim, Gorriti 4015, Palermo – modern Israeli gastropub, not kosher
  • Big Mamma, Juramento 2156, Belgrano – worse than mediocre, non kosher “New York style” deli sandwich spot

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