Dumpling Diving

Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. I do love my dumplings. Now, I could have made this a completely global sort of look, but then, what exactly constitutes a dumpling? Are ravioli dumplings? Or are what we call dumplings in a bowl of chicken and dumplings, really dumplings? They probably are, as the definition is something to the effect of “a savory ball of dough that’s been boiled or fried”, but it’s not what I think of when someone says, “let’s go grab some dumplings”. So I’m going with just Asian, and filled dumplings – things like gyoza, jiaozi, mandugai, guabao, and xiaolongbao. My page, my rules.

Five Chopsticks

Four Chopsticks

Three Chopsticks

Two Chopsticks

One Chopstick

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