Nature’s Most Perfect Food

The Buenos Aires Pizza Trail

Originally, this page started out as my 92 bus pizza trek – a long story, the premise of which is laid out on the first page of the quest. But at some point, I decided to turn it into a general “all the pizza” I’ve eaten in BA page. I did keep the map separated into two “layers”, so you can still visualize just the quest on it if you like (I think, we’ll see how that goes). The map allows you to find things by location, while the list below is simply alphabetical – color coded like the map – Dark green is highly recommended, light green is recommended, orange (because yellow is hard to read in text) is okay/average, pink is not recommended, and red is no way in hell, and the month/year following is the last review of the place (not necessarily the last time visited, if we like a place, we go back!). Needless to say, is there any reason to go to one of them that isn’t a shade of green?