92 Bus Pizza Trek


92 bus

“I had a dream. A dream of pizzas. And the 92 bus.”

So begins an odyssey of epic adventure as I detail my trek through the inner city of Buenos Aires, following the route of the 92 bus, ida y vuelta, in search of pizza worth hopping on the aqua and cream colored public conveyance of the Empresa Microomnibus Saenz Peña SRL group. My voyage of discovery takes me from the railroad hospital behind Retiro’s train and bus station, through Recoleta, Palermo, Almagro, Villa Crespo, Caballito, Flores, Parque Avellaneda and Mataderos as I, and friends, sample my/our way through the good and bad of the slice world (color coded below for those not red-green color blind – red = don’t go, un-colored = okay/average, green = recommended, and if bolded, it’s a strong recommendation). Come along for the ride – it’s slow going, but it’s happening. [And the map: Excellent – bold green; Good – light green; Okay – yellow; Bad – red; Terrible – bold red]


73/92 eaten (79%)


#1-2 – From Retiro to RecoletaMitre, Piacere

#3 – Marching through Recoleta – Caballito, [Plaza]

A mistake on our route[Punto, Morita]

#4-5 – Straddling Recoleta and PalermoSol de Díaz, Donna

#6-7 – Continuing the straddleAccademia, FuenSanta

#8-13 – Edging into Palermo – Todo Relleno, Yerman, Zapi, Morillo, Procacchia, Pachi

#14-16 – Wandering through Almagro – La Continental, El Trebol, El Dany

#17-19 – Walking the line of Villa CrespoLa Morena II, San Jorge, Zapi

#20-23 – On into Caballito¡Salute, Garibaldi!, Ale, San Camilo, Sabores

#24-27 – Foraying into FloresCutter’s Caffe, Telmita, Pizza Show, El Pino

#28-31 – Tramping the Avenue in Flores – San Jose, Kentucky, Pizza Joy, Dalton Pizzeria & Cafe

#32-37 – From Flores into Floresta – Urbano, Clapton, Tio Pipa’s, Pizza & Birra, Saxon, Lamarca

#38-40 – Floresta to Vélez SarsfieldMburucuyá, La Posta, El Gran Señor

#41-43 – Vélez Sarsfield to Parque AvellanedaPlaza del Sol, La Porterita, El Viejo Torino

#44-48 – The Turning Point – Parque Avellaneda to Mataderos and all the way back to CaballitoPapi Pizza!!!, El Rincón de Marcos, Pizza Joy, Morris, 33 de Mano

#49-53 – Back in CaballitoEl Gran Corsini, Los Gigantes de la pizza, La Posta de Caballito, Rincón Norteño, El Destino

#54-63 – Marching down the Avenue – La Burladesa, Catania, La Dorita, Las Floristas, Jimbo, San Miguel, Pin Pun, Todo Relleno, La Continental, Los Gigantes

#64-66 – Returning to Barrio Norte – La Nueva Pipa, Mandiyu, Boniato

#67 – La Barra, Retiro
#68 – Dixs, Recoleta
#69-70 – La Salteña, Almagro; BaReK, Flores
#71-73 – La Gambeta, Villa Crespo; Pizza Bum!!, Floresta; Alhambra, Velez Sarsfield
#74 – Stazione della Pizza, Retiro

… (to be added to as the journey continues)

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