2017 Menu #37

2017.Nov.01 Wednesday
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October 25-28 – 2017 – 25-28 de Octubre   Calamari “Causa” – Potato puree base flavored with green onion, green chili, lime juice, olive oil, salt; Sardinian style calamari salad with mint, basil, celery, red onions, tomatoes, garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper; cashew, guajillo chili, sun-dried tomato puree. First photo is better, but […]

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The Whine Bar

2017.Oct.29 Sunday
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There have, historically, been very few places in Buenos Aires that could be considered wine bars. Part of it seems to be the definition – this is the only city I’ve ever spent any length of time in where simply having a long wine list and offering to open a bottle at your table seems […]

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Meat & Bread, Once Again

2017.Oct.27 Friday
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Time for another round-up of a quartet of shawarma and a trio of burgers… a very mixed bag in terms of quality this time around.   Al Árabe, El Salvador 4999, Palermo – This one’s getting a lot of raves, and I wandered in to give the much touted shawarma a try…. Very, very good. […]

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2017 Menu #36

2017.Oct.24 Tuesday
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October 17-21 – 2017 – 17-21 de Octubre   Shrimp “Solterito” Arequipa Style – salad of potato, broad beans, corn, tomato, black olives, red onion, rocoto chili, parsley, oregano, gouda cheese; mayonnaise of egg yolk, concentrated shrimp stock, lemon juice, black vinegar, olive oil; radichetta oil. Solterito Arequipeño con Camarones – ensalada de papa, habas, […]

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Dumpling Divas!

2017.Oct.23 Monday
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This one was slated to be part of yesterday’s post, but it became clear that both were destined to be too long to combine into one, and this place is worthy of its own standalone review anyway! Behind an unassuming facade with little more than a round sign above the door stating the name of […]

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Chop Suey #17

2017.Oct.20 Friday
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So, what do we have this time around? Chinese, Pseudo-Taiwanese, and Sushi!   Ma Yuan, Av. Belgrano 3643, Almagro – Little neighborhood spot that seats maybe thirty people. It came highly recommended by a couple of friends who live in the area. Two visits, about a week apart…. Clean, brightly lit room, cute waiter. Easily […]

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2017 Menu #35

2017.Oct.18 Wednesday
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11-13 de octubre 2017 October 11-13   Grouper “Chili Water” – cubes of grouper cured in lime juice, cucumber, onion, cilantro, mint, serrano chili; strips of salted cucumber; fine dice of avocado, red onion, piri-piri chili. Aguachile de Mero – dados de mero curado en jugo de lima, pepino, cebolla, cilantro, menta, ají serrano; tiras […]

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Bite Marks #49

2017.Oct.16 Monday
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La Guitarrita, Cuba 3300, Nuñez – This one has been on my map for awhile, just because it comes recommended by several sources, though none of them personal friends. Then there was an article about the owner, and how he took on resuscitating a failing pizzeria that his parents had started years before (I think […]

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Cooking the Books #6

2017.Oct.13 Friday
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What’s been on the culinary reading stack recently? The Culinary Imagination: From Myth to Modernity by Sandra M. Gilbert (2014) Started off with a bang, looking at the contemporary food scene, foodies, farm to table, and at the same time, the contrast of fast food and rising obesity rates. And then, unless you’re into the […]

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