The Càihua of the South Lake

2017.Jul.06 Thursday
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’tis the season and all that (being winter down here in BA). Lots of brassicas, be they cabbages, brussels sprouts, broccoli, or cauliflower. I hadn’t planned on a Chinese dish, or more specifically a Hunan dish, for dinner, but wanted something spicy that used up most of a head of cauliflower (càihua) that was in the refrigerator, […]

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Chop Suey #14

2017.Jul.04 Tuesday
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We’ll start off this round of Chop Suey in the Floresta Koreatown. Bit by bit, I think I’m putting together the most comprehensive guide to the two Koreatowns… in town (and probably true of Chinatown too). The map of Asian spots and where and what to eat continues to expand!   Silvy, Morón 2974, Floresta […]

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Off the Burners

2017.Jul.03 Monday
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Just a look back at the last month’s worth of home meals (that weren’t intended as experiments for Casa SaltShaker).   Pan seared pork chop with vegetable rice and homemade XO sauce   Split pea soup with white cheddar and serrano chili biscuits (actually, the biscuits were a trial run for Casa S)   Anticuchos […]

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Peculiar Pastas #3

2017.Jun.30 Friday
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Let’s start with the money shot…. Now that’s, in my opinion, a mouthwatering bowl of pasta. The pasta, Strozzapreti, the sauce, an Italian sausage ragú. I’m not going to get into all the legends behind the “invention” of strozzapreti, a traditional hand-rolled pasta from central Italy. The name translates as “priest stranglers” and I leave you […]

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2017 Menu #23

2017.Jun.27 Tuesday
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June 21-23 – 2017 – 21-23 de Junio   Sole in “Chili Water” – sole cured in lime juice, cucumber, onion, garlic, serrano chili, cilantro and mint, salt; cucumber strips; finely diced salad of avocado, red onion, piri-piri chili; mint and cilantro leaves. Aguachile de lenguado – lenguado curado en jugo de lima, pepino, cebolla, ajo, […]

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2017 Menu #22

2017.Jun.21 Wednesday
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June 16-17 – 2017 – 16-17 de Junio   Griddled White Asparagus with Homemade XO Sauce – white asparagus brushed with charcoal infused olive oil, browned on the griddle; saute of toasted peanuts and green onions; homemade XO sauce; limo chliies. Esparragós Blancos a la Plancha con Salsa XO Casera – esparragós blancos cepillados con […]

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Bite Marks #42

2017.Jun.19 Monday
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Let’s start with a sort of “lead restaurant” for this edition…. Kyung Mi Jong, Pumacahua 730, Parque Chacabuco – A bit off the beaten path from the two Koreatowns. I’m not sure if it used to be called “Galbi”, as it shows up on some maps that way, or it’s changed names/owners – my guess […]

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2017 Menu #21

2017.Jun.17 Saturday
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June 13-15 – 2017 – 13-15 de Junio   Classic Sole Ceviche – Sole, cured in lemon and lime juice, salt, limo chilies, cilantro, red onion, ginger, garlic, black pepper; sweetcorn; sweet potato; toasted, salted corn kernels. Ceviche Clásico de Lenguado – Lenguado, curado en jugos de limón y lima, sal, ajíes limos, cilantro, cebolla […]

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2017 Menu #20

2017.Jun.12 Monday
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June 9-10 2017 9-10 de Junio   Salmon Tartare – crust of potato chips, flour, butter, romano cheese; diced salmon and red onion in mayonnaise made from egg yolk, sesame and prickly oils, lime juice, cilantro; fine dice of avocado, cucumber, radish in Torrontés wine vinegar and salt; cherry tomato slices and cilantro; tomato seeds […]

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