Reinventing the Whisk


The world’s most special online cooking challenge! Unbridled creativity at its finest! Fun and games galore! [Originally, and for the first four episodes, we called this series “Top-Master-Chopped-Iron Chef”, but we hated the name.]

Episode #1 – lamb, beets, mussels, leeks – and, the intro to the whole concept

Episode #2 – salmon, artichokes, tomatoes, cauliflower

Episode #3 – fish roe, lemons, potatoes, paprika

Episode #4 – dark meat chicken, celery, potatoes, cilantro

Episode #5 – Newborn Sole Veronique

Episode #6 – Pad Thai

Episode #7 – squid, chard, jalapeños

Episode #8 – avocado and eggplant in a French West Indian style

Episode #9 – lamb, ginger, blue cheese

Episode #10 – chicken, crab, button mushrooms

Episode #11 – coconut, eggs, oregano, rosemary

Episode #12 – seafood (any), cauliflower, tahini, sumac (options if not available: goji berries, pink peppercorns)

Episode #13 – smoked fish, radicchio, mascarpone, lemon

Episode #14…. coming soon!

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