Ingredients 101

Market Haul

A collection of links to posts I’ve made on various ingredients that will help you get to know both the familiar and the unusual that we find here in the Buenos Aires markets.


Ciboulettes/Cebollínes – chives, garlic chives, flowering chives

Huacatay – Amazon Black Mint

Quirquiña – Bolivian coriander



Ajies peruanos – Peruvian chilies (limos, rocotos, amarillos, mirasol, panca)



Mandioca – Cassava, Manioc, Yuca

Nabo Japones – Daikon

Oca – New Zealand Yam

Papalisa/Olluquito – small Andean tuber

Papañame/Malanga – taro root


Vegetables & Fruits

Acelga – Swiss chard

Arvejas y Habas – peas, snowpeas, and broad beans

Berenjena – eggplant

Brócoli – broccoli

Chamoe (melón coreano) – Korean melon

Lao huang gua (pepino coreano) – Old Yellow Melon/Korean Cucumber

Melón amargo, o balsamina – bitter melon

Papas del aire – chayote, christophene, custard marrow

Zapallitos redondos – globe zucchini, eight-ball zucchini



Cortes – Cuts of beef

Pescados del mar 1 – ocean fish 1

Pescados del mar 2 – ocean fish 2

Pescados del río – river/freshwater fish

Mollejitas de pollo – chicken giblets

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