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A Year After the Mayan Apocalypse

2013.Dec.31 Tuesday

Oh let’s see, once again everyone out there is putting forth their end of year wrap-ups and I feel near obligated to participate. Actually, it’s kind of fun to look back and see what’s new, changed, etc. and look forward to a new year. Past editions of this were 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2007. In […]

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Proofed and Ready to Print

2013.Mar.25 Monday

I don’t often post twice in one day, generally I only post 2-3 times a week, but since this afternoon the final approval copy of my new book arrived via Fedex and after flipping through it I confirmed with the publisher that it’s ready to go to print, I can’t, obviously, resist posting a second […]

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My Top in BA. For the Moment.

2013.Feb.16 Saturday

It’s an ever changing thing to answer the question, “What’s your favorite… X?” It’s also probably the most common question I get asked both by e-mail and in person by guests at Casa S. Recently, luxury travel magazine The Address asked me the same and gave me a whole bunch of pages to answer the […]

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A Fish (or Eight) Less Common

2013.Jan.19 Saturday

Picking up where I left off a few weeks ago with looking at some of the ocean fish that are available here, today we’ll hit a couple of common ones, but mostly, some that aren’t seen all that often. It’s more a function of what photos I happen to have than anything else. More to […]

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2012 Gone, Without an Apocalypse

2013.Jan.02 Wednesday

Not that the Mayans ever predicted the end of the world this last month, having only laid out the end of one in a series of “long cycles” of the calendar (amazing what people will reinterpret for their apocalyptic fantasies), but given that I’m writing this and you’re reading it, the long awaited and much […]

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Little Fish in the Ocean So Blue

2012.Dec.23 Sunday

It’s going on two years since I wrote up my much referenced post on the local freshwater fish around here. At the time I had plans to continue on and cover the various ocean fish in the area as well, plus offer up various ways of preparing all the different catch o’ the day that […]

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Food Tours Launch!

2012.Apr.06 Friday

Rama Tours launches new Buenos Aires food tours for iPhone/iPad including two of mine – San Telmo & Recoleta! Android version coming soon….

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Blessed Bread with Chewy Soul

2011.Oct.29 Saturday

The title is from Wally Glickman’s Ode to a Bagel, do check it out. Expat culture is not homogenous, it is made up of people from a large number of countries and cultures. Each expat comes with not only their personal quirks, baggage, hopes and expectations, but often their cultural ones. While those of us […]

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Fish Gotta Swim…

2011.Feb.05 Saturday

“I love fishing. You put that line in the water and you don’t know what’s on the other end. Your imagination is under there.” – Robert Altman, Director My recent trip up to San Pedro got me thinking about the various fish that are available to eat here in Buenos Aires and surrounds. It is […]

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