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The Locro Line-Up: Choclo Desgranado

2017.Sep.07 Thursday
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Continuing my little investigations into various locro recipes, this time, a corn based locro from north central Argentina. Okay, what do we have here. A bowl of grated corn (choclo desgranado) from six ears; a kilo of stewing beef; half a squash (roughly 1/4 kilo); 1 large onion; 2 carrots; 2 sweet potatoes; 2 globe zucchini; 1 […]

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2017 Menu #30

2017.Sep.05 Tuesday
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August 23-September 2 – 2017 – 23 Agosto-2 Septiembre   These are tamarillos that I found out in the Liniers markets. Also known as tree tomatoes. They’re acidic, sweet, and taste vaguely of tomato crossed with some thing like passionfruit. Estos son tamarillos que encontré in los mercados de Liniers. También conocido como tomates de […]

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Such August Food!

2017.Sep.01 Friday
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Time for the monthly round-up of home eats in between the Casa S dinners and eating out….   Mushroom omelette – it’s been years since I cooked a classic French omelette, and no question, I’m out of practice. Still, it turned out not half bad in form, and perfect in taste, with mixed mushrooms on […]

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2017 Menu #29

2017.Aug.26 Saturday
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August 16-19 – 2017 – 16-19 de Agosto   Salmon Tartare – potato chip crust; diced salmon mixed with szechuan mayonnaise (szechuan pepper and sesame oils, egg yolk, lime juice, salt, white pepper) and chives; cherry tomato rounds, small dice of avocado, radish, cucumber; cilantro; homemade sriracha sauce. Tartare de Salmón Rosado – masa de […]

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2017 Menu #28

2017.Aug.13 Sunday
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August 9-12 – 2017 – 9-12 de Agosto   Palm Heart Tart – sour cream crust; filling of palm hearts and bechamel sauce flavored with ancho chili and sheep’s milk manchego cheese; chive-arugula oil; reduced balsamic vinegar; arugula. Tarta de Palmitos – masa de crema ágria; relleno con palmitos y salsa blanca saborizada con ají […]

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2017 Menu #27

2017.Aug.08 Tuesday
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July 26-August 5 – 2017 – 26 Julio-5 Agosto   Four Mushroom Cheesecake – Savory cheesecake, homemade cream cheese, flavored with pine mushrooms and shallots; oyster mushroom and green lemon oil puree; sauteed baby portobellos; Chilean black mushroom powder; polenta parmesan crisp; chive-arugula oil. Cheesecake de Quatro Hongos – Cheesecake salado, queso crema casero, saborizado […]

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The July Home Eats and Fun Photos

2017.Aug.04 Friday
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A mashup of the last month’s kitchen and outdoor play. Steak au poivre – a simple thin cut lunch steak seasoned generously with crushed black, white, green, pink peppercorns and allspice, and salt. Pan seared in anchovy butter. Accompanied by baked potatoes topped with horseradish creme fraiche and scallions. So good, and pretty, that a […]

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Peculiar Pastas #5

2017.Aug.01 Tuesday
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This time around, Umbricelli, a traditional thick noodle from Umbria, in central Italy. Now, as I understand it, in local dialect, umbricelli is the word for earthworms, and the idea is to, more or less, end up with something the length and thickness of those. The debate, if there really is one, seems to be as to […]

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2017 Menu #26

2017.Jul.28 Friday
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14-20 de Julio – 2017 – July 14-20   Polenta Galette with Confit Bayaldi – Crisp base of polenta and Romano cheese; trio of roasted vegetables: eggplant with smoked chili, zucchini with coriander, tomato with mixed herbs; piquillo pepper puree; parsley salsa verde. Oblea de Polenta con Confit Bayaldi – Masa crocante de polenta y […]

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