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2017 Menu #37

2017.Nov.01 Wednesday
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October 25-28 – 2017 – 25-28 de Octubre   Calamari “Causa” – Potato puree base flavored with green onion, green chili, lime juice, olive oil, salt; Sardinian style calamari salad with mint, basil, celery, red onions, tomatoes, garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper; cashew, guajillo chili, sun-dried tomato puree. First photo is better, but […]

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2017 Menu #36

2017.Oct.24 Tuesday
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October 17-21 – 2017 – 17-21 de Octubre   Shrimp “Solterito” Arequipa Style – salad of potato, broad beans, corn, tomato, black olives, red onion, rocoto chili, parsley, oregano, gouda cheese; mayonnaise of egg yolk, concentrated shrimp stock, lemon juice, black vinegar, olive oil; radichetta oil. Solterito Arequipeño con Camarones – ensalada de papa, habas, […]

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2017 Menu #35

2017.Oct.18 Wednesday
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11-13 de octubre 2017 October 11-13   Grouper “Chili Water” – cubes of grouper cured in lime juice, cucumber, onion, cilantro, mint, serrano chili; strips of salted cucumber; fine dice of avocado, red onion, piri-piri chili. Aguachile de Mero – dados de mero curado en jugo de lima, pepino, cebolla, cilantro, menta, ají serrano; tiras […]

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The L Word – Squash & Lamb

2017.Oct.08 Sunday
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The classic locro of Peru is more squash based than anything. Surprising, since the origin of the dish starts with the papa cholo, from Peru. Typically called locro de zapallo, or, squash locro, it usually contains more than one type of squash, and that often varies by region. It also typically contains corn, cheese, and broad beans. […]

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2017 Menu #34

2017.Oct.06 Friday
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September 27-30 – 2017 – 27-30 de Septiembre   Three Cauliflower Causa – One of the prettiest dishes I’ve done, I think! Beet-cumin puree; carrot-coriander puree; mashed potato flavored with yellow chili, lemon juice, olive oil, salt; diced avocado in our Szechuan mayonnaise (egg yolk, sesame oil, Szechuan peppercorn oil, corn oil, lime juice, salt); […]

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September Supping

2017.Oct.04 Wednesday
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The things we eat…. I don’t know why, I was thinking about corn-rye bread, and started thinking it might make an interesting pasta flavor profile. I didn’t want to go 100% of those, because it would likely be crumbly in pasta form, so, 1/3 cup each of fine cornmeal, fine rye flour, and fine whole […]

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2017 Menu #33

2017.Sep.28 Thursday
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September 20-23 – 2017 – 20-23 de Septiembre   Ling Ceviche – Ling (fish) cured in lemon and lime juices, garlic, pommery mustard, yellow limo chilies, salt and pepper; red onions; red limo chilies, fermented daikon, cilantro; crispy rice noodles dusted with togaroshi. Ceviche de Abadejo – Abadejo curado en jugos de limón y lima, […]

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The Bread & Soup Project #19 – Belize

2017.Sep.24 Sunday
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I have too many projects going on, that’s all there is to it. But, I’ll still circle back to the ones that seem to have disappeared, at least now and again. You’d think, as much as I love soup, that The Bread & Soup Project would stay front and center, no? So, what do we […]

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Potatoes in Middle Earth

2017.Sep.13 Wednesday
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For purposes of this post, I’m referring to Ecuador when I titled this post with Middle Earth in it. But it interestingly led to a whole slew of websites on the subject of spuds in the world of JRR Tolkein. Given that he based the setting on ancient Europe, particularly starting off around ancient England, among […]

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