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2017 Menu #47

2018.Jan.06 Saturday
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December 28-30 – 2017 – 28-30 de Diciembre Last menu of the year! / Último menú del año!   Sole & Black Tomato Ceviche – sole cured in a puree of lemon and lime juice, rocoto chili, ginger, garlic, black tomato, cilantro, mint, and salt; salad of rocoto chili, avocado, red onion, black tomato; toasted […]

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2017 Menu #46

2018.Jan.03 Wednesday
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December 26-27 – 2017 – 26-27 de Diciembre   “Lonely” Shrimp – salad of potato, peas, corn, tomato, black olives, red onion, rocoto chili, parsley, oregano, gouda, and shrimp in a dressing of shrimp stock, black vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper; arugula oil. Solterito con Camarones – ensalada de papas, arvejas, maíz, tomate, […]

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Seco de… Meat

2017.Dec.30 Saturday
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I promised a couple of months ago a step-by-step recipe for preparing a Peruvian Seco. Here I’m using cabrito, or baby goat, but it’s the exact same process for cordero (lamb) or carne (beef), or, I suppose, for pollo (chicken), pato (duck), or whatever other meat you may care to make into this dish. This is going to look long and […]

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2017 Menu #45

2017.Dec.27 Wednesday
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December 22-23 – 2017 – 22-23 de Diciembre   Amazon Salad – tomatoes roasted with basil and olive oil; palm hearts lightly charred with chili oil; amaranth; spicy avocado puree; black garlic mayonnaise; tomato, lemon and shallot vinaigrette. Ensalada Amazónica – tomates asados con albahaca y aceite de oliva; palmitos ligeramente quemado con aceite de […]

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2017 Menu #44

2017.Dec.23 Saturday
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December 19-21 – 2017 – 19-21 de Diciembre   Sole Tiradito – sole cured in lemon and lime juices, ginger, garlic, rocoto chili, salt; use some of the curing liquid to make a black garlic mayonnaise; charred corn, limo chilies, soy preserved ginger, nira, cilantro, lumpfish roe. Tiradito de Lenguado – lenguado curado en jugos […]

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2017 Menu #43

2017.Dec.18 Monday
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December 12-16 – 2017 – 12-16 de Diciembre   Mixed Ceviche with Yellow Chili & Passionfruit – raw sea bass, poached prawns and calamari, cured in a mix of grapefruit and lime juices, ginger, yellow chili, passionfruit, salt, pepper; cucumber strips, radish threads, and red onions; limo chilies, cilantro. Ceviche Mixto con Ají Amarillo y […]

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2017 Menu #42

2017.Dec.09 Saturday
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28 Noviembre-2 Diciembre – 2017 – November 28-December 2   Seasonal Vegetable Salpicon – Salad of cucumbers, green onions, avocados, mushrooms, green beans, palm hearts, and roasted red pepper, in a dressing of coconut milk, lime juice, olive oil, roasted garlic; herb-roasted tomato slices; chives. Salpicón de Verduras de la Estación – Ensalada de pepinos, verdeos, […]

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Non-Essential November

2017.Dec.04 Monday
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The flotsam, jetsam, lagan, and derelict of last month… let’s start with the simple stuff we made for lunch or dinner for ourselves:   Pork fried rice…   Tomatoes stuff with “Korean” tuna salad – tuna, green onion, hard-boiled egg, tomato in sauce of gochujang, sesame oil, honey, miso, sesame seeds, chilies, chopped peanuts.   […]

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2017 Menu #41

2017.Dec.02 Saturday
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November 24-25 – 2017 – 24-25 de Noviembre   Grouper in “Chili Water” – Grouper cured in puree of lime juice, onion, cucumber, serrano chilies, cilantro, mint, salt; ribbons of cucumber, dice of avocado, red onion, limo chilies, mint and cilantro leaves. Aguachile de Mero – Mero curado en puré de jugo de lima, cebolla, […]

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