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Cooking the Books #6

2017.Oct.13 Friday
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What’s been on the culinary reading stack recently? The Culinary Imagination: From Myth to Modernity by Sandra M. Gilbert (2014) Started off with a bang, looking at the contemporary food scene, foodies, farm to table, and at the same time, the contrast of fast food and rising obesity rates. And then, unless you’re into the […]

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Cooking the Books #5

2017.Mar.22 Wednesday
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Picking up from where we last left off…. De tapas con Quique Dacosta by Quique Dacosta, March 2016 (in Spanish) As a purely visual and recipe book, this one would deserve five stars. It’s beautifully presented, the recipes are tantalizing, the instructions are clear. Like many modernist cookbooks, there’s much in here that the average […]

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Cooking the Books #4

2017.Feb.15 Wednesday
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Once again, it’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a group of food books. Let’s dive right in! These are in the order I read them. ăn: to eat by Helene & Jacqueline An Not surprisingly, given that this book tackles modern Vietnamese cooking, I loved it. I guess it could have been surprising if it […]

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Newsflash! Cookbook Update

2016.Dec.08 Thursday
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Mixed good and bad news on our new cookbook, Eat Salt. First the bad – it turns out that Amazon’s print-on-demand service, CreateSpace, doesn’t offer the kind of paper the book was specified to be printed on, 80# glossy stock, the best they can do is a 60# smooth, but not glossy stock, and what they’ve actually been […]

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Eat Salt

2016.Nov.05 Saturday
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It’s here…!   Eat Salt: archaic rural expression meaning to be someone’s guest, to share their table “The first cookbook from Dan Perlman, chef and co-owner of the famed Casa SaltShaker, Buenos Aires’ longest running “closed door restaurant”, offering Andean-Mediterranean fare in an intimate, shared table setting. Featuring 150 recipes from the chef’s archives, along with […]

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The Book, Cooked!

2016.Oct.11 Tuesday
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Just a little preview! The galley copy of our first cookbook should be in my hands tomorrow for proofing.

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Secret Eats Interlude

2016.Aug.11 Thursday
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For those of you who keep up on what we’re up to, this last Monday saw the first airing of the new season of Secret Eats with Adam Richman, the renamed Man Finds Food of last year. Buenos Aires is featured in the second episode, which aired back to back with the first on the Travel Channel, and […]

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Cooking the Books #3

2016.Jul.03 Sunday
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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a book round-up. I’ve more or less kept up with non-food related books over on my personal website, but haven’t put any time into pimping out those related to food and drink here. Let’s hope this isn’t too overwhelming…just a “baker’s dozen” in the order I read through them […]

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Awards Lists – Do They Matter?

2016.Jun.15 Wednesday
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As anyone who’s a foodie, or in the food and wine industry knows, this last weekend the latest round of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list was announced. As usual, it’s created as much, or more furor than, say, the latest Michelin Guide, or at least it’s generated far more press. And there’s pro press […]

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