Secret Eats Interlude

2016.Aug.11 Thursday · 0 comments

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For those of you who keep up on what we’re up to, this last Monday saw the first airing of the new season of Secret Eats with Adam Richman, the renamed Man Finds Food of last year. Buenos Aires is featured in the second episode, which aired back to back with the first on the Travel Channel, and we’re one of four places featured in the episode! For those who live somewhere where that isn’t available, or where it hasn’t yet, or won’t be rebroadcast on an affiliate, the episode is available on Amazon for a mere $3! And, of course, you want this in your account for posterity! The link just goes to the Season 2 page, make sure to select Episode 2!

Adam Richman calls me a “Culinary Bad-Ass”. I like.


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