Plate o’Squidlets & Egg

2015.Mar.17 Tuesday · 0 comments

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Isn’t that purty? The new plate of the week, and a pretty much wow hit all around. Chipirones, baby squid, cleaned and quickly sauteed in smoked paprika oil and finished with just a touch of sea salt. Accompanied by a sous vide (63°) egg. The sauce underneath, slow cooked onions, garlic, chili, and the squidlet tentacles, over low heat for about half an hour in olive oil, then just enough water to cover and simmered for about 20 minutes more, then pureed. The bright green sauce a simple puree of blanched and shocked pea shoots. The crumble, a mix of prosciutto and wasabi peas.

Also on the menu, the starter, our eggplant tonnato, instead of roasted cherry tomatoes, pickled radish slices to give it a little more zing (rice vinegar, sugar, salt, black peppercorns, coriander seed).

Watermelon gazpacho with cucumber and chili sorbet

Main course: chicharrón de pollo

Dessert: chocolate passionfruit tart with soy caramel


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