Fennel & Chocolate

2014.Sep.26 Friday · 1 comment

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No, I’m not combining those two flavors in one dish, at least not yet…. Simply, the new dishes on the menu last week.

Fennel Green Bean Soup

We started off with our “vegetables a la tahitienne“, and moved swiftly into this new soup – a base of lots of fennel, with onion, garlic, allspice, salt and pepper, all simmered together in a vegetable stock. Then pureed, strained, and filled with blanched and shocked fava beans, flat and round green beans. Topped with croutons, a crumbled of toasted hazelnuts, and an anisette foam.

Huevera Frita

A minor reworking of our hueveras fritas, returning it, more or less, to the way I’d first created the dish for one of our online challenges. A potato galette below, mimicking a full-on potatoes Anna, which would work more in a main course presentation. Instead of a heavy crust for the roe, I simply coated them with arborio rice powder and then browned them in a saute pan – much lighter and cleaner. Kept the two sauces – savory lemon curd and a three-paprika yogurt – and a pancetta, green & pink peppercorn crumble and parsley.

Dark Chocolate Ginger Cake

Main course was our now quite popular spice rubbed and poached sea bass over a spicy artichoke puree, with roasted cherry tomatoes and sauteed brussels sprouts. Then, on to the dessert, which I think was probably the hit of the week, a flourless dark chocolate and ginger cake topped with passionfruit curd, candied ginger, mint, dusting of cocoa, and a reduced raspberry coulis with cardamom.


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