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2014.Apr.07 Monday · 2 comments

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I was having a discussion the other night with some of the guests at dinner and one of the questions that came up from someone who’s been reading the blog was, more or less, “do you really eat at all those places?” It was specifically in reference to the various mini-reviews that made up the bulk of recent postings – all oriented around revising the dining guide for the next edition of Fodor’s Buenos Aires. The answer is, yes, and more. Because not every place I try makes it into the book, not every place that was in the last edition makes the cut for the new edition, so there’s a lot more to it than even shows up in the posts. While I visited 30 spots over the last month, there were also new reviews for probably another 30 that I’ve visited during the time between the last edition and this one. But it got me thinking about just what all that looks like, and so, here’s a little five minute video to give you “a taste”. (The impact is even more if you click on it to view it directly on YouTube where it’s larger.)


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